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 A. books already read, 2005 ...
    1. many videos, ref libvid
    2. The Travels of Marco Polo ...
       a) a:Polo, Marco
       b) c/1988
       c) p:Blackstone Audiobooks
    3. Genome ...
       a) : The Autobiography of a Species in 23 Chapters
       b) a:Ridley, Matt
       c) c/1999
       d) audio book @ jcpl, p:Recorded Books
       e) notes: 153x4.5
    4. The Prince ...
       a) a:Machiavelli, Niccolo
       b) c/1515
       c) audio version: History Book Club, Stamford, CT
       d) online: @bm.xls
    5. Evolutionary Psychology ...
       a) : The New Science of the Mind
       b) a:Buss, David M
       c) c/2004, 2d ed.
       d) p:Pearson Education
       e) notes: first ev psych textbook, 12x5*, Jay Hanson likes it too
       f) notes: yes prospector but hard to get, got on ILL from
          Cincinnati, excellent, easy to read text
    6. Introducing Evolutionary Psychology ...
       a) a:Evans, Dylan
       b) c/2000 < I read the 2000 version.  There is a new 2006 ver.
       c) p:Totem Books
       d) not jcpl
       e) yes dpl, 2NDLEV 155.7 E92in, got it
       f) notes: outstanding, comic book style intro with decent
    7. Historical atlas of the religions of the world ...
       a) ed:Faruqi
       b) c/74
       c) p:Macmillan
       d) skimmed this one
       e) found at Regis
       f) jpcl/arvada: R 912.12 AL FARUQI
       g) amazon shows a used copy for $14.95 westcoastbkseller
       h) outstanding maps, timelines for entire world
    8. The Moral Animal ...
       a) a:Wright, Robert
       b) c/94
       c) p:Pantheon
       d) note: skimmed it, not worth re-read
    9. Basic Ideas of Science of Mind ...
       a) a:Holmes, Ernest
       b) c/57, newer: 1990, 2003
       c) p:DeVorss, various
       d) note: skimmed it, psycho-babble
   10. I Can't Believe I Get Paid To Do This! ...
       a) : Remarkable People Reveal 26 Proven Strategies for Making
          Your Dreams A Reality
       b) a:Mayo, Stacey
       c) c/2004
       d) p:Gold Leaf
       e) Notes: This one was worth a couple of good quotes.
          Otherwise, it is a typical mediocre p.d. book.
   11. Neuropsychiatry, Neuropsychology, ...
       a) and Clinical Neuroscience: Emotion, Evolution, Cognition,
          Language, Memory, Brain Damage, and Abnormal Behavior,
          Second Edition (Hardcover)
       b) jcpl/prospector has it
       c) a:Joseph, Rhawn
       d) c/96
       e) p:Williams & Wilkins
       f) [book notes] ...
          1) awesome!!!
          2) see book notes filed xxx
          3) consider also: neurotransmitters, neuropeptides
   12. The Hero With a Thousand Faces ...
       a) a:Campbell, Joseph
       b) c/1949 (original)
   13. Think and Grow Rich (2004 update) ...
       a) : The Original Version, Restored and Revised
       b) ed:Cornwell, Ross
       c) c/2004
       d) p:Aventine
       e) [book notes] ...
          1) See paper notes in folder.  These are just the most
             important highlights vvv
          2) 309. associates: partner Del Gurley, his wife and Ross'
             sister, Barbara Cornwell Gurley
          3) 310. Dr Charles Johnson, current chairman and
             nephew of Napoleon Hill
          4) 369. collaborations with W Clement Stone: "so long as it
             does not violate the laws of God or the rights of others."
             ^s my hard drive copy for "violat" and found similar in 3x
             places.  Stone apparently phrases it "rights of fellow
             human beings".
   14. Plan B: Rescuing a Planet under Stress ...
       a) "... and a Civilization in Trouble"
       b) a:Brown, Lester R
       c) c/2003
       e) [book notes] ...
          1) on paper in book, where now?
   15. Religion Explained ...
       a) : The Evolutionary Origins of Religious Thought
       b) a:Boyer, Pascal
       c) c/2001
       d) p:Basic/Perseus
       e) notes ...
          1) 25x4.5
             a> jcpl
          2) no audio available
          3) so so book, skimmed to pg 138, would like to finish it
          4) 8.5x11 notes floating in office
   16. Biology of Belief ...
       a) a:Lipton, Bruce
       b) c/2005
       c) p:Elite
       d) note: nonsense
   17. Take Back Your Time ...
       a) a:deGraaf, John
       b) c/2003
       c) p:Berrett-Koehler
       d) note: not about time management, but just a general book
          like The Overworked American
   18. A Brief History of Everything ...
       a) a:Wilber, Ken
       b) c/2001 (but issued prior to "Theory of Everything")
       c) p:Shambala
       d) note: skimmed it ... better than Theory of Everything.
          This one needs to be re-read.
   19. A Theory of Everything ...
       a) a:Wilber, Ken
       b) c/2001
       c) p:Shambala
       d) notes ...
          1) skimmed it
          2) p ix: "Evolutionary psychology managed to pull the rug out
             from under the rug-pullers, ..." ^s @bm.xls for rug-pull
   20. Super Achiever Mindsets ...
       a) a:Dohrmann, Bernhard
       b) c/2003
       c) p:LSA Publishing
       d) [book notes] floating somewhere
   21. Life Everywhere ...
       a) a:Darling, David
       b) c/2002
       c) p:Perseus
       d) note: astrobiology, skimmed it
   22. The Hype About Hydrogen ...
       a) ": Fact and Fiction in the Race to Save the Climate"
       b) a:Romm, Joseph J
       c) c/2004
       d) p:Island Press
       e) note: just out Feb 2004, 3x5*, skimmed it
   23. Decline of the West ...
       a) a:Spengler, Oswald
          1) found in Tainter, he used 1962, translated by Charles
             Francis Atkinson, Modern Library, NY
          2) major influence on Toynbee
          3) a:Spengler, Oswald
          4) c/1918 to 1991
          5) p:Oxford Univ Press (91 ed)
          6) note: 29x4.5*
          7) 07/25/05, req. jcpl
       b) c/1991 (orig. 1918)
       c) p:Oxford University Press
       d) note: skimmed, virtual unreadable, influenced Toynbee
   24. The Aztecs ...
       a) a:Wood, Tim
       b) c/92
       c) p:Viking
       d) note: This is the one with the flip films showing the
          insides of buildings, pyramids, etc.
   25. Aztecs, The Fall of the Aztec Capital ...
       a) a:Platt, Richard
       b) c/99
       c) p:DK Pub,
   26. The Aztec Indians ...
       a) a:Sherrow, Victoria
       b) c/93
       c) p:Chelsea House
       d) note: small children's book with a few nice color photos
   27. Growing up in Aztec times ...
       a) a:Wood, Marion
       b) c/94
       c) p:Troll Associates
       d) note: very short children's book, nice color illustrations
   28. The Mighty Aztecs ...
       a) a:Stuart, Gene S
       b) c/81
       c) p:National Geographic
       d) note: This is the current adult book with lots of photos,
          art, text.  Excellent!
   29. Beyond Oil : The View from Hubbert's Peak ...
       a) a:Deffeyes, Kenneth S
       b) c/2005
       c) p:Hill and Wang
       d) [book notes] "Book Notes, 2003" folder
   30. Strategic Relocation ...
       a) a:Skousen, Joel M
       b) c/1998
       c) p:Swift
       d) [book notes] ...
          1) made 2 copies, where to file? (on desk pile for now)
          2) strange unedited very unattractive and low quality info,
             pre 9/11, Y2K, ancient ideas and conclusions
          3) high rankings for NW Arkansas & Appalachians
   31. Guerrilla Publicity ...
       a) : Hundreds of Sure-Fire Tactics to Get Maximum Sales for
          Minimum Dollars
       b) a:Levinson, Jay Conrad
       c) c/2002
       d) p:Adams Media
       e) notes: Nice ideas but nothing earth shattering here.
          Skimmed, did not take notes.
   32. Sociobiology ...
       a) : The New Synthesis, Twenty-Fifth Anniversary Edition
       b) a:Wilson, E.O.
       c) c/1975, 2000
       d) p:Harvard University Press
       e) note: skimmed it, took a few notes, found it very hard to read
       f) [book notes] tbf/at large, 8.5x11 notes with some copied pages
   33. Five Regions of the Future ...
       a) : Preparing Your Business for Tomorrow's Technology
       b) a:Barker, Joel
       c) c/2005
       d) p:Portfolio/Penguin
       e) note: didn't like this one at all
       f) [book notes] tbf at large
   34. Powerdown ...
       a) a:Heinberg, Richard
       b) c/2004
       c) p:New Society
   35. The Day America Told the Truth ...
       a) a:Patterson, James
       b) c/92
       c) p:Prentice Hall
       d) notes: Great book but no notes taken.  See Miller's notes
   36. Wagons Across Wyoming ...
       a) a:Sundby, Jill
       b) c/90
       c) p:Billings Gazette
   37. National Geo, Feb, 1997, The Dawn of Humans ...
       a) with the big foldout page, that can be removed, exc!
 B. books already read, 2006 ...
    1. Science of Spirit ...
       a) a:Turner, O Frank
       b) c/2003
       c) p:self
       d) Note: I read the copy he gave me, titled "Proof of Spirit".
       e) [book notes] in "Book Notes, 2003" folder
    2. The Natural Prostate Cure ...
       a) a:Mason, Roger
       b) c/2000
    3. National Geo, Mar, 2006, The Greatest Journey Ever Told ...
       a) The Trail of our DNA
    4. My Ishmael ...
       a) a:Quinn, Daniel
       b) c/98
       c) p:Bantam
       d) notes ...
          1) read partially, needs to be finished, restart: 150
          2) [book notes], "Book Notes" folder
    5. Judge Dave and the Rainbow People ...
       a) a:Sentelle, David B
       b) c/2002
       c) p:Green Bag Press
       d) note: jcpl/prospector has a copy (U Denver Law lib)
       e) [book notes] on file somewhere
    6. The Little Engine That Could ...
       a) a:Piper, Watty
       b) c/1930-2006
    7. Eating Well For Optimum Health ...
       a) : The Essential Guide to Food, Diet, and Nutrition
       b) a:Weil, Andrew, M.D.
       c) c/2000
       d) p:Knopf
       e) notes ...
          1) [book notes], "Heart Attack" folder
          2) I previously listened to the audio book in 2001.
    8. Fats That Heal, Fats That Kill ...
       a) : The Complete Guide to Fats, Oils, Cholesterol and Human
       b) a:Erasmus, Udo
       c) c/93
       d) p:Alive Books
       e) [book notes], "Heart Attack" folder
    9. The New 8-Week Cholesterol Cure ...
       a) : The Ultimate Program for Preventing Heart Disease
       b) a:Kowalski, Robert E
       c) c/2002
       d) p:HarperCollins
       e) notes ...
          1) [book notes], "Heart Attack" folder
          2) Amazon has 2 listings for this book and one has many more
             reviews than the other.  Look for the one with more
 C. books already read, 2007 ...
    1. Lewis and Clark : Voyage of Discovery ...
       a) a:Murphy, Dan
       b) c/2005
       c) p:KC Publications
       d) note: large format paperback bought at Mesa Verde giftshop
    2. Miracles of the Lewis and Clark Expedition ...
       a) : Evidences of Divine Intervention
       b) a:Raff, Terry
       c) c/2007
    3. Mormon Trail : Voyage of Discovery ...
       a) a:Kimball, Stanley B
       b) c/1998
       c) p:KC Publications
       d) note: large format paperback bought at Mesa Verde giftshop
    4. Collapse : How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed ...
       a) a:Diamond, Jared
       b) c/2005
       c) p:Viking
       d) [book notes] in folder
    5. People of the Rainbow : A Nomadic Utopia ...
       a) a:Niman, Michael I
       b) c/97
       c) p:U of Tennessee Press
       d) note: JCPL/Prospector, from Colorado College, Colorado
          Springs, CO
       e) [book notes] ...
          1) 162, 95%, "played fiddle"
          2) 179, para 1, W.V. w/ Water, Richwood town meeting, ended w/
             Will the Circle Be Unbroken
          3) 188, 10%, Gideon 2x
          4) 195, funny poem from Forest Service
    6. Shakira: Woman full of Grace ...
       a) a:Diego, Ximena
       b) c/2001
       c) p:Fireside
       d) [book notes] in folder
    7. Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions ...
       a) a:Abbott, Edwin A
       b) c/1874 thru 2007, many editions, see 1976 ed in book notes vv
       c) [book notes] ...
          1) filed @ "Book Notes" folder.  My page numbers correspond
             with the 1976 Buccaneer Books ed: OCLC: 24165362
    8. The Oil Depletion Protocol ...
       a) : A Plan to Avert Oil Wars, Terrorism and Economic Collapse
       b) a:Heinberg, Richard
       c) c/2006
       d) p:New Society
       e) note: skimmed it, appears to be an expanded version of
          Colin Campbell's Oil Depletion Protocol
    9. The Long Emergency ...
       a) a:Kunstler, James Howard
       b) c/2005
       c) note: poor reviews, thought he had a "10 steps" plan, but
          couldn't find hide nor hair of it.
   10. The Making of the Wizard of Oz ...
       a) a:Harmetz, Aljean
       b) c/1977
       c) p:Knopf, NY
   11. Shackleton's Boat Journey ...
       a) a:Worsley, F.A.
       b) c/1940, c/2000 Birlinn reprint
       c) p:Birlinn, Edinburgh
       d) [book notes] on file
   12. South (Shacklenton's book) ...
       a) : The Last Antarctic Expedition of Shackleton and the Endurance
       b) a:Shackleton, Sir Ernest, Tim Cahill (Foreword)
       c) c/1919, c/1998 Lyons reprint
       d) p:Lyons Press, NY
       e) ISBN: 1558217835 @ JCPL
       f) note: 9x5*, all 5*
       g) [book notes] on file
   13. Peak Everything ...
       a) : Waking up to the century of declines
       b) a:Heinberg, Richard
       c) c/2007
       d) p:New Society
       e) note: He has several chapters that are off topic.  Book
          meanders, lacks focus.
   14. Stolen Continents ...
       a) ": The Americas Through Indian Eyes Since 1492"
       b) a:Wright, Ronald
       c) c/92
       d) p:Houghton Mifflin
   15. Overshoot : The Ecological Basis of Revolutionary Change ...
       a) a:Catton, William R
       b) c/1982
       c) p:University of Illinois Press
       d) notes ...
          1) 10x5*, all 5*, awesome reviews!
          2) Skimmed it and he uses strange words and language.  I
             didn't see anything popping out that's quotable.  Maybe
             it's just dated.
   16. The Coming Age of Scarcity ...
       a) : Preventing Mass Death and Genocide in the Twenty-First Century
       b) ed:Dobkowski, Michael N
       c) c/98
       d) p:Syracuse University Press
       e) [book notes] on file somewhere
   17. A Prosperous Way Down ...
       a) : Principles and Policies
       b) a:Odum, Howard T
       c) c/2001
       d) University Press of Colorado
       e) notes ...
          1) Tom Robertson review @ moved to sag.pco
          2) started reading 2007, see existing notes in "book notes"
          3) restart: p 94
 D. books already read, 2008 ...
    1. prosperous, ^^ in 2007

File: libyear1.txt

 A. see also ...
    1. red 3 ring binder, many lists ...
       a) some or all of these moved to csen project folder
    2. "Book Notes" folders ...
       a) "Book Notes", in bottom tan file cabinet drw in A-Z section
       b) "Book Notes, 2003" tan vat or otr
 B. books already read, 1964-1979 ...
    1. Robert Theobald, The Nation (magazine), Wickenburg, AZ
    2. Animal Farm, (George Orwell ???)
    3. 1984, (Orwell ???)
    4. Brave New World, (Aldous Huxley ???)
    5. The Year 2000, Herman Kahn
    6. The Harrad Experiment, Robert Rimmer
    7. The Making of a Counter Culture, Theodore Roszak
    8. Future Shock, Alvin Toffler ...
       a) c/70
    9. The Human Use of Human Beings, Norbert Weiner
   10. Second Wave (??? on title - PowerShift?), Alvin Toffler
   11. At the Feet of the Master, Krishnamurti
   12. Diary of Anne Frank
   13. Johnathan Livingston Seagull, Richard Bach
   14. Rules for Radicals, Saul Alinsky
   15. The Seven Laws of Money, Michael Phillips
   16. Survival Into the 21st Century, Victoras Kulvinskas
   17. Handbook to Higher Consciousness, Key Keyes, Jr. ...
       a) c/72 to 78 (several editions)
   18. Electric Vehicles, Hackleman (sp?)
   19. Wind & Windspinners, Hackleman (sp?)
   20. The Making of 2001: A Space Odyssey
 C. books already read, 1980-1981 ...
    1. Muddling Toward Frugality, Warren Johnson
    2. The Lifelong Learner, Ronald Gross ...
       a) c/77
    3. New Profits from the Monetary Crisis, Harry Browne ...
       a) Warner Books
       b) c/78
    4. How to Prosper During the Coming Bad Years, Howard Ruff
    5. Survive and Win in the Inflationary Eighties, Howard Ruff
    6. Making Money, Howard Ruff
    7. Stock Market Logic, Norman Fosback
    8. How I Found Freedom in an Unfree World, Harry Browne
    9. Prophesies and Predictions, Moira Timms
   10. Aquarian Conspiracy, Marilyn Ferguson (sp?)
   11. Restoring the American Dream, Robert Ringer
   12. A Time for Truth, William Simon
   13. Third Wave, Alvin Toffler
   14. How You Can Find Happiness ...
       a) During the Collapse of Western Civilization, Robert Ringer
   15. Community Technology, Karl Hess
   16. Three Interviews, Karl Hess (pamphlet)
   17. High Finance on a Low Budget, Skousen
   18. Roll Your Own (black and white bus book)
   19. Rolling Homes, Handmade Houses on Wheels, Jane Lidz ...
       a) c/79
       b) Pub: A & W Publishers
   20. + I wrote "Human Survival Insurance Policy"
 D. books already read, 1982-1990 ...
    1. How to Win With Information or Lose Without It, Garvin & Bermont
    2. Managing Your Information:  ...
       a) "How to design and create a textual database on your
       b) a:Tenopir, Carol
       c) c/88
    3. Megatrends, John Naisbitt ...
       a) c/82
    4. The Network Game, Pat & Leif
    5. Guide to Cooperative Alternatives
    6. Common Sense (pamphlet, A.L. Williams)
    7. Illusions, Richard Bach
    8. The Global Brain ...
       a) A:Peter Russell
       b) P:Tarcher
       c) c/83
       d) [book notes] ...
          1) p 17-23 [x]'d for csen
    9. Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow, Constance Cumbey
   10. Moodswing, Fieve
   11. The Ultimate Frontier ...
       a) Stelle
       b) A:Melchizidek ???, Richard xxx?
   12. Think and Grow Rich ...
       a) a:Hill, Napoleon
       b) c/1937, March, 1937, first printing, 5000 copies
       c) 381 pages
       d) p:The Ralston Society, Meriden, CT (Dr Ralston)
       e) 65 libraries in FirstSearch
       f) LCCN: 37-4209
       g) OCLC: 3746712
       h) Alibris ID: 8109999398
       i) ---
       j) audio from jcpl
       k) unabridged
       l) read by Joe Slattery
       m) c/1960/1986 Napoleon Hill Foundation
       n) Published in assn w/ Audio Renaissance, an imprint of
          Renaissance Media, Inc, LA, CA, distributed by St Martin's
          Press, NY
       o) see also \cp\csen\csenar.pco ^s hill, cornwell
       p) also online, ref bm.xls @
          saved it locally at \dr\tagr
       q) see also the 2005 Ross Cornwell @ libyear2.pco
   13. The One Minute Manager ...
       a) a:Blanchard, Kenneth H
       b) c/82
   14. What Color Is Your Parachute, Bowles
   15. Human Action, Ludwig von Mises ...
       a) "A Treatise on Economics"
       b) c/1949 Yale University Press
       c) c/1963 ditto (revised)
       d) published 1966 ...
          1) third revised ed. by Henry Regnery Company by arrangement
             with Yale University Press
       e) quote Harry Browne in references
       f) New Profits from the Monetary Crisis, Harry Browne
       g) full text online, @bm.xls
       h) may also be on cassette, see liblist2.pco note
       i) [book notes], in "Von Mises" folder
   16. The Next Economy ...
       a) A:Paul Hawken
       b) c/83
   17. Villages, Critchfield ...
       a) APL 307.72 Cr (@ Central)
       b) ref 8.5 x 11 book notes
   18. A Night to Remember (re Titanic), Walter Lord
   19. Vagabonding in the USA, Ed Buryn
   20. The Emperor's New Clothes, Jack Herer
   21. The Network Nation, Hiltz & Turoff
   22. The Challenge of the Resource Exchange Network, Seymour Sarason
   23. Networking: First Report and Directory, Lipnack/Stamps
   24. The Hundredth Monkey, Ken Keyes Jr., 1981
 E. books already read, 1991-1994 ...
    1. The 12th Planet ...
       a) The Earth Chronicles, Book 1
       b) a:Sitchin, Zecharia
       c) c/99
       d) p:Avon
    2. The Gods of Eden, William Bramley
    3. Fingerprint of the Gods, Graham Hancock ...
       a) skimmed in Byron Bay Hostel, borrowed from bunkmate
       b) c/95
       c) Pub: Mandarin/Reed/Michelin (London/Toronto)
    4. The World Order, Eustace Mullins
    5. Secrets of the Federal Reserve, Eustace Mullins
    6. How Much Is Enough? ...
       a) Worldwatch Institute
       b) a:Durning, Alan
       c) c/92
       d) p:W.W.Norton
    7. Saving the Planet, Worldwatch Institute, Lester Brown ...
       a) c/91
    8. Green Economics
    9. The Coming Economic Earthquake ...
       a) Larry Burkett: The Coming Economic Earthquake c/1991 ...
          1) Moody Press, Chicago
             Moody Bible Institute
          2) Christian Financial Concepts
             POB 2377
             Gainsville, GA 30503
   10. The Columbia History of the World
   11. The Singing Entertainer, John Davidson
   12. Note by Note ...
       a) loaned to Terry Raff
       b) found @ jcpl/prospector
   13. Everyday Life Through the Ages ...
       a) borrowed Cj's copy
       b) Pub: Reader's Digest
       c) A:Davidson, Michael W
       d) c/92
       e) [book notes]
          1) ref "Book Notes"
   14. Beyond the Limits ...
       a) a:Meadows, Donella
       b) c/93
   15. The Overworked American, (Juliet Schor)
   16. The Entrepreneurial Mind ...
       a) found this one thru Success magazine
       b) A:Timmons, Jeffry A.
       c) c/89
       d) APL 338.04 Ti @ Central
       e) get this again and finish reading it from p 162 with notes
          already started - only a few pages to go
       f) [book notes] on 3x5 slip - filed at "Common Sense" [A012]
   17. The Greatest Direct Mail Sales Letters of All Time ...
       a) A:Hodgson, Richard S
       b) c/86
       c) Pub:Dartnell
       d) This book is FANTASTIC.  It came from Central State U Lib
          at Edmond, OK [HF 5730 H63 1986x v.1].  Their copy says 5th
          printing, 10/88 and is a comb bind of a 3 ring original at
          251 pp.  It appears incomplete as the table of contents
          indicates the index starts on p 451.  Perhaps the v.1 in
          the call number indicates it is supposed to be 2 volumes.
          BIP says the 1986 ed. is 450 pp.  Price is $91.50 for the 3
          ring direct from Dartnell.
       e) ref dartnell note in \buxd-l\mb\jpdknote.pco
          (contact info is there)
       f) no ixa OCLC 15056952
       g) not in APL, in BIP
   18. JPDK Kit, Jeff Paul
   19. Psycho-Cybernetics 2000 ...
       a) A:Sommer, Bobbe L. (formerly Dr Maxwell Maltz)
       b) P:Psycho-Cybernetics Foundation
       c) and/or
       d) P:Prentice Hall
       e) c/93
       f) [book notes] moved to csen
       g) note: also got into Psycho-Cybernetics book/audio, by
          Maltz, Guthy-Renker in 2003 below
   20. The Lazy Man's Way to Riches, Nixon/Karbo ...
       a) all notes moved to csen
   21. The Seven Habits of Highly Successful People ...
       a) A:Covey, Dr. Stephen R.
       b) superb book - read cover to cover someday
          lots on ethics and higher purpose, service, etc.
       c) c/89
       d) APL AC 158 Co several copies - some may be available
       e) check BIP re most current ed.
       f) borrowed from Jim Seaborg, Austin
       g) [book notes] ...
          1) hardcover ed. from Jim Seaborg
          2) p 185 in Paradigms of Interdependence
             "The Emotional Bank Account" - excellent
   22. Psychical Experiences of a Musician, Florizel von Reuter
   23. Paganini, Sheppard/Axelrod
   24. Niccolo Paganini, Supreme Violinist or Devil's Fiddler, John Sugden
   25. Paganini of Genoa, Lillian Day
   26. San Antonio Rose: The Life and Music of Bob Wills, Charles Townsend
   27. My Years with Bob Wills, Al Stricklin
   28. The Glory of the Violin, Joseph Wechsberg
   29. Cowboy Dances, Lloyd Shaw
   30. Country: The Music and the Musicians, CMF
   31. Scratch My Back, Jim Leonard
   32. In Small Things Forgotten, Deetz
   33. Time Machines: The World of Living History, Jay Anderson
   34. The Living History Sourcebook, Jay Anderson
       a) tons of shit in bib. ref.
       b) pub same
       c) OCLC 12419067 yes ixa
          UT PCL E 159 A53 1985 [loc=3S]
       d) this lists ALL the resources
   35. Finding Money For Your Small Business ...
       a) A:Fallek, Max
       b) c/94
       c) Pub: Enterprise * Dearborn
       d) I own this book - bought in Atlanta for nostalgia sounds
   36. Land of Desire, William Leach ...
       a) in Harper's Notebook review by Lewis Lapham
       b) on consumption, window advertising in department stores
       c) A:Leach, William
       d) c/93
       e) Pub:Pantheon Books
       f) in APL, several copies
       g) [book notes] ...
          1) See copied pages @ book notes or Plan S folder.
          2) translation project on Lewis Lapham's article:
   37. Farmhouse Fiddlers, Philip Martin
   38. The Road Less Travelled, M. Scott Peck
   39. Your Aching Back, a:White
   40. Backache Relief, x
 F. books already read, 1995 ...
    1. Earth in the Balance ...
       a) : Ecology and the Human Spirit
       b) a:Gore, Al
       c) c/92
       d) notes ...
          1) I started re-reading it in 2007, since I discovered his
             Global Marshall Plan in Chapter 15 (I think).  Started
             making notes, but need to finish this chapter.  Notes are
             in folder.  Restart around p 297.
    2. Abduction, John E. Mack
    3. Unbounding the Future
    4. Vanishing Peoples of the Earth
    5. Endangered Peoples ...
       a) APL 306.08 Da (at North Loop)
       b) ref 8.5x11 notes (3 pgs on 2 pieces of paper)
       c) A:Davidson, Art
       d) P:Sierra Club Books, SF
       e) c/93
    6. Bhutan, Land of the Thunder Dragon
    7. The Villagers, Critchfield (1994 update) ...
       a) APL 307.762 Cr
       b) The Villagers: changed values, altered lives: the closing
          of the urban-rural gap
       c) A:Critchfield, Richard
       d) P:Doubleday
       e) c/94
    8. The International Man ...
       a) APL 909.82 Ca (@ Central)
       b) fantastic/outrageous
       c) A:Doug Casey
       d) P:Alexandria House, Alexandria, VA
       e) c/81 (out of print)
       f) [book notes] ...
          1) p 121 Conclusion: A World of Opportunity ...
             a> extremely well written summary of state of world and need
                to cut national ties
    9. Getting Rich Outside the Dollar ...
       a) B&N/25/Investment & Finance (bottom shelf/right)
       c) A:Weber, Christopher
       d) P:Warner Books
       e) c/93 (latest edition verified)
       f) [book notes] ...
          1) Chris Weber's World View
             1129 E. Cliff Road
             Burnsville, MN 55337
             a> Burnsville/sending - The Richenbacher Letter 400/yr
             b> Burnsville/sending - Financial Privacy Report 144/yr
             c> 800-992-0205 The Oxford Club - Weber here now
                not very helpful - refers me to Cheken
                Chris Street, woman
                join/get NL - Weber writes it
             d> Michael Cheken 800-831-0007 International Financial
                Consultants - we talked - great guy
             e> Adrian Day, Investment Analyst, Agora Pub ...
                1> 800-433-1528
                2> $109/yr
                3> another so so financial newsletter with good information on
                   strength of dollar vs other currencies
          2) Royal Trust Bank (Austria)
             Rathaustrasse 20
             POB 306
             A-1011 Vienna, Austria
             no minimum
             a> Anglo Irish Bank [Austria] - bought out
                hq in Dublin
             b> thinks they now have a 5k minimum
          3) Jyske Bank
             Private Banking
             Vesterbrogade 9, Post Box 298
             DK-1501 Copenhagen V, Denmark
             no minimum
          4) Mark Twain Bank
             1630 South Lindbergh Blvd
             St Louis, MO 63131
             a> Frank Trotter, Neil (ref Cheken)
          5) First Union National Bank
             301 S College
             Charlotte, NC 28288
             800-736-5636 foreign exchange
   10. The Traveler's Handbook ...
       a) Saw and bought at Travelfest #2.  Read before and during
          rtw trip.  Awesome 900+ page book that covers everything!
       b) Ed:Brandenburger
       c) P:Globe/Pequot Press, Old Saybrook, CT
       d) c/94
   11. Pompeii, How to Visit
 G. books already read, 1996 ...
    1. The World Conspiracy (saw at Abigayle's)
    2. Global Resources
    3. The Psychology of Technical Analysis ...
       a) ref options.pco (where did this go?)
    4. ========== 8 at S Padre, 3/96 ========== vvv
    5. > (3 life changers, influenced CS96)
    6. > Creating a New Civilization ...
       a) found in Harlingen PL  303.4973 TOF
       b) forward by Newt Gingrich
       c) A:Toffler, Alvin and Heidi
       d) P:Turner, Atlanta
       e) c/95
    7. > The Day the Universe Changed ...
       a) suggested by Alex
       b) AWESOME - detailing history and changes in world view
       c) A:Burke, James
       d) P:Little, Brown, Boston
       e) c/85
    8. > Unlimited Power ...
       a) note: This refers to the printed book.  See also the audio
          cassette series, which is now lost: p:Nightingale-Conant
       b) A:Robbins, Anthony
       c) P:Fawcett Columbine, NY
       d) c/86
       e) [book notes] ref \cp\csen\csenae.pco [book.notes]
    9. Scrooge Investing ...
       a) ref options.pco (where did this go?)
   10. The March of the Millennia ...
       a) found at Harlingen PL
       b) superb history book, going back to 8000 B.C. in detail
       c) A:Asimov, Isaac
       d) P:Walker & Co, NY
       e) c/91
       f) [book notes] ...
          1) made March 25, 1996 at Harlingen, floating in Weslaco
   11. Preparing for the Twenty-First Century ...
       a) found at Harlingen PL
       b) so-so/slightly negative view of future - exhaustive
          bibliography however
       c) A:Kennedy, Paul
       d) P:Random House
       e) c/93
   12. The Little Prince ...
       a) A:Saint-Exupery, Antoine de
   13. The On Purpose Person ...
       a) nice little book saw in Waldenbooks in Harlingen mall but
          it reads like a fable and has far too many Christian
       b) P:Pinon, Colorado Springs, CO
       c) A:McCarthy, Kevin
       d) c/92
   14. ========== 8 at S Padre, 3/96 ========== ^^^
   15. The Book of Answers ...
       a) found in Weslaco PL - book re NYPL Telephone Reference
          Service's most unusual and entertaining questions.
       b) excellent and informative introduction
       c) P:Prentice Hall
       d) A:Berliner, Barbara
       e) c/90
   16. Find It Fast ...
       b) A:Berkman, Robert I.
       c) many ed., latest I've seen is c/2000
       d) [book notes] ...
          1) since I took notes out of the 1st ed., I did not enter them
             - wait till seeing the 2d ed.
          2) ref csen [A019]
   17. The Emperor's New Clothes ...
       a) A:Hans Christian Andersen
       b) [book notes] ...
          1) most common ...
             a> "but he has nothing on!" exclaimed a little child.
          2) I am using for csen ...
             a> "but he has no clothes on!", exclaimed a little child.
          3) for more versions of this famous line, ref P25, 5/20/96+
   18. Common Sense, Tom Paine, 1776 ...
       a) found in Weslaco PL in
       b) The Complete Political Works of Tomas Paine, Vol II
       c) P:The Freethought Press Assn, NY
       d) c/54
       e) [book notes] ref \cp\csen\csenae.pco [book.notes]
   19. To Renew America, Newt Gingrich ...
       a) P:Harper Collins, NY
       b) c/95
       c) [book notes] ref \cp\csen\csenae.pco [book.notes]
   20. Albert Einstein, Creator and Rebel ...
       a) saw at McAllen PL
       b) A:Hoffmann, Banesh
       c) c/72
       d) [book notes] ref \cp\csen\csenae.pco [book.notes]
   21. Great Adventures That Changed Our World ...
       a) saw at McAllen PL
       b) P:Reader's Digest
       c) Ed:Lacey, Peter
       d) c/78
       e) [book notes] ref \cp\csen\csenae.pco [book.notes]
   22. Doomsday Has Been Cancelled ...
       a) A:Vajk, J. Peter
       b) P:Peace Press, Culver City, CA
       c) c/78
       d) [book notes] ref \cp\csen\csenae.pco [book.notes]
   23. 2001 A Space Odyssey ...
       a) A:Arthur C. Clarke
       b) is Stanley Kubrick a co-author?
       c) c/68
   24. The Secret Empire ...
       a) "How 25 Multi-Nationals Rule the World"
       b) A:Lowe, Janet
       c) P:Business One Irwin, Homewood, IL
       d) c/92
   25. How to Win Friends and Influence People ...
       a) A:Dale Carnegie
       b) P:Simon & Schuster
       c) c/36 rev. c/81
       d) [book notes] ...
          1) copied 5 pages of summaries at Memphis PL - put with the
             csen project stuff
          2) + 3x5 notes taken while reading
   26. Silent Spring ...
       a) A:Carson, Rachel
       b) c/62
   27. Happiness is a Choice, Barry Neil Kaufman
   28. The Unreality Industry : the deliberate manufacturing of ...
       a) falsehood and what it is doing to our lives
       b) @ PCL HN 90 M3 1989 MAIN Copy 2 (1989 ed.)
       c) A:Mitroff, Ian I, co author Bennis, Warren G.
       d) P:Oxford U Press
       e) c/93
       f) formerly published in 89 by Birch Lane/Carol
       g) [book notes] ...
          1) at stack for now
          2) needs to be [x]'d
   29. High Visibility : how executives, politicians, entertainers, ...
       a) athletes, and other professionals create, market, and
          achieve successful images.
       b) @ PCL HM 263 R365
       c) A:Rein, Irving J. & Philip Kotler of NU Kellogg School
       d) P:Dodd, Mead & Co, NY
       e) c/87
   30. The Limits to Growth ...
       a) A Report for The Club of Rome's Project on the Predicament
          of Mankind
       b) A:Meadows, Donella H., Dennis L., et al
       c) P:Potomac Associates, Wash DC & Universe Books, NY
       d) c/72
   31. The Aladdin Factor ...
       a) \\alladin alladdin
       b) A:Canfield/Hansen
       c) P:Berkley, NY
       d) c/95
   32. The Celestine Prophecy ...
       a) A:Redfield, James
   33. How to Make Millions With Your Ideas ...
       a) Kennedy - moved details to csenax
 H. books already read, 1997 ...
    1. The Great Reckoning (etc - loan from Don Moser)
    2. Selling The Dream ...
       a) a:Kawasaki, Guy
       b) p:HarperCollins
       c) c/91
    3. Church Universal and Triumphant, In Scholarly Perspective ...
       a) A:Lewis, James R. + J. Gordon Melton
       b) P:Center for Academic Publication ...
          1) Box 5097, Stanford, CA 94309
       c) c/94
    4. Don't Go Shopping for Hair Products Without Me ...
       a) a:Begoun, Paula
       b) c/95
    5. Mark Skousen's Thirty-Day Plan to Financial Independence ...
       a) a:Skousen, Mark
       b) p:Regnery
       c) c/95
       d) [book notes] ...
          1) [most book notes were xeroxed and are floating somewhere]
          2) * pre Q: Lao Tsu (filed at csenah)
          3) 158: SCORE his fav for small business help
          4) 162: mentions Lazy Man's Way
          5) 190-1: best investment NL's
          6) 214: organize stuff for people
          7) refs at end ...
             a> chap 29, start a library
             b> apx. "Tools for the Financially Independent"
    6. The Coming Energy Revolution ...
       a) "The Search for Free Energy"
       b) ILL fr Pikes Peak Lib District, Colo Spgs
          621.042 M283c
       c) a:Manning, Jeane
       d) p:Avery, Garden City Park, NY
       e) c/96
       f) [book notes] ...
          1) 2 pages of 8.5x11 floating
             get this book again and copy these notes to computer
    7. The Millionaire Next Door...
       a) a:Stanley, Thomas J.
       b) p:Longstreet Press, Atlanta
       c) c/97
    8. Conversations With God ...
       a) book 1
       b) a:Walsch, Neale Donald
       c) p:Putnam's
       d) c/95
    9. The Case for Mars ...
       a) The Plan to Settle the Red Planet and Why We Must
       b) a:Zubrin, Robert
       c) p:Touchstone/Simon & Schuster
       d) c/96
 I. books already read, 1998 ...
    1. The Desktop Musician ...
       a) a:Rubin, David
       b) p:Osborne/McGraw Hill
       c) c/95
       d) DPL: 780.285 R824de
    2. Unlimited Access ...
       a) on Clinton white house
    3. Prozac Panacea or Pandora ...
       a) a:Tracy, Ann Blake
       b) c/94
    4. The Rise of Senseless Violence in Society ...
       a) "Psychiatry's Role in the Creation of Crime"
       b) a:unk
       c) p:CCHR
       d) c/92
    5. Psychiatry The Ultimate Betrayal ...
       a) a:Weseman
       b) p:Freedom Publishing, LA, CA
       c) c/95
       d) [book notes] ...
          1) p 1 Publisher's Preface
                     It is always disturbing when an individual
             discovers that, in spite of his good intentions, he has
             somehow fallen off the road that leads to his goals and,
             instead, finds himself wandering down a lonely path in the
             wrong direction -- one that leads to confusion and
             disappointment instead of reward and fulfillment.
                     It is equally disturbing for a culture to make the
             same discovery.
                     Psychiatry: The Ultimate Betrayal takes a very hard
             look at how we, as a society, have fallen off the rails --
             despite many good intentions.
    6. Talking Back to Prozac ...
       a) a:Breggin, Peter R.
       b) p:St Martins Press
       c) c/94
    7. Prozac and the New Antidepressants ...
       a) "What you need to know about prozac, zoloft, paxil, luvox,
          wellbutrin, effexor, serzone, and more"
       b) a:Appleton, Wm S
       c) p:Plume
       d) c/97
    8. The Fiddler of the Northern Lights ...
       a) ref Mary Coyle, Putting Green Pub, 9/28/98
       b) a:Kinsey-Warnock, Natalie
       c) c/96
       d) p:Cobblehill Books/Dutton, NY
    9. Science of Flexibility ...
       a) update of Science of Stretching
       b) a:Alter, Robert
       c) p:Human Kinetics
       d) c/96
   10. The Life Millennium ...
       a) The 100 most important events & people of the past 1000
       b) c/98
       c) p:Life books, Time Inc.
       d) ed:Friedman, Robert
 J. books already read, 1999 ...
    1. The Non-Designer's Web Book ...
       a) a:Williams, Robin
       b) p:Peachpit
       c) c/98
       d) [book notes] ...
          1) in the "Red Rocks, HP Web Design" folder
    2. The Arthritis Cure ...
       a) a:Theodosakis, Jason
       b) p:St Martin's Press
       c) c/97
       d) [book notes] @ "Health" folder
    3. Maximizing the Arthritis Cure ...
       a) a:Theodosakis, Jason
       b) p:St Martin's Press
       c) c/98
 K. books already read, 2000 ...
    1. The Age of Spiritual Machines ...
       a) "When Computers Exceed Human Intelligence"
       b) a:Kurzweil, Ray
       c) p:Viking
       d) c/99
       e) audio cass also available
       f) [book notes] ...
          1) p 77, para 2: LBS Capital Mgmt predicting S&P500 using
             BrainMaker << @bm.htm
          2) fellow posted comments from Denver on 4/7/99 at
   's reader reviews:
             I emailed him 2/11/00
    2. The Musician's Survival Manual ...
       a) "A Guide to Preventing and Treating Injuries in
       b) a:Norris, Richard MD
       c) c/93
       d) ref @bm.htm
       e) jcpl got it on ILL from Auraria
    3. The Cathedral & The Bazaar ...
       a) "Musings on Linux and Open Source by an Accidental
       b) a:Raymond, Eric S.
       c) p:O'Reilly
       d) c/99
       e) [book notes] ...
          1) I skimmed 82 pgs ... it was so so.
    4. Weaving the Web ...
       a) "The original design and ultimate destiny of the
          world wide web by its inventor"
       b) a:Berners-Lee, Tim
       c) c/99
       d) p:HarperCollins
       e) [book notes] ...
          1) skimmed entire book, exc, deserves more study
    5. Theremin: An Electronic Odyssey (ref libvid)
    6. The Greatest Mystery in the World (audio) ...
       a) a:Mandino, Og
       b) c/97 approx
    7. Undaunted Courage (audio) ...
       a) a:Ambrose, Stephen E
       b) c/96
       c) p:Books On Tape
    8. Personal Power (audio) ...
       a) a:Robbins, Anthony
       b) 24 cassettes
       c) 11/08/00 returned defective copy to DPL ...
          1) Personal Power
          2) cassettes show c/93 RRI, produced by Guthy-Renker
          3) vol 11/12 subliminals
          4) 158.1
          5) scan bar code: R01975 87044
          6) big letters: PKH, probably Park Hill
          7) missing vol 5#2, vol 7#2
          8) poor sound/dropouts on vol 9#1, 9#2, 10#2
       d) 03/23/01 returned excellent copy to JCPL ...
          1) Personal Power II : the Driving Force!
          2) 6 week loan
          3) cassettes show c/93 & 96 RRI, distributed by Guthy-Renker
          4) vol 11    subliminal
          5) vol 12 2A six human needs
          6) vol 12 2A advert for Power Talk, samples of ...
             a> Covey, Chopra, De Angelis, Gray
          7) TCX 158.1 ROBBINS
          8) scan bar code: 1130758777
          9) [book notes] ...
             a> vol 10 1B problem solving, 5 questions to ask ...
                1> What's great about this?  What could be great about this?
                2> What's not perfect yet?
                3> What am I willing to do to make it the way I want it?
                4> What am I willing to ...
                   a: no longer do in order to have things the way I
                      want them?
                5> How can I do what's ...
                   a: necessary to get this job done and enjoy the process?
             b> vol 12 six human needs ...
                1> certainty
                2> uncertainty/variety
                3> significance
                4> connection and love
                5> growth
                6> contribution
    9. Latcho Drom (video) ...
       a) a:Gatlif, Tony
       b) c/96
       c) p:New Yorker Video
   10. How To Want What You Have ...
       a) a:Miller, Timothy, PhD
       b) c/94 book, c/95 tape
       c) p:Books On Tape
       d) [book notes] ...
          1) Chap 3: Human Nature ...
             a> Re jcpl copy, go to tape 2A mid and listen to 2B mid
             b> talks about reproductive success, sugar being sweet, genes
                being passed on, genes surviving since they are the ones
                that helped us to survive
             c> It lumps PDI in with sugar as something that helps us to
                get more.  Points out that even though these things are
                harmful our genes won't figure it out for 100's of
                generations.  Re how much is enough and environmental
                distruction, we have to figure that out with our wills and
                intellects or not at all.
          2) more at "Book Notes, 2003" folder
   11. The Third Chimpanzee ...
       a) only got to p 72, interrupted, returned to jcpl, Belmar has
       b) a:Diamond, Jared
       c) c/92
       d) p:Harper Collins
       e) [book notes] ...
          1) note: These notes were printed out.  Then I took more
             handwritten notes.  These are all in the book notes folder.
          2) p3 mid @ "Our unique ..." ...
             a> two jeopardize
                1> kill ea other
                2> destroy environment
                   a: others destroy & kill but we have technology and
                      exploding numbers
             b> bottom: now, likely to come true, biological limit to
          3) p4 whole page, specifically ...
             a> para 4: goal of book: solutions exist .... we just need to
                implement them ie ... "take MASSIVE ACTION re STRATEGIES
                that already exist!"
          4) p12 para 1, only solved in last 6 yrs by molecular biologists
          5) p72 (ret bk, continue here)
   12. Guns, Germs, and Steel (audio) ...
       a) The Fates of Human Societies
       b) a:Diamond, Jared
       c) c/97
       d) p:Books on Tape
   13. The Cave of Lascaux, The Final Photographs ...
       a) a:Ruspoli, Mario
       b) c/86
       c) p:Abrams, Harry N
   14. Your Perfect Weight ...
       a) Ed:Bricklin, Mark
       b) c/95
       c) p:Rodale/Prevention Mag
   15. The Strangest Secret ...
       a) audio cassette
       b) a:Nightingale, Earl
       c) note: Temp filed the booklet that accompanies this cassette
          in "Book Notes, 2003" folder.
   16. How To Ask For the Moon and Get It (audio) ...
       a) a:Ross, Percy
       b) c/87/88
       c) p:Books in Motion, Spokane, WA
   17. A Short History of World War II (audio) ...
       a) a:Stokebury, James L
       b) c/1980/1991
       c) p:Morrow, Recorded Books
   18. ditto for WWI (audio) < forgot to log jcpl
   19. Origin of Species, Darwin (audio) < forgot to log jcpl
   20. + various personal development audio that I own,
   21. + all investing/trading media.* etc.
 L. books already read, 2001 ...
    1. + all investing/trading media.* etc.
    2. Soros on Soros (audio) ...
       a) c/95
       b) p:Bantam Doubleday Dell Audio
    3. Nothing ...
       a) c/99
       b) copy found at dpl
       c) a:Sloman, James
       d) p:OceanBlue, Tiburon, CA
    4. Journals of The Pioneers, from Scalp & Tomahawks ...
       a) Part Two, Part One also available, both at jcpl
       b) a:Drimmer, Frederick
       c) c/81
       d) p:Recorded Books
    5. Money & Power ...
       a) : The History of Business, based on CNBC Documentary by
          David Grubin
       b) a:Means, Howard
       c) c/2001
       d) p:Wiley
    6. Eating Well for Optimum Health (audio/book) ...
       a) a:Weil, Andrew
       b) c/2000
       c) p:Books on Tape
       d) note: read the book in 2006 after heart attack, see book
          notes there
    7. A Brief History of Time (audio) ...
       a) : From the Big Bang to Black Holes
       b) a:Hawking, Stephen W
       c) c/89
       d) p:Books on Tape
    8. 8 Weeks to Optimum Health ...
       a) a:Weil, Andrew
       b) c/1997
       c) p:Knopf
       d) [book notes] ...
          1) only read half
          2) filed @ "Health #2", "Book Notes, health"
    9. The Great Crash (audio) ...
       a) a:Galbraith, John Kenneth
       b) c/87
       c) p:Books on Tape
   10. The Memory Book ...
       a) a:Lorayne, Harry
       b) c/many
       c) p:many
       d) Amazon shows used copies, $5 ea
       e) available via jcpl/prospector
 M. books already read, 2002 ...
    1. + all investing/trading media.* etc.
    2. The Church of Scientology ...
       a) a:Melton, J Gordon
       b) c/2000
       c) p:Signature Books
    3. The Green Machine ...
       a) found @ jcpl
       b) a:Gaston, Jim
       c) c/95
       d) p:CoNation Pubs, Durham, NC
       e) This is a car book, re. chevyvan purchase.
       f) [book notes] ...
          1) 8.5x11 notes related to new 1991 ChevyVan
          2) temp in tbf pile on brown bookshelf
    4. Laws of Manifestation ...
       a) ILL from North Dakota State Library
       b) a:Spangler, David
       c) c/75
       d) p:Findhorn Foundation
    5. The 16% Solution ...
       a) "How to Get High Interest Rates in a Low Interest World
          With Tax Lien Certificates"
       b) dpl/jcpl both have copies, but always a waiting line
       c) a:Moskowitz, Joel S.
       d) c/94
       e) p:Andrews McMeel Publishing
       f) [book notes] ...
          1) lacks info on Texas sales, mostly basic info, however does
             have info on foreclosure, etc.
    6. Penturbia ...
       a) a:Lessinger, Jack
       b) found jcpl/prospector, auraria
       c) a:Lessinger, Jack
       d) c/91
       e) p:SocioEconomics, Bow, WA
    7. Regions of Opportunity ...
       a) "A Bold New Strategy for Real Estate Investment, With
          Forecasts to the Year 2010"
       b) found jcpl/prospector, u of n colorado
       c) a:Lessinger, Jack
       d) c/1986
       e) p:Times Books
    8. Boom Counties ...
       a) a:Lessinger, Jack
       b) ILL from Schaumburg Township District Library, IL
       c) a:Lessinger, Jack
       d) c/97
       e) p:SocioEconomics, Bow, WA
       f) [book notes] ...
          1) 191-194 defines 5 classes of Penturbia
          2) 234-235 n arkansas, s missouri
          3) 244-247 e texas
          4) 250 books on buying land in country ...
             a> saved at \dr\taxlien.txt
 N. books already read, 2003 ...
    1. In Memoriam: New York City, 9/11/01 ...
       a) with mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani
       b) produced by Brad Grey Pictures
       c) p:HBO, div of Time Warner
       d) c/2002
       e) [book notes] ...
          1) In the Marsh McLennan memorial, Giuliani states: "We were
             right, they were wrong."
    2. Cycles ...
       a) "The Mysterious Forces That Trigger Events"
       b) jcpl/prospector, CSU, Fort Collins, has a copy
       c) a:Dewey, Edward R. & Og Mandino
       d) c/71, Foundation for the Study of Cycles
       e) p: Hawthorn Books, NY
       f) [book notes] ...
          1) cycles of same length all seem to turn at same time, in
          2) Brahe?/Kepler < wasn't he the "Music of the Spheres" guy?
    3. Damanhur ...
       a) "the community they tried to brand a cult"
       b) a:Merrifield, Jeff
       c) c/99
       d) p:Thorsons
       e) [book notes] ...
          1) I skimmed it, but the constitution in Appendix I turned me
             off big time.  Lots of falacies.  Extreme cultish vibe.
    4. The Prize: The Epic Quest for Oil, Money & Power ...
       a) a:Yergin, Daniel
       b) p:PBS
       c) c/92
       d) 8 hr video series, notes at junkq, video area
    5. The Future of Life ...
       a) a:Wilson, Edward Osborne
       b) audio narrated by Ed Begley (environmentalist actor)
       c) c/2002
       d) p:Knopf
       e) [book notes] < at large tbf
    6. Wake Up and Live ...
       a) found jcpl/prospector/uc boulder
       b) a:Brande, Dorothea
       c) c/36
       d) p:World Publishing Company
       e) [book notes] < at large tbf
    7. Siddhartha ...
       a) a:Hesse, Hermann
       b) 1972 video
    8. Benner's Prophecies ...
       a) "of Future Ups and Downs in Prices"
       b) found: jcpl/prospector/csu
       c) a:Benner, Samuel
       d) p:Chase & Hall
       e) c/1876
    9. Ishmael ...
       a) audio: jcpl/plus/arapahoe, 2 copies
       b) book: dpl is fast, jcpl appears to have bought more
       c) a:Quinn, Daniel
       d) c/92
       e) p:Bantam
       f) [book notes] < at large tbf
   10. Gaviotas : A Village to Reinvent the World ...
       a) found, jcpl
       b) a:Weisman, Alan
       c) c/98
       d) p:Chelsea Green
       e) [book notes] < at large tbf
   11. Mankind and Mother Earth ...
       a) "A Narrative History of the World"
       b) found jcpl
       c) a:Toynbee, Arnold
       d) c/76
       e) p:Oxford Univ Press
       f) [book notes] < at large tbf
   12. U.S. in a Nutshell ...
       a) found jcpl/prospector/auraria
       b) a:Mandino, Og
       c) c/71
       d) p:Hawthorn
       e) [book notes] < at large tbf
   13. Commanding Heights: The Battle for the World Economy ...
       a) a:Yergin, Daniel
       b) p:WGBH Bostom
       c) c/2002
       d) notes ...
          1) 6 hr video series, already saw this video.  There is also a
             book with Yergin and Stanislaw, but ratings are not that
             great at Amazon.
   14. Environment, Power, and Society ...
       a) a:Odum, Howard T
       b) c/71
       c) p:Wiley
       d) [book notes] < at large tbf ...
          1) per Tom Robertson
          2) father Howard Washington
          3) older son Eugene Pleasant
          4) younger son Howard T.
          5) 2 sons died within a month of each other in 2002
   15. The Collapse of Complex Societies ...
       a) a:Tainter, Joseph A
       b) c/88
       c) p:Cambridge Univ Press
       d) [book notes] < at large tbf
   16. The Last Two Million Years ...
       a) Reader's Digest Association
       b) c/73
       c) note: restart: pg 294, The Secrets of the Universe
   17. The Ascent of Man, video, ref junkq
   18. Me & Isaac Newton, video, ref junkq
   19. The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire (Gibbon) ...
       a) 15 cassettes, 1.5 hrs each
       b) jcpl/audio
       c) a:Gibbon, Edward 1737-1794
       d) p:Books on Tape
       e) c/92
       f) notes: almost completely unintelligible!
   20. Schizomania ...
       a) a:Lessinger, Jack
       b) c/2003
       c) p:SocioEconomics, Bow, WA
       d) [book notes] < at large tbf
   21. Environmental Accounting ...
       a) a:Odum, Howard T
       b) c/96
       c) p:Wiley
       d) [book notes] ...
          1) almost completely unintelligible, returned it after first
             few pages
   22. Understanding Thermodynamics
       a) dpl has a copy
       b) a:Van Ness, H.C.
       c) c/83
       d) [book notes] ...
          1) skimmed, did not read
          2) much too technical, for students
          3) pg 2, energy/system, 37 sugar cubes analysis, nice but even
             it gets awfully technical with formulae
   23. The Mechanical Universe, v 47-48, David Goodstein ref video ref junkq
   24. Pompeii, the doomed city, video ref junkq
   25. Buckminster Fuller: Thinking Out Loud, video ref junkq/libov
   26. Entropy Demystified: Potential Order, Life and Money ...
       a) a:Chalidze, Valery
       b) p:Universal
       c) c/2000
       d) notes ...
          1) [book notes] in pile tbf
          2) got a copy on ILL from Kitsap library system
          3) 193 pgs
   27. Road to Serfdom, Hayek ...
       a) a:Hayek, Friedrich A
       b) c/1944 orig, 94 updated
       c) p:University of Chicago Press
       d) notes ...
          1) listened to Books on Tape audio book, c/2000, jcpl
          2) ref libov re chapters to read in printed book
          3) Very hard to understand him, very archaic language.
   28. The Future of Money ...
       a) a:Lietaer, Bernard
       b) c/2001
       c) p:Random House Ltd, London
       d) [book notes] < at large tbf
   29. The 2nd Law \\The Second Law ...
       a) c/94
       b) a:Atkins, P.W.
       c) p:Scientific American Library Paperback
       d) notes ...
          1) [book notes] < at large tbf
          2) I read the beginning but quickly realized it was getting to
             technical, but this is where I learned about uranium coming
             from super novae.
   30. The Refrigerator and the Universe ...
       a) a:Goldstein, Martin (& Inge F)
       b) c/93
       c) p:Harvard University Press
       d) [book notes] < at large tbf
   31. The Mind's Past ...
       a) a:Gazzaniga, Michael S
       b) c/98
       c) p:U of California Press
       d) note: impossible to understand, returned after a few pages
   32. The Sixth Extinction ...
       a) a:Leakey, Richard
       b) c/95
       c) p:Doubleday
       d) [book notes] < at large tbf
       e) BUY THIS BOOK!
   33. Affluenza ...
       a) a:de Graaf, John, David Wann
       b) c/2001
       c) p:Berrett-Koehler, SF
       d) [book notes] < at large tbf
   34. Thrust for Freedom ...
       a) "An Introduction to Volitional Science"
       b) a:Galambos, Andrew J
       c) c/99
       d) p:Universal Scientific Publications Company, San Diego, CA
       e) I own this book
       f) [book notes] < 8.5x11, in folder
   35. The Truth and lies of 9-11 ...
       a) a:Ruppert, Mike
       b) p:From The Wilderness
       c) c/2002
       d) video, noted at junkq
   36. Give Me Liberty ...
       a) "Freeing Ourselves in the Twenty-First Century"
       b) a:Spence, Gerry
       c) c/98
       d) p:St Martin's Press
       e) [book notes] < at large tbf
   37. Psycho-Cybernetics, book ...
       a) a:Maltz, Maxwell
       b) c/1960, original
       c) p:Prentice Hall
       d) major reissue by Melvin Powers, Wilshire Book Company, N
          Hollywood, CA
       e) [book notes] < at large tbf
       f) BUY THIS BOOK!
   38. Psycho-Cybernetics, Guthy-Renker audio ...
       a) found via jcpl/prospector @ Fort Collins, CO
       b) a:Maltz, Maxwell
       c) c/89
       d) p:Psycho-Cybernetics (Guthy-Renker)
       e) note: huge plastic thing with 8 cassettes, workbook and a
          Wilshire/Powers copy of the book.  There were some good
          moments and we get to hear Dr Maltz extensively, but this
          is not a reading of the book.
   39. Psycho-Cybernetics, Audio Renaissance audio ...
       a) ILL from San Antonio PL
       b) note: just 2 cassettes, same stuff as Guthy-Renker,
   40. The Power of Positive Thinking, audio ...
       a) a:Peale, Dr Norman Vincent
       b) c/87
       c) c/Sound Ideas, Simon & Schuster
       d) [book notes] ...
          1) 50 minute abridged reading by author
          2) worthless, extreme Jesus/Christ religious psycho babble
   41. Bowling For Columbine, Michael Moore, video ...
       a) 2 hr video, notes at junkq, video area
   42. The Grand Chessboard ...
       a) ": American Primacy and Its Geostrategic Imperatives"
       b) a:Brzezinski, Zbigniew K
       c) c/98
       d) p:BasicBooks, div of HarperCollins
       e) reborrow, read more, correlate with Mike Ruppert video
       f) [book notes] ...
          1) 209/10 beyond ...
          2) 210 P1 moreover - chinese/amer.
          3) 211 "truly massive and widely ...
             a> perceived direct external threat", mentioned in Ruppert
                video.  Also at my s2.pco notes.
          4) 212 top: mass ent, hedonistic & socially escapist
          5) 212 P1 drugs, consumption
          6) 213 P2 nuke/bio, probable use
          7) 215 P1 "peaceful global management"
   43. Conquistadors, 2 video sets, notes junkq, video area
   44. The Golden Ghetto ...
       a) "The Psychology of Affluence"
       b) a:O'Neill, Jessie H
       c) c/97
       d) p:Hazelden
       e) [book notes] < at large tbf
   45. Whole Life Economics ...
       a) ": Revaluing Daily Life"
       b) a:Brandt, Barbara
       c) c/95
       d) p:New Society Publishers (notes below)
       e) notes ...
          1) found in The Golden Ghetto, pg 249
          2) how to build a healthy economic system drawing from the
             grassroots economy hidden within the sick dominant economy
          3) no Amazon reviews yet
          4) found in jcpl/prospector
          5) stiff unfriendly binding
          6) very new agey feminist counter culture vibe
          7) New Society Publishers, non-profit, worker-controlled
             Philadelphia, Gabriola Island, BC
   46. Self Mastery Through Conscious Autosuggestion ...
       a) refereced in Maltz/Psycho-Cybernetics & Tim Miller, How To
          Want What You Have
       b) a:Coue, Emile
       c) c/22: p:American Library Service
       d) c/97: p:Kessinger Publishing, Kila, MT
       e) notes ...
          1) 80 lib have the 1922, only 6 have the 1997
          2) re Kessinger, OCLC 38122314, only 1 free lender, which is
             why jcpl got the 1922 ed.  Request it again.
          3) Saved locally from Internet, @bm.htm
 O. books already read, 2004 ...
    1. Lord of the Flies, video, ref junkq
    2. Moscow & Leningrad, video, ref junkq
    3. The Perfect Store ...
       a) : Inside eBay
       b) a:Cohen, Adam
       c) c/2002
       d) p:Little, Brown & Co
       e) [book notes] < in folder, need to complete 2d read
    4. Sell It on eBay ...
       a) found at dpl
       b) a:Heid, Jim
       c) c/2004, techtv
       d) p:Peachpit Press, Berkeley
    5. In the Land of the War Canoes, ref junkq
    6. National Geo, Jun, 2004, The End of Cheap Oil
    7. National Geo, Sep, 2004, Global Warning ...
       a) : Bulletins from a Warmer World
    8. Kitty Hawk (Wright Brothers), ref junkq
    9. Martin Luther, ref junkq
   10. Jay Hanson,
   11. National Geo, Jan, 2003, China's Great Wall
   12. National Geo, Jan, 2003, Egypt's Forgotten Treasures
   13. Fahrenheit 9/11, Michael Moore
   14. Perilous Fight, ref junkq
   15. Gettysburg, ref junkq

File: liblist3.txt

 A. Time and Money ...
    1. : The Economy and the Planets
    2. a:Gover, Robert
    3. c/2005
    4. p:Hopewell
    5. note: 2x5*
 B. On Borrowed Time? ...
    1. : Assessing the Threat of Mineral Depletion
    2. a:Tilton, John E
    3. c/2002
    4. p:Resources for the Future (RFF Press)
    5. note: no Amazon reviews.  Ed review states: In a few short
       pages this book not only explains in simple terms the major
       conceptualtouchstones of resource economics.
 C. Death by Government ...
    1. a:Rummel, R.J.
    2. c\97
    3. p:Transaction Publishers
 D. The Diversity of Life ...
    1. a:Wilson, E.O.
    2. c/92
    3. note: ref Sixth Extinction, p 47, need to find his original
       of this graphic
 E. Leo Strauss
 G. Richard Douthwaite, ...
    1. Short Circuit ...
       a) : Strengthening Local Economies for Security in an Unstable
       b) a:Douthwaite, Richard
       c) c/96
       d) p:Dufour or Lilliput
       e) note: It's online at
    2. The Ecology of Money ...
       a) a:Douthwaite, Richard
       b) c/2000
       c) p:Green Books
    3. + others, ^s &
 H. Man's Search For Meaning ...
    1. a:Frankl, Viktor E
    2. c/97
    3. p:Pocket
 I. Continuity and Change in the Westphalian Order ...
    1. a:Caporaso, James A
    2. c/2000
    3. p:Blackwell
    4. note: Blackwell may have other books on Westphalia.  See
       back cover of this book for a list.  This is online at  Just look inside the book and go to back
 J. Imperialism, the highest stage of capitalism ...
    1. a:Lenin, Vladimir I
    2. c/1915
    3. note: per Jim Eyman, 11/15/05
 K. Roving Mars ...
    1. : Spirit, Opportunity, and the Exploration of the Red Planet
    2. a:Squyres, Steve
 L. Daniel Bernard Roumain, ref bm.xls
 M. Cities Ranked & Rated, ref Savinar site
 N. The Oil Age is Over, Savinar (check his site)
 O. When Technology Fails, Savinar site
 P. Extreme Simplicity, Savinar site
 Q. My Ishmael, inspired by Dawkins ...
    1. read partially, see notes @ libyear2.pco
 R. The Grand Tour (solar system book saw in Houston) ...
    1. : A Traveler's Guide to the Solar System
    2. authors: Hartmann & Miller
    3. c/2005
    4. p:Workman
 S. The Singularity Is Near ...
    1. : When Humans Transcend Biology
    2. a:Kurzweil, Ray
    3. note: sequel to Spiritual Machines. Get it for a laugh!
 T. The End of Oil ...
    1. : On the Edge of a Perilous New World
    2. a:Roberts, Paul
    3. c/2005
    4. p:Mariner Books
    5. notes: 52x4.5*, autonomeus review ...
       a) "This is not just a book about oil, it covers energy as a
          whole. You can quibble with this or that detail (and I
          will), but this is an excellent introduction, the best
          single book on energy now available for ordinary citizens."
 U. Why Most Things Fail ...
    1. : Evolution, Extinction and Economics
    2. a:Ormerod, Paul
    3. c/2006 (coming Feb 28)
    4. p:Pantheon
    5. note: Watch reviews & read editorial reviews.  Might be
 V. American Theocracy ...
    1. : The Peril and Politics of Radical Religion, Oil, and
       Borrowed Money in the 21st Century
    2. a:Phillips, Kevin
    3. c/2006
    4. p:Viking
    5. note: #1 at Amazon, 28x4*
 W. Diary of a Medical Intuitive ...
    1. : One Woman's Eye-Opening Journey from No-Nonsense E.R.
       Nurse to Open-Hearted Healer and Visionary
    2. a:Nani, Christel
    3. c/2004
    4. p:L.M.Press
 X. A Century of War ...
    1. : Anglo-American Oil Politics and the New World Order
    2. a:Engdahl, F William
    3. c/2004
    4. p:Pluto Press
    5. note: found via LATOC/Savinar. Heavy world order slant,
       lots of interesting inside views, see all Amazon reviews
       first.  Supports that WWI and WWII were about oil, ref
       Yergin's The Prize.
    6. note: Richard K Moore, Ireland, has a huge review at, taken from his site.
 Y. Petrodollar Warfare ...
    1. : Oil, Iraq and the Future of the Dollar
    2. a:Clark, William R
    3. c/2005
    4. p:New Society
    5. note: 10x5* & the only 3* is the guy who says to read A
       Century of War by Engdahl first!  He may also write about
       genetics and DNA.
 Z. Hazy Daze, CD, Equation, OCLC: 42905209
AA. Organic Inc, a:Fromartz, c/06
AB. Plan B 2.0, Lester Brown, 12/11/06: 11x5*, all 5*
AC. Where Have all the Flowers Gone (Seeger) ...
    1. : A Musical Autobiography
    2. a:Seeger, Pete
    3. c/1993
    4. p:Sing Out
AD. The Great Deluge ...
    1. a:Brinkley, Douglas
    2. c/2006
    3. p:HarperCollins
    4. saw at
AE. People of the Rainbow ...
    1. : A Nomadic Utopia
    2. a:Niman , Michael I
    3. c/97
    4. Note: photographer, Gabe Kirchheimer
AF. Rainbow Tribe ...
    1. : Ordinary People Journeying on the Red Road
    2. a:McGaa, Ed
    3. c/92
    4. note: not sure it's really about rainbow though
AG. Moonwatcher's Memoir (2001 Dawn of Man), a:Richter
AH. 2001: A Space Odyssey, Clarke, c/2000
AI. Childhood's End, Clarke
AJ. Land of Desire ...
    1. reread re Edward L Bernays, ^s inside with Amazon for all
       refs.  p 319, major ref.  ref Century of the Self BBC
       series on Bernays & Freud.
AK. author: David Korten ...
    1. When Corporations Rule the World ...
       a) per patch
       b) a:Korten, David
    2. The Great Turning: From Empire to Earth Community ...
       a) c/2006
       b) Note: 9x5*, in Boulder, Oct, 2006.  He may have a workable
          plan.  Take a look.
AL. Jane Goodall
AM. The Lion King : pride rock on Broadway ...
    1. a:Taymor, Julie
    2. c/98
    3. p:Disney
    4. jcpl has copy
AN. The God Delusion ...
    1. a:Dawkins, Richard
    2. c/2006
    3. p:Houghton Mifflin
AO. autonomeus list in his Dawkin's, The God Delusion, review ...
       J.L. Mackie's THE MIRACLE OF THEISM remains, despite
       Dawkins, the best summary of the traditional atheist
       philosophical arguments. RELIGION EXPLAINED by Pascal Boyer
       is a brilliant study of the variety of religious beliefs,
       what people believe in and what they don't (see my review).
       I recommend David Ehrenfeld's THE ARROGANCE OF HUMANISM for
       all atheists and humanists, an environmentally oriented
       challenge from a biologist and devout Jew. Anything by Ken
       Wilber, including his new INTEGRAL SPIRITUALITY, points
       beyond the theism/atheism dichotomy. The first section of
       is superb on the limitations of Cartesian empiricism, and
       it is rooted in our daily lived experience (see my review).
       Whitehead's metaphysical magnus opum edited for
       comprehensibility by Sherburne, is a more abstract
       exposition of the same point. Whitehead's process
       philosophy gave rise to the process theology of Cobb,
       Griffin and others, a Christian metaphysics that transcends
       Biblical literalism. And see my BUDDHA-DHARMA: HOW TO WAKE
       UP list for several good introductions to the teachings of
       the Buddha.

AP. Lives Per Gallon ...
    1. : The True Cost of Our Oil Addiction
    2. a:Tamminen, Terry
    3. c/06
    4. p:Island Press
    5. note: reviewer states he has solutions!
AQ. The Coming Economic Collapse ...
    1. : How You Can Thrive When Oil Costs $200 a Barrel
    2. a:Leeb, Stephen
    3. c/2006
    4. p:Warner Business Books
    5. notes: explains subsidies and tax breaks
AR. Kowalski, Cholesterol, finish it, ref libyear2.pco
AS. Adaptation and Natural Selection ...
    1. a:Williams, George C
    2. c/96
    3. found @ jcpl/prospector
    4. wiki ...
       a) "Williams outlines a gene-centric view of evolution,"
       b) "The concepts were popularised amongst the general public
          by Richard Dawkins' 1976 book 'The Selfish Gene'."
AT. Kotke, William H ...
    1. The Final Empire, online @bm.xls
    2. Garden Planet ...
       a) : The Present Phase Change of the Human Species
       b) a:Kotke, William H
       c) c/2005
       d) p:? Authorhouse
       e) notes: 4x5* exc reviews at Amazon.  How to live after the
          fall.  See more @bm.xls.
AU. America Alone ...
    1. : The End of the World as We Know It
    2. a:Steyn, Mark
    3. c/2006
    4. p:Regnery
    5. note: Morey says The Shia Revival is better
AV. The Shia Revival ...
    1. : How Conflicts within Islam Will Shape the Future
    2. a:Nasr, Vali
    3. c/2006
    4. p:W.W. Norton
AW. The Shift ...
    1. : The Revolution in Human Consciousness
    2. a:Waters, Owen
    3. c/2005
    4. note: new agey but excellent reviews, take a look
AX. Wattles book ref Terry Raff & csenas.pco
AY. Cradle to Cradle ...
    1. : Remaking the Way We Make Things
    2. a:McDonough, William
    3. c/2002
    4. p:North Point Press
    5. note: per Steve Clark
AZ. Lyall Watson ...
    1. Elephantoms, Beyond Supernature
    2. per Steve Clark
BA. The Road ...
    1. a:Mccarthy, Cormac
    2. c/2006
    3. p:Knopf
    4. per Steve Clark, 389x4.5*, fiction
BB. The March of Folly ...
    1. : From Troy to Vietnam
    2. a:Tuchman, Barbara W
    3. c/1985 (there is also a 1990 ed. at Amazon)
    4. note: per Rob Sherman, also ref by Diamond in Collapse
BC. Last Child in the Woods ...
    1. : Saving Our Children from Nature-Deficit Disorder
    2. a:Louv, Richard
    3. c/2006
    4. p:Algonquin Books
    5. notes: 35x5*, found @
BD. Green to Gold ...
    1. : How Smart Companies Use Environmental Strategy to
       Innovate, Create Value, and Build Competitive Advantage
    2. a:Esty, Daniel C
    3. c/2006
    4. p:Yale University Press
    5. note: 8x5*
BE. Pain Free, Egoscue, per Paul Sherman
BF. The Cambridge Encyclopedia of the Sun ...
    1. a:Lang, Kenneth R
    2. c/2001
    3. p:Cambridge University Press
    4. book notes ...
       a) p 51, col 2, para 1: "We are true children of the stars,
          for we are all made of star stuff."
BG. Finding True Balance ...
    1. : Great Balancing Acts of Life
    2. a:Sorenson, James Levoy
    3. c/2001
    4. p:Bookcraft
BH. Hardin, Garrett \\garrett hardin ...
    1. The Tragedy of the Commons, 1968, dieoff:page95
    2. see the wiki article and follow all links
BI. Harry Potter
BJ. Shakira books ...
    1. * Shakira: Woman full of Grace, Ximena Diego
    2. Shakira, Ursula Rivera (kids)
    3. Shakira, Becky Thatcher (kids)
BK. Flynn, Stephen, exc ratings ...
    1. America the Vulnerable, 2005
    2. The Edge of Disaster, 2007
    3. however these are short term but worth looking at due to
       exc ratings
BL. Agent secret ...
    1. a:Prieur, Dominique
    2. c/95
    3. p:Fayard
    4. note: by French woman agent who sank Rainbow Warrior
BM. Warriors of the Rainbow ...
    1. : Strange and Prophetic Dreams of the Indians
    2. a:Willoya, William
    3. c/63
    4. p:Naturegraph
BN. Vagabond Globetrotting 3 ...
    1. : The Electronic Traveler in the New Millennium
    2. a:Endicott, M.L.
    3. c/2004
BO. Shakespeare
BP. The Loss of the S.S. Titanic ...
    1. : Its Story and Its Lessons, By One of the Survivors
    2. a:Beesley, Lawrence
    3. c/2000
    4. p:Mariner
BQ. Giving, Bill Clinton, c/2007
BR. Against the Grain ...
    1. : How Agriculture Has Hijacked Civilization
    2. a:Manning, Richard
    3. c/2005
    4. p:North Point Press
BS. A Thousand Barrels a Second ...
    1. : The Coming Oil Break Point and the Challenges Facing an
       Energy Dependent World
    2. a:Tertzakian, Peter
    3. c/2007
    4. p:McGraw-Hill
    5. note: mixed reviews, recommended by Steve Andrews
BT. The Clock of the Long Now ...
    1. : Time and Responsibility
    2. a:Brand, Stewart Brand
    3. c/2000
    4. p:Basic Books
BU. Self Help, Inc. ...
    1. : Makeover Culture in American Life
    2. a:McGee, Micki
    3. c/2007
    4. p:Oxford University Press
    5. note: on PDI, poor reviews at Amazon but might be useful for history
BV. Tom Brown Jr, wilderness survival ...
    1. The Tracker
    2. Tom Brown's Guide to City and Suburban Survival
    3. Way of the Scout (first time in NYC)
    4. Tom Brown's Field Guide (@ Matt Savinar's site)
    5. over a dozen others, link @bm.xls
    6. get all from lib. and compare
    7. jcpl: has many but varied call #'s
BW. Lessinger, CHANGE: Fall of the Consumer Economy ...
    1. and Rise of the Responsible Capitalist
    2. c/2007
    3. order from his site, @bm.xls
BX. Alinsky, Saul, get his last books ...
    1. to try and confirm Pat Wagner info.  Ref S02.pco.
    2. bio: Let Them Call Me Rebel ...
       a) : Saul Alinsky: His Life and Legacy
       b) a:Horwitt, Sanford D
BY. Gone Tomorrow : The Hidden Life of Garbage ...
    1. a:Rogers, Heather
    2. c/2006
    3. p:New Press
    4. note: good reviews, found via Ran Prieur, on
       corporatization of garbage
BZ. James Lovelock ...
    1. Gaia: A New Look at Life on Earth ...
       a) the original Gaia Hypothesis
       b) A:Lovelock, Dr. James E.
       c) P:Oxford, NY
       d) c/87
       e) [book notes] ...
          1) p vii - on intolerance within the scientific establishment
             [x]'d for csen - excellent
    2. The Ages of Gaia: ...
       a) "a biography of our living earth"
       b) check it out - saw at Memphis PL - looked interesting but
          not anything earth shaking
       c) A:Lovelock, Dr. James E.
       d) P:W.W. Norton
       e) c/88
    3. Healing Gaia: ...
       a) "practical medicine for the planet"
       b) A:Lovelock, Dr. James E.
       c) P:Harmony Books, NY
       d) c/91
    4. Revenge of Gaia, 2007, questionable reviews ...
       a) specialist, wants to go nuclear fission
CA. Before the Heroes Came: Antarctica in the 1890s ...
    1. a:Baughman, T.H.
    2. c/99
    3. p:Bison Books
CB. Make Room! Make Room! (Soylent Green), Harry Harrison, 1966 ...
    1. read all amazon reviews for refs to other books on the
       matter of overpopulation, etc.
CC. The Structure of Scientific Revolutions (Kuhn on paradigm shift) ...
    1. a:Kuhn, Thomas S
    2. c/1962+
CD. Endless Universe: Beyond the Big Bang ...
    1. a:Steinhardt, Paul J
    2. c/2007
    3. Doubleday
CE. Osteen:
CF. The Rise of Lakewood Church And Joel Osteen
CG. Osteen CD: Letting go of the past, OCLC: 69692082
CH. Nourishing Traditions, per Stacy, ref h.pco
CI. Nonzero: The Logic of Human Destiny ...
    1. a:Wright, Robert
    2. c/2000
    3. p:Pantheon
    4. notes ...
       a) so so reviews at Amazon 94x4*.  Bill Clinton mentions this
          book in his Rolling Stone 40th Yr interview.  Evolution
          meets game theory in his followup to The Moral Animal.
       b) Michael Dowd is big on it
CJ. Is Progress Speeding Up? ...
    1. : Our Multiplying Multitudes of Blessings
    2. a:Templeton, John M
    3. c/97
    4. p:Templeton Foundation
    5. notes: DPL copy may be missing.  try ILL.  Is Templeton
       another Julian Simon?
CK. Limited Wants, Unlimited Means ...
    1. : A Reader On Hunter-Gatherer Economics And The Environment
    2. a:Gowdy, John
    3. c/97
    4. p:Island Press
    5. note: exc reviews, starts with Sahlins
CL. Paradise for Sale: A Parable of Nature ...
    1. a:McDaniel, Carl N + John Gowdy
    2. c/2000
    3. p:U of Cal Press
    4. note: Nauru Island devastated by phosphate mining
CM. Ted Trainer ...
    1. Renewable Energy Cannot Sustain a Consumer Society ...
       a) a:Trainer, Ted
       b) c/2007
       c) p:Springer
    2. Towards a Sustainable Economy, c/95
    3. The Conserver Society: Alternatives for Sustainability, c/95
CN. The Social Atom ...
    1. : Why the Rich Get Richer, Cheaters Get Caught, and Your
       Neighbor Usually Looks Like You
    2. a:Buchanan, Mark
    3. c/2007
    4. p:Bloomsbury
    5. note: mentioned by Jeff Graef
CO. The Coming Age of Scarcity ...
    1. Read Dec, 2007.  Read in more detail, since there may be
       useful solutions or ideas that can used, in this book.
    2. [book notes] on file somewhere
CP. The End of America ...
    1. : Letter of Warning to a Young Patriot
    2. a:Wolf, Naomi
    3. c/2007
    4. p:Chelsea Green
    5. note: 10 steps to fascism, fascism coming in America
CQ. The Epic of Man ...
    1. a:The Editors of Life
    2. c/61
    3. p:Time Life Books
    4. note: ref @bm.xls, no reviews @ amazon, but looks great!
CR. Snapping (on cults, 2005 update, good reviews, Flo Conway)
CS. The Language of God ...
    1. : A Scientist Presents Evidence for Belief
    2. a:Collins, Francis S
    3. c/2006
    4. p:Free Press
    5. note: 255x4*
CT. Blessed Unrest, Hawken, awesome reviews @ amazon ...
    1. Hawken has just written a tremendously important book
       called "Blessed Unrest" in which he describes a set of one
       to two million local, independent, citizen-run
       environmental and social justice groups.
    2. Reserved @ jcpl, took months, and I was in SD when it came
CU. The Sustainability Revolution: Portrait Of A Paradigm Shift ...
    1. a:Edwards, Andres R
    2. c/2005
    3. p:New Society
    4. note: suggested by Nick, 4x5*
CV. Earth in the Balance, read more, notes: libyear1.pco
CW. Biomimicry, Janine M. Benyus, per Michael Dowd, poor reviews however
CX. Evolution's Arrow ...
    1. : The Direction of Evolution and the Future of Humanity
    2. a:Stewart, John
    3. c/2000
    4. p:Chapman Press
    5. note: Dowd sells it, 4x5*, all 5*, reviewer states: I
       strongly encourage everyone to read this book, especially
       if you are sensing a lack of meaning in your life!
CY. Perspectives on an Evolving Creation ...
    1. a:Miller, Keith B
    2. c/2003
    3. p:Eerdmans
    4. note: Dowd reviews it, 6x4.5*
CZ. Reinventing Collapse ...
    1. : The Soviet Example and American Prospects
    2. a:Orlov, Dmitry
    3. c/2008 (coming in June)
    4. p:New Society
DA. Don't Think of an Elephant ...
    1. : Know Your Values and Frame the Debate--The Essential
       Guide for Progressives
    2. a:Lakoff, George
    3. c/2004
    4. p:Chelsea Green
    5. note: Lakoff is a Berkeley linguist, with good ideas on
DB. An Unnatural Order ...
    1. : Roots of Our Destruction of Nature
    2. a:Mason, Jim
    3. c/2005
    4. p:Lantern Books
    5. note: 12x5*, all 5*!, about human's dominion over nature
DC. Energy Autonomy ...
    1. : The economic, social and technological case for renewable energy
    2. a:Scheer, Hermann
    3. c/2007
    4. p:Earthscan Publications
    5. note: per Steve Clark
DD. The Omnivore's Dilemma ...
    1. : A Natural History of Four Meals
    2. a:Pollan, Michael
    3. c/2007
    4. p:Penguin
    5. note: per Steve Clark, exc reviews.  He's critical of WFM.
DE. A New Earth ...
    1. a:Tolle, Eckhard
    2. c/2008
    3. p:Penguin
    4. note: recommended by Oprah, Melanie Rios, questionable
DF. Mycelium Running ...
    1. : How Mushrooms Can Help Save the World
    2. a:Stamets, Paul
    3. c/2005
    4. p:Ten Speed Press
    5. note: per Melanie Rios, awesome reviews, not sure what
       mushrooms could have to do with saving the world however!
DG. Peak Oil Survival ...
    1. : Preparation for Life After Gridcrash
    2. a:McBay, Aric
    3. c/2006
    4. p:Lyons Press
    5. note: Amazon reviewer: I've likewise never seen the
       description of the inadequacy of renewables described as
       well in as few pages. The introduction alone is worth the
       price of the book.
DH. ---
DI. world order section (not complete however):
DJ. Them (on The World Order) ...
    1. : Adventures with Extremists
    2. a:Ronson, Jon
    3. c/2002
    4. p:Simon and Schuster
    5. note: lots of Bilderberg, Weaver/Ruby Ridge, supposed to be
       funny too
DK. Who's Who of the Elite ...
    1. ": Members of the Bilderbergs, Council on Foreign
       Relations, & Trilateral Commission"
    2. a:Robert Gaylon Ross Sr
    3. c/2000
    4. p:Rie
DL. The World Conspiracy ...
    1. is it in BIP?
    2. saw at abigayle abigail place
    3. A:Nicolov, Nicola M.
    4. 3d printing 1991
    5. self published by author ...
       a) Nicola M. Nicolov
          POB 784
          Portland, OR 97207
    6. book notes ...
       a) lots of info on money, banks, bilderbergers, etc.
       b) excellent bibliography
DM. The True Story of the Bilderberg Group ...
    1. a:Estulin, Daniel
    2. c/2007
    3. Trine Day
DN. Superclass ...
    1. : The Global Power Elite and the World They Are Making
    2. a:Rothkopf, David
    3. c/2008
    4. p:Farrar, Straus and Giroux
    5. notes: wrote article @bm.xls ^s superclass.  previously
       wrote: Running the World which appears to be mostly about
       the USA.
DO. The Power Elite ...
    1. a:Mills, C. Wright
    2. c/2000
    3. p:Oxford U Press
    4. notes: mentioned in a review of Superclass, but most
       reviewers say it's about the USA, not the world.  Also,
       orig. c/1971, so likely dated.
DP. Richistan ...
    1. : A Journey Through the American Wealth Boom and the Lives
       of the New Rich
    2. a:Frank, Robert H.
    3. c/2007
    4. p:Crown
DQ. All the Money in the World ...
    1. : How the Forbes 400 Make--and Spend--Their Fortunes
    2. a:Bernstein, Peter W
    3. c/2007
    4. p:Knopf
    5. note: 9x5*, all 5*!
DR. The Family ...
    1. : The Secret Fundamentalism at the Heart of American Power
    2. a:Sharlet, Jeff
    3. c/2008
    4. p:Harper
    5. on Christian Fundamentalism, The Family, cells, maybe Brownback
DS. ---
DT. The Judith Durham Story ...
    1. : Colours Of My Life
    2. a:Simpson, Graham
    3. c/various
DU. The Upside of Down ...
    1. : Catastrophe, Creativity, and the Renewal of Civilization
    2. a:Homer-Dixon, Thomas
    3. c/2008
    4. p:Island Press
    5. note: in Escape from Suburbia, reviews indicate no plan or
       solution presented.  More like Jared's Collapse.
DV. The Last Man on the Moon ...
    1. : Astronaut Eugene Cernan and America's Race in Space
    2. a:Cernan, Eugene
    3. c/2000
    4. note: exc reviews
DW. Faust I & II ...
    1. Goethe : The Collected Works, Vol 2
    2. a:Goethe, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
    3. Stuart Atkins, Translator
    4. c/94
    5. p:Princeton U Press
    6. note: translated for contemporary lay reader
DX. Escaping the Matrix ... << MAY HAVE PLAN/SOLUTION HERE!,
    oclc 66141493
    1. a:Moore, Richard K (Ireland)
    2. c/2005
    3. p:Cyberjournal Project
    4. note: 10x4.5*, but nothing on E.P.
    THE RED PLANET (Hardcover)
    by Steve Squyres (Author)
EA. >>> WORLD TRAVEL, ETC. <<< ... \cp\roundwl.pco < tons of unfiled!

File: liblist2.txt

 A. current ...
    1. The Artist's Way ...
       a) a:Cameron, Julia
    2. The Devil's Box ...
       a) : Masters of Southern Fiddling
       b) a:Wolfe, Charles K.
       c) c/97
       d) p: CMF Press
       e) JCPL has it
    3. With Fiddle and Well-Rosined Bow ...
       a) "A History of Old-Time Fiddling in Alabama"
       b) per Sharon Graf
       c) a:Cauthen, Joyce
       d) p:U of Alabama Press
       e) c/89
       f) DPL has it
    4. Waiting on the Gravy Train ...
       a) Freight Hoppers
       b) c/98
       c) Rounder
    5. a:Gabler, Neal ...
       a) Life The Movie : How Entertainment Conquered Reality c/98
       b) An Empire of Their Own c/88
       c) books, audio, video, some on jews in entertainment
       d) check WorldCat for complete list, DPL has some
    6. The Origins of Bowing ...
       a) a:Bachmann, Werner
       b) p:Oxford University Press
       c) c/1969
       d) fiddle-l
          From:    Bob Borcherding <gapbob1@STLNET.COM>
          Subject: Re: African gourd fiddles
    7. Detroit Free Press, 12/98 to 1/99 re auto show, Honda VV etc.
    8. Rocky Mtn News: Mile High Tech, Sec B Business
    9. Creating Killer Web Sites (ref rr.pco)
   10. Non Designers Web Book ...
       a) saw in Mile Hightech
       b) ref, rr13.htm
       c) a:Williams, Robin
       d) p:Addison-Wesley
       e) c/97
   11. video: Iditarod Trail, Alaska
   12. Dr Whitaker's Guide to Natural Healing ...
       a) at Larry Gilmore & DPL has many copies
       b) a:Whitaker, Julian, MD
       c) p:Prima
       d) c/95
       e) ---
       f) 96 update: Dr Whitaker's Complete Guide to Natural Healing ...
          1) saw on OCLC, but only 2 libs have it
          2) p:Regnery
   13. Island in the Sky : Building the International ...
       a) Space Station
       b) found @
       c) a:Bizony, Piers
       d) c/96
   14. Fiddler Magazine re Apache fiddle ...
       a) Summer 1999, Vol 6 No 2, p 50
          Chesley Wilson - many pictures, references, CD's
   15. Einstein The Genius ref @bm.htm (check bmnew.htm first)
   16. Short Trip Home per Neil ...
       a) Joshua Bell, Edgar Meyer, Sam Bush, Mike Marshall
          new age bluegrass with classical twist
   17. Touched With Fire ...
       a) "Manic-Depressive Illness and the Artistic Temperament"
       b) per Irv 1993 clipping I saw 10/99
       c) a:Jamison, Kay Redfield
       d) p:Free Press
       e) c/??
   18. Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance ...
       a) a:Pirsig, Robert M.
       b) c/74
       c) note: Mark Hanson big on it
   19. America's instrument ...
       a) "The Banjo in the Nineteenth Century", saw at Sallie &
       b) a:Gura, Philip F. & Bollman, James F.
       c) c/99
       d) p:U of NC Press, Chapel Hill
   20. The Plague, Camus (cah-moo), Sulphur Springs gal
   21. The Car That Could ...
       a) "The Inside Story of Gm's Revolutionary Electric
       b) a:Shnayerson, Michael
       c) 11/99: out of print at
   22. The Athletic Musician ...
       a) by a physical therapist in conjunction with a violinist
   23. The Art of Practicing ...
       a) good tips on tension and stretching exercises
   24. Being Digital ...
       a) low priority read
       b) a:Negroponte, Nicholas
       c) p:Knopf
       d) c/95
   25. eric drexler ref lib1.pco
   26. The Brand You 50 ...
       a) "Or : Fifty Ways to Transform Yourself from an 'Employee'
          into a Brand That Shouts Distinction, Commitment, and
       b) c/99
       c) a:Peters, Tom
       d) p:Knopf
   27. The Ascent of Man, bk/vid ...
       a) Bronowski, Jacob
       b) c/76
       c) p:Little Brown
       d) @ jcpl: book looks excellent
       e) (video - saw one and it was so so - request others)
   28. Making a Living in Your Local Music Market ...
       a) "Realizing Your Marketing Potential"
       b) a:Weissman, Dick
       c) c/99
       d) p:Hal Leonard
       e) @dpl looks so so
   29. MCSE Network Essentials for Dummies, IDG
   30. When Things Start to Think ...
       a) low priority read, similar to Spiritual Machines
       b) a:Gershenfeld
       c) p:Henry Hold & Co
       d) c/99
   31. The Sciences of the Artificial ...
       a) low priority read
       b) a:Simon, Herbert A
       c) p:MIT Press
       d) c/96 (3d ed)
   32. Ray Kurzweil ...
       a) The Age of Intelligent Machines (R.K.'s former book)
       b) The Age of Spiritual Machines (ref lib2)
   33. George Gilder ...
       a) WorldCat shows about 95 entries
       b) Wealth and Poverty, 81 (exc on free enterprise)
       c) Spirit of Enterprise, various editions
       d) Life After Television, 92 (exc on upcoming web/bandwidth)
   34. Wealth on Minimal Wage ...
       a) a:Steamer, James W
       b) ref junkp (Austin guy)
   35. Weaving the Web ...
       a) Tim Berners-Lee, details at lib2, just skimmed it 4/00 ...
          could use another good read.
   36. CD's to request related to Latcho Drom ...
       a) ref FIDDLE-L 7 Sep 00 which has info on on CD which
          includes the "fishing line" technique seen on Latcho Drom
       b) also there is a Latcho Drom soundtrack @ Amazon &

   37. all videos ref junkq
   38. National Geographic Articles re Tristan ...
             1.Foran, W.R. Tristan da Cunha, Isles of Contentment.
          National Geographic, vol. 74, p. 671-694. 1938.

             2.Lewis, L. New Life for the "Loneliest Isle". National
          Geographic, vol. 97, p. 105-116. 1950.

             3.Wheeler, P.J.F. Death of an Island, Tristan da Cunha.
          National Geographic, vol. 121, p. 678-695. 1962.

             4.Blair, J.P. Return to Lonely Tristan da Cunha.
          National Geographic, vol. 125, p. 60-81. 1964.

   39. Tristan, found re Inaccessible @ wiki article ...
       a) The South African author Eric Rosenthal chronicled the
          Stoltenhoffs' adventure in his book Shelter from the Spray
          (published in 1952 in South Africa and currently very
   40. Extraordinary Popular Delusions & the Madness of Crowds ...
       a) a:MacKay, Charles
       b) 1980 ed. from prospector, Auraria
   41. String Cheese Incident,
   42. Jim Sloman, all ...
       a) 707-765-2800, Petaluma
       b) @bm.htm []
   43. Kon-Tiki, Thor Heyerdahl
   44. The New Grove violin family, a:David D. Boyden ...
       a) found researching for Claudia/Raphael
   45. D-Day, read about end of WWII
   46. Curtis, Edward S (re native americans) ...
       a) ^s, publisher
       b) many books in jcpl collections
       c) "The North American Indian, The Complete Portfolio"
          ref copy at Regis!
       d) Regis, Dayton Mem Lib, E77.5 .C84 1997
       e) 50 & Lowell
       f) Monday - Thursday: 8 a.m. - 11 p.m.
          Friday - Saturday: 8 a.m. - 7 p.m.
          Sunday: 12:30 p.m. - 11 p
   47. Heart of a Soldier ...
       a) A Story of Love, Heroism, and September 11th
       b) re: Rick Rescorla, Morgan Stanley
       c) a:James B Stewart
       d) 9/11/2001 guy
   48. The King of Western Swing, Bob Wills Remembered ...
       a) found, Prospector system
       b) a:Wills, Rosetta
       c) c/98
       d) p:Billboard Books, an imprint of Watson-Guptill Publications
   49. Acres of Diamonds, Conwell ...
       a) a:Conwell, Russell H
       b) jcpl/prospector shows 6 items from 1915 to 2002
       c) Russell H. Conwell And His Work, One Man's Interpretation
          Of Life  by Agnes Rush Burr < looks especially good and 2
          prospectors have it
   50. Money Talks, Alan Weiss ...
       a) 1 DPL, several prospector
   51. Speak and Grow Rich, Dottie Walters
   52. The Complete Tightwad Gazette ...
       a) "Promoting Thrift As a Viable Alternative Lifestyle"
       b) found at jcpl
       c) a:Dacyczyn, Amy
       d) c/99
       e) p:Random House
   53. The Power of Now ...
       a) "A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment"
       b) a:Tolle, Eckhart
       c) c/99
       d) p:New World Library
   54. In the Presence of Fear ...
       a) a:Berry, Wendell
       b) exc reviews Amazon, found via Dennis Weaver NL
       c) c/2001
       d) p:Orion
   55. Yergin, Daniel (books on energy, oil, economy) ...
       a) see junkq video list for more info
   56. oclc/request: "orange blossom boys"
   57. Mesa Verde books
   58. The Magic of Believing, Claude Bristol
   59. Jules Verne ^s google for the coal/water book
   60. Walden, Thoreau
   61. Walden II, ?
   62. How Can I Help?, Ram Dass & Paul Gorman, 1985 ...
       a) per Tim Miller, "people who have enjoyed personal and
          spiritual growth through compassionate service to others"
   63. Robinson Crusoe, Defoe, book/audio
   64. Mid-Course Correction, a:Ray Anderson
   65. The Ecology of Commerce, Hawken, c/94
   66. Natural Capitalism, Hawken/Lovins, c/2002 ...
       a) questionable reviews, socialist, bad premises
       b) interview however has Amory stating
   67. Eco-Economy: Building an Economy for the Earth, Lester Brown
   68. From the Fryer to the Fuel Tank, Josh Tickell
   69. Hubbert's Peak: The Impending World Oil Shortage ...
       a) Kenneth S. Deffeyes
   70. Home From Nowhere, a:Kunstler
   71. An Essay on the Principle of Population (Malthus) ...
       a) (Oxford World's Classics)
       b) Thomas Robert Malthus
       c) orig 1798
       d) c/99
   72. A Bicentennial Malthusian Essay ...
       a) ": Conservation, Population and the Indifference to Limits"
       b) a:John F. Rohe
       c) c/97
   73. From Malthus to the Club of Rome and Back : problems ...
       a) of limits to growth, population control, and migrations
       b) fr International Society for Ecological Economics (ISEE) www site
       c) author and pub. may be switched
       d) ISBN 1-56324-408-X]
       e) A:Neurath, Paul
       f) P:M.E. Sharpe, Armonk, NY
       g) c/94
   74. Limits to Growth: The 30-Year Update ...
       a) Meadows, et al
   75. American Heritage Book of Indians
   76. Going Local ...
       a) ": Creating Self Reliant Communities in a Global Age"
       b) a:Shuman, Michael
   77. ---
   78. Ronald Wright: (not Robert Wright, The Moral Animal, E.P.)
   79. A Short History of Progress ...
       a) a:Wright, Ronald
       b) c/2005
       c) p:Carroll
       d) note: see Amazon reviews 13x4.5* before getting this one.
          Discovered while researching Toynbee's 26 civ.
   80. Stolen Continents (libyear2)
   81. ---
   82. Limited Wants Unlimited Means ...
       a) ": A Reader on Hunter-Gatherer Economics and the Environment"
       b) a:John Gowdy
   83. Stone Age Economics ...
       a) a:Marshall Sahlins
       b) Krystle mentions it in Sus Ways #6 NL
       c) "the original affluent society"
   84. The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire ...
       a) ed:Nardo, Don
   85. The Fall of the Roman Empire ...
       a) a:Grant, Michael
   86. Getting Down to Earth ...
       a) ": Practical Applications of Ecological Economics"
       b) ed:Costanza, Robert, ISEE
       c) c/98
       d) p:International Society for Ecological Economics
       e) [book notes] ...
          1) Borrowed from jcpl/prospector, 5/03.  470+ pgs.  Papers
             from meeting in Costa Rica with Tainter/Meadows/Costanza,
             et al.  Read this someday.
   87. The Entropy Law and the Economic Process ...
       a) a:Nicholas Georgescu-Roegen
       b) on ecological economics, supposed to be hard to read, also
          Rifkin likes him and Valery Chalidze/Entropy Demystified,
          says they're both wrong.l
   88. Beyond Growth ...
       a) ": The Economics of Sustainable Development"
       b) a:Herman E. Daly
       c) on ecological economics, easier read
   89. Energy and the Ecological Economics of Sustainability ...
       a) a:John Peet
       b) on ecological economics, easier read
   90. Human Action, cassette, ref bmva/firstsearch link ...
       a) also online now, @bm.xls
   91. The Roman Economy ...
       a) ": studies in ancient economic and administrative history"
       b) a:Jones, A.H.M.
   92. ^^ see also: lists at lib1, consolidate and prioritize
   93. Million Dollar Habits, Robert Ringer, 1991
   94. Entropy, Rifkin
       a) saw book, worth reading
   95. entropy/thermodynamics, videos exist at FirstSearch!!!
   96. Man and Nature, George Marsh, orig 1864
   97. A Green History of the World ...
       a) ": The Environment and the Collapse of Great Civilizations"
       b) Clive Ponting
       c) selling @
       d) new ed. coming 07/31/07, found @ amazon
   98. The Collapse of Ancient States and Civilizations ...
       a) ed: Norman Yoffee
   99. State of the World, worldwatch - look at several to ...
       a) get an idea of their focus and how much these change from
          year to year
       b) started in 1984
       c) 2003, they came out with a special 20th anniversary edition
       d) 2002 ...
          1) evaluates what has been achieved since the 1992 Earth
             Summit in Rio. Ten years ago, the leaders of the world
             produced a plan to begin creating a sustainable global
             economy, one that meets human needs while protecting and
             restoring the natural environment. How much progress has
             the world made toward that goal?
          2) lu info on the 1992 plan !!!
   :0. Deindustrialization ...
       a) ": Restructuring the Economy"
       b) a:Summers
       c) found in FirstSearch (^s resource based economy), could not
          find in Amazon, found jcpl/prospector/Regis
   :1. Shoveling Fuel for a Runaway Train, Brian Czech ...
   :2. The New Economy of Nature, Daily
   :3. The Overspent American, Schor ...
       a) read, then read amazon reviews and comment on all the
   :4. The Deadliest Monster ...
       a) ": A Christian Introduction to Worldviews"
       b) a:Baldwin, J.F. (probably not J. Baldwin)
   :5. Fuller, R Buckminster (Bucky Fuller) ...
       a) firstsearch, videos & audio books ...
          1) WorldCat results for: kw: buckminster and kw: fuller and
             ((dt= "vis") or (dt= "rec")).
             Records found: 221 (English: 171) Rank by: Number of
             Libraries [or relevance]
          2) Ecological design : inventing the future
          3) * Thinking Out Loud, ref junkq ...
             a> a:Goodman, Karen & Kirk Simon
             b> p:Zeitgeist, NY
             c> c/96
             d> notes ...
                1> Excellent, biographical, news stories, lots of
                   domes, the 3 wheeled car, round house, etc.
                   Lacks info on the world game however.
       b) amazon < see also
       c) Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth (jcpl)
       d) Your Private Sky < lots of pictures, exc reviews
       e) Synergetics
       f) Critical Path < read last
       g) vvv his student/disciple authors vvv
       h) J Baldwin ...
          1) Bucky Works : Buckminster Fuller's Ideas for Today
          2) amazon shows both 96 & 97 editions, 97 is under "James T
       i) Lloyd Steven Sieden (in Seattle/Bellevue) ...
          1) book and audio book at amazon
       j) Amy C Edmondson ...
          1) A Fuller Explanation ...
             a> ": The Synergetic Geometry of R. Buckminster Fuller"
       k) Thomas Zung ...
          1) Anthology for a New Millennium
   :6. Upsizing ...
       a) ": The Road to Zero Emissions, More Jobs, More Income and
          No Pollution"
       b) a:Pauli, Gunter
       c) c/2000
       d) p:Greenleaf
   :7. The Dollar Crisis ...
       a) ": Causes, Consequences, Cures"
       b) a:Duncan, Richard
       c) c/2003
       d) p:Wiley
       e) notes ...
          1) Chuck Szkalak sent this 06/11/03
   :8. Capra, Fritjof ...
       a) The Turning Point
       b) The Hidden Connections ...
          1) : Integrating The Biological, Cognitive, And Social
             Dimensions Of Life Into A Science Of Sustainability
       c) plus many others, several have audio books available
       d) see bookmarked pages [bmva.htm]
   :9. Divided Planet ...
       a) ": The Ecology of Rich and Poor"
       b) a:Athanasiou, Tom
       c) amazon: 5x5*
   ;0. The Year 2000, Kahn, again
   ;1. What Has the Government Done To Our Money?, Rothbard, 1990 ed.
   ;2. fermi/nuclear energy
   ;3. Korzybski: Manhood of Humanity, etc.
   ;4. Thom Hartmann: The Last Hours of Ancient Sunlight ...
       a) The Last Hours of Ancient Sunlight details what is
          happening to our planet, the reasons for our cultures blind
          behavior, and how we can fix the problem
   ;5. Milton Friedman: Free to Choose
   ;6. After the Black Death ...
       a) ": A Social History of Early Modern Europe"
       b) a:Huppert, George
   ;7. We Were in Auschwitz, Janusz Nel Siedlecki
   ;8. This Way for the Gas, Ladies and Gentlemen, Borowski
   ;9. Ordinary Men RI, Browning (German death squads)
   <0. King Tut, Tutankhamun ...
       a) National Geographic, May 1923, King Tut
       b) Tutankhamun ...
          1) awesome! huge heavy book, saw at Standley Lake lib, jcpl
          2) a:James, T.G.H.
          3) p:Friedman/Fairfax
          4) c/2000
       c) ^s firstsearch for videos
   <1. Jay Hanson's dieoff list, assigned 07/02/03 ...
       a) BIG PICTURE
          * R. Leakey & Lewin, THE SIXTH EXTINCTION
          Flannery, THE FUTURE EATERS (then he wrote The Weather Makers)

          Dostoevsky, THE GRAND INQUISITOR (The Brothers Karamazov)
          * Tadeusz Borowski, # 119198, THIS WAY FOR THE GAS,
                   LADIES AND GENTLEMEN

          Wrangham & Peterson, DEMONIC MALES
          Watson, DARK NATURE
          Ghiglieri, THE DARK SIDE OF MAN
          * Morrison, THE SPIRIT IN THE GENE
          * Gazzaniga, THE MIND's PAST
   <2. Ecology: A Bridge Between Science and Society ...
       a) per Tom Robertson
       b) a:Odum, Eugene Pleasants
       c) c/97
       d) p:Sinauer
   <3. Bill McKibben ...
       a) per Tom Robertson and Paul Sherman
       b) The End of Nature, Deep Economy, etc.
       c) check out his stuff
   <4. Pedal Power in Work, Leisure, and Transportation ...
       a) McCullagh, James C
       b) c/77
   <5. Human Powered Vehicles
       a) a:Abbott, Allan V
       b) c/95
   <6. Prime Mover: A Natural History of Muscle ...
       a) a:Vogel, Steven
       b) c/2003
       c) p:W.W.Norton
   <7. The Coming Oil Crisis, Dr Colin J Campbell
   <8. Andrew Carnegie ...
       a) wrote an autobiography
       b) "In 1889 he wrote The Gospel of Wealth, in which he
          asserted that all personal wealth beyond that required to
          supply the needs of one's family should be regarded as a
          trust fund to be administered for the benefit of the
   <9. The Low-Down on Entropy and Interpretive Thermodynamics ...
       a) a:Kline, Stephen J
       b) c/99
       c) p:DCW Industries
       d) yet another book on entropy, per ref to this author on pg
          33 of Valery Chalidze book, Entropy Demystified, no reviews
          at, but looks like it might be good
   =0. Road to Serfdom, Hayek ...
       a) audio done, now get book
       b) Chap 11: "The End of Truth" < read
       c) Chap 15: talks of a federation of the whole, a super-state ...
          1) could be good on world order, planetary government
   =1. -
   =2. wiki article: Aztec Codices
   =3. Bernal Diaz, Conquest of Mexico/New Spain bks: ref Amazon
   =4. Bernardino de Sahagun, Codex Florentine, Book XII ...
       a) 1500's native account of conquest in Nahautl, their native
       b) also: A General History of the Things of New Spain, 1580
       c) another one: History of the Things of New Spain, 1564
   =5. Cabeza de Vaca, La Relacion, ^s Amazon, many derivatives
   =6. Diego Duran, History of the Indies of New Spain, 1579
   =7. Francisco Lopez de Gomara, The History of the Conquest of Mexico, 1552
   =8. The Broken Spears ...
       a) : The Aztec account of the conquest of Mexico
       b) ed:Leon-Portilla, Miguel
       c) c/1992
       d) p:Beacon Press
   =9. -
   >0. Orison Swett Marden, founder Success Magazine ...
       a) note at bmva.htm re his "Pushing to the Front" & others
          under ^s "PDIA Research"
       b) How to Succeed ...
          1) : or Stepping Stones to Fame and Fortune
          2) c/2003
          3) p:Kessinger
          4) note: found in Ross Cornwell ed TAGR, p 298.  No Amazon
   >1. Real Success, Ken Shelton ...
       a) a:Shelton, Ken
       b) c/99
       c) p:Executive Excellence
       d) note: may have been ed. of Success Mag at the end
   >2. As A Man Thinketh ...
       a) a:Allen, James
       b) c/79
       c) p:DeVorss
       d) note: amazon 95x5*, almost all 5* !!!
       e) audio versions available, but read reviews, as many are
          horrible for the audios
   >3. Derrick Jensen ...
       a) A Language Older Than Words ...
          1) a:Jensen, Derrick
          2) c/2000
          3) p:Context
          4) note: amazon 45x5* !!!
       b) The Culture of Make Believe ...
          1) a:Jensen, Derrick
       c) Endgame, Vol 1 & 2 ...
          1) a:Jensen, Derrick
          2) c/2006
          3) p:Seven Stories
          4) exc reviews
   >4. The Last Two Million Years, ref lib2 for restart page
   >5. The Grand Chessboard, Brzezinski, reborrow, notes at lib2
   >6. Stuff: The Secret Lives of Everyday Things ...
       a) a:Ryan, John C
       b) co-author:Durning, Alan
       c) per Affluenza
       d) c/97
       e) p:Northwest Environment Watch
   >7. The Knowledge-Value Revolution or a History of the Future ...
       a) per Dave Wann
       b) a:Sakaiya, Taichi
       c) c/91
       d) p:Kodansha Intl
   >8. Overnight Sensation, Zappa/Mothers w/ Ponte per Jeff/Stagecoach
   >9. Tom Brown Jr., per Dale Allen Pfeiffer ...
       a) The Tracker, 35x5* at Amazon
       b) there are others with high ratings
       c) who is this guy, what does he think about?
   ?0. Coming Back To Life, Joanna Macy
   ?1. How to Want What You Have (book) ...
       a) A:Miller, Timothy
       b) P:H. Holt, NY
       c) c/95
       d) get to read Chap 3 Human Nature to see if the tape was
          unabridged, compare the two
   ?2. Longitude, a:Sobel ...
       a) 2 versions at amazon, one print/audio, the other
   ?3. Laurie Garrett (disease, plague, microbes) ...
       a) The Coming Plague, 1995
       b) Betrayal of Trust, 2001
   ?4. The Third Chimpanzee
       a) 9/00, returned, get again and continue from p 72
       b) notes at lib2
       c) highly recommended per Dr Timothy Miller, re "saving the
          planet from ourselves"
   ?5. The Perennial Philosophy ...
       a) a:Huxley, Aldous
       b) on similarities between religions
       c) notes: per Miller, 25x4.5*
   ?6. The Computer and the Brain ...
       a) found via Maltz/Psycho-Cybernetics
       b) excellent on parallels between computer and brain, both
          analog & digital
       c) a:Von Neumann, John
       d) c/2000
       e) p:Yale Univ Press
   ?7. Social Change Philanthrophy in America ...
       a) includes Threshold Foundation
       b) a:Rabinowitz, Alan
       c) c/90
       d) p:Quorum Books
   ?8. War Is A Racket ...
       a) by marine general
       b) a:Butler, Smedley
       c) c/2003 (orig. 1935)
       d) p:Feral House, reprint ed.
   ?9. Hell Bound Train ...
       a) a:Ohrlin, Glenn
       b) c/73
       c) p:U of Ill Press
       d) Glenn illustrated, mentions Archie Green
   @0. Lady and the Panda, Ruth Harkness story (autobio?)
   @1. Signs of Life ...
       a) "The Five Universal Shapes and How to Use Them"
       b) a:Arrien, Angeles
       c) c/98
   @2. Self Mastery Through Conscious Autosuggestion, Coue ...
       a) notes at lib2, saved locally on hard disk, read more for
   @3. Psych-K and the Realm of the Subconscious ...
       a) ": Conversations with Rob Williams, The Originator of
       b) a:Williams, Robert M
       c) c/2003
       d) p:? audio or book ?
       e) notes ...
          1) cohort of Dr Bruce Lipton, found at website
          2) amazon shows audio cassette, lipton site shows book
   @4. Fiddle Concerto, Mark O'Connor CD ...
       a) prospector shows uc boulder has one for local use only
   @5. The 1-Day Breakout Method < request dpl to buy
   @6. String Cheese Incident
   @7. The Boy Captives ...
       a) per Cheryl Dehut
       b) a:Smith, Clinton L & Hunter, J Marvin
       c) c/27/77/98
       d) p:various
   @8. The Eagle, Autobiography of Santa Anna ...
       a) ed:Crawford, Ann Fears
       b) c/88
       c) p:State House Press, Austin
   @9. The Globalization of Poverty and the New World Order ...
       a) ref Mike Ruppert site
       b) a:Chossudovsky, Michel
       c) c/2003
   A0. Eco-Economy: Building an Economy for the Earth ...
       a) a:Brown, Lester R
       b) c/2001
   A1. Power to the People ...
       a) a:Vaitheeswaran, Vijay V
       b) c/2003
       c) p:Farrar Straus & Giroux
       d) note: automeus review ...
          1) last four chapters on energy technology ... encouraged by
             the shift of Shell and BP toward renewable energy research
       e) have seen other reviews that state he is all hype and gives
          no answers
   A2. The Solar Economy ...
       a) ": Renewable Energy for a Sustainable Global Future"
       b) a:Scheer, Hermann
       c) c/2002
       d) p:Earthscan Publications Ltd
       e) note: most imp. book of 21st century ... autonomeus
   A3. Energy Revolution: Policies for a Sustainable Future ...
       a) ": Policies for a Sustainable Future"
       b) a:Geller, Howard
       c) c/2002
       d) p:Island Press
       e) autonomeus review ...
          1) Howard Geller is an old hand and an expert in the field --
             he headed the American Council for an Energy-Efficient
             Economy for two decades in Washington D.C. He has stepped
             out of the Beltway, and is now Director of the Southwest
             Energy Efficiency Project based in Boulder.
          2) also reviewed by Neil Kolwey of Boulder, april 2003,
             related to him?
   A4. ----- vv evolutionary psychology --
   A5. \\genetic psychology human sociobiology
   A6. see also libvid.pco
   A7. see also autonomeus Listmania!: What Is Human Nature?
   A8. The Adapted Mind ...
       a) : Evolutionary Psychology and the Generation of Culture
       b) ed:Barkow, Cosmides, Tooby
       c) c/95
       d) p:Oxford University Press
       e) notes: the main one, popularized the term EP
   A9. Genome, ref libyear2
   B0. Evolutionary Psychology, ref libyear2
   B1. Introducing Evolutionary Psychology ...
       a) skimmed, ref libyear2
       b) new 2d ed, c/Jan, 2006 available
   B2. The Moral Animal, skimmed, ref libyear2
   B3. The Selfish Gene (audio, ILL only, not amazon) ...
       a) a:Dawkins, Richard
       b) c/76
       c) p:Oxford University Press
       d) jcpl has it
       e) Notes: 166x4.5*.  Got from jcpl, didn't have time to read
          it.  Looked excellent!
          1) 07/05/05, req audio cassette from jcpl, firstsearch #
             4267465.  There are only 4 locations and they want $12 to
             send it.  This is a 1978 Psychology Today single cassette:
             Abstract: Biologist Dawkins, author of "The Selfish Gene,"
             discusses what he and others since Darwin have learned
             about natural selection and survival of the fittest.
             Probably not worth the $12.
       f) When reading, reconcile with \drops\page193.htm.  ^s
   B4. The Spirit in the Gene, Reg Morrison ...
       a) poor reviews, doom/gloom, but necessary to understand their
          point of view and defend against it
       b) however there's a lot of good quotes in page193 (dieoff).
          read this book!
       c) Paul Chefurka recommends it.
       d) 02/25/08, reviews better now, 14x4*
   B5. The Blind Watchmaker, Dawkins (audio available)
   B6. Religion Explained, ref lib2 (finish skimming this)
       a) jcpl
   B7. The Evolution of Human Sociality, Sanderson, ng
   B8. Neuropsychiatry, Neuropsychology, and Clinical Neuroscience, ref libyear2
   B9. NeuroTheology: Brain, Science, Spirituality, Religious Experience ...
       a) a:Joseph, Rhawn
       b) c/2003
       c) p:University Press
   C0. Darwinian Happiness ...
       a) : Evolution as a Guide for Living and Understanding Human
       b) a:Grinde, Bjorn
       c) c/2002
       d) p:Darwin Press (
       e) note: 2x5*, looks great!
   C1. How the Mind Works, Steven Pinker ...
       a) poor reviews, but was nominated for Pulitzer Prize, same
          year as Jared's Guns, Germs and Steel.
   C2. E.O. Wilson ...
       a) This is his E.P. stuff.  More of his below in non-E.P.
       b) Sociobiology (2000 update), skimmed, ref lib2
       c) On Human Nature, c/88, exc reviews, mentioned in his wiki
          article, Pulitzer Prize
       d) The Creation: A Meeting of Science and Religion ...
          1) 09/16/06, looked at Amazon.  Found it and it appears very
             new in 2006.  Prospector shows a copy in Golden.
          2) Also mentioned in his wiki article.
   C3. Dean H Hamer ...
       a) Living with Our Genes: Why They Matter More Than You Think
       b) The God Gene : How Faith is Hardwired into our Genes
   C4. Mean Genes ...
       a) : From Sex to Money to Food: Taming Our Primal Instincts
       b) a:Burnham, Terry
       c) c/2001
       d) p:Penguin
       e) notes: per Jeff Graef & Rev Michael Dowd, Amazon has good
   C5. The Dragons of Eden ...
       a) : Speculations on the Evolution of Human Intelligence
       b) a:Sagan, Carl
       c) c/86
       d) p:Ballantine
       e) per Rusty, SDPL shows one subject as: genetic psychology
   C6. In Search of Human Nature ...
       a) a:Clark, Mary E
       b) c/2002
       c) p:Routledge
       d) notes: found via Wilken's SynEarth site.  not sure if this
          is really E.P. but I stuck it here incase it is.
   C7. Human Natures ...
       a) : Genes, Cultures, and the Human Prospect
       b) a:Ehrlich, Paul R
       c) c/2002
       d) p:Penguin
       e) notes: nature v nurture, 17x4.5*, Robert Costanza gave it
          5*, appears to refute some or all of E.P.
   C8. YES! >> Breaking the Spell (Dennett) ...
       a) : Religion as a Natural Phenomenon
       b) a:Dennett, Daniel C.
       c) c/2007
       d) p:Penguin
       e) note, reviewer states ...
          1) "Dennett's Dangerous Idea" suggests that religion, suitably
             defined (and this is a difficult issue to which much of the
             book is devoted) spreads not because it makes us stronger,
             faster or more cohesive -- its track record on the last is
             clearly mixed -- but because it hijacks us for its own
             propagation. This idea is subtle, akin to Dawkins' memes.
             Dennett backs it up in spades, and you'll simply have to
             read the book to take in his bravura performance. Which you
             should. It's terrific: sprawling yet closely argued,
             entertaining, brimming with 'the telling detail' and
             writerly vim.
   C9. Freedom Evolves (Dennett) ...
       a) a:Dennett, Daniel C.
       b) c/2003
       c) p:?
   D0. Dark Ages ...
       a) : The Case for a Science of Human Behavior
       b) a:McIntyre, Lee C.
       c) c/2006
       d) p:MIT Press
       e) note: Jeff Graef recommended this one, has decent reviews.
          Not likely E.P., but maybe it is.  If not, it may at least
          be related.
   D1. Thank God for Evolution! (FREE PDF @ HIS SITE!) ...
       a) : How the Marriage of Science and Religion Will Transform
          Your Life and Our World
       b) a:Dowd, Michael Dowd
       c) c/2007
       d) p:Council Oak
       e) notes ...
          1) 3 reviewers mention it references E.P., Neuroscience
          2) new, exciting, humanistic field called evolutionary spirituality
          3) It might be that Dowd is inventing a discipline. Call it
             Evolutionary Theology
   D2. ----- ^^ evolutionary psychology --
   D3. ----- vv religions of the world --
   D4. Historical atlas of the religions of the world, ref lib2
   D5. Historical Atlas of Religions ...
       a) a:Farrington, Karen
       b) c/2002
       c) p:Checkmark
       d) found at, check it out
   D6. Encyclopedia of Science and Religion ...
       a) c/2003
       b) p:Macmillan Reference, Thomson, Gale
       c) found at Regis, also DPL
       d) 2 volumes
       e) nice introduction
   D7. Religions of the World, Melton, 4 volumes, huge reference
   D8. The Varieties of Religious Experience ...
       a) a:James, William
   D9. ----- ^^ religions of the world --
   E0. History of Napoleon ...
       a) eBay, euphemera # 902355214 wanted $25 for it

          Book, "History of Napoleon", from the French of M.Laurent
          De L'Ardeche, member of the Institute of France, with 500
          illustrations, after the designs by Horace Vernet, and
          twenty original portraits. Two volumes in one. Published by
          D.Appleton & Company, New-York, 1857. 850+ pages. Twenty
          color illustrations. This book was professionally rebound
          in the 1930's. The title and introduction pages are torn.
          The main text body is in very good shape. Some water
          staining and age discoloration. A wonderful book for your
          collection. Please add $6.00 shipping.
   E1. The Perfect Store (eBay) ...
       a) finish 2d read, book notes already started, restart p 66
   E2. Sell It on eBay, read again?
   E3. Secrets of eBay, Fort Collins got it (prospector)
   E4. ^s bmva.htm: "eBay on Amazon", some may be ILL
   E5. Reaching for Heaven on Earth ...
       a) per Jay Hanson, have not checked amazon yet
       b) a:Nelson, Robert H
       c) c/?
       d) p:?
   E6. windows script hosting books, ref 7 bmplay.xls
   E7., bookmarked at bmva.htm, print/read
   E8. Meetings With Remarkable Men, Gurdjieff
   E9. Crossing the Rubicon, Mike Ruppert
   F0. Fahrenheit 9/11, get the DVD with extra footage
   F1. Safely Prosperous or Really Rich, Howard Ruff
   F2. Stock Cycles [\invest\booklist.doc] ...
       a) : Why Stocks Won't Beat Money Markets over the Next Twenty Years
       b) a:Alexander, Michael A.
       c) c/2000
       d) p:Writers Club Press
       e) note: secular bear guy
   F3. Innumeracy: Mathematical Illiteracy and Its Consequences ...
       a) a:Paulos, John Allen
       b) c/2001
       c) p:Hill & Wang
   F4. Darvas: re-read re his "box", v Glett's D.P.'s?
   F5. See No Evil ...
       a) a:Baer, Robert
       b) c/2003
       c) p:Three Rivers Press
   F6. Out of Gas: The End of the Age of Oil ...
       a) NO: very poor reviews at Amazon
       b) a:Goodstein, David
       c) p:Norton, W.W.
   F7. The Best Democracy Money Can Buy, Greg Palast
   F8. The Last Frontiers On Earth ...
       a) a:Fisher, Jon
       b) c/85
       c) p:Loompanics
       d) notes: living on an iceberg
   F9. TNIV: Today's New International Version, Zondervan, bible
   G0. Collapse: How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed ...
       a) a:Diamond, Jared
       b) c/2004
       c) p:Viking
       d) amazon: 126x4*
   G1. -------
   G2. Ernest Shackleton, 1914 shipwreck:
   G3. South with Endurance: Shackleton's Antarctic Expedition, 1914-1917 ...
       a) a:Hurley, Frank
       b) c/2001
       c) p:Simon & Schuster
       d) note: this is the big picturebook, 8x5*
   G4. Leading at the Edge ...
       a) : Leadership Lessons from the Extraordinary Saga of
          Shackleton's Antarctic Expedition
       b) 23x5*
   G5. Shackleton at South Georgia ...
       a) by Robert Burton and Stephan Venables
       b) found at, not in Amazon, try FirstSearch
   G6. The Endurance: Shackleton's Legendary Antarctic Expedition ...
       a) a:Alexander, Caroline
       b) c/98
       c) p:Knopf
       d) note: 153x4.5*, basis for DVD: The Endurance: Shackleton's
          Legendary Antarctic Expedition, which is the best
          documentary ever!
   G7. Endurance: Shackleton's Incredible Voyage ...
       a) a:Lansing, Alfred
       b) c/99
       c) p:Carroll & Graf
       d) note: 374x4.5*
   G8. Mrs. Chippy's Last Expedition ...
       a) : The Remarkable Journal of Shackleton's Polar-Bound Cat
       b) a:Alexander, Caroline
       c) c/99
       d) p:Harper
       e) note: cat's view by Alexander, great author.  Highly
          recommended by George Butler, Endurance filmmaker.
   G9. Shackleton, Roland Huntford, questionable reviews, skip it
   H0. -------
   H1. Winning The Future ...
       a) : A 21st Century Contract with America
       b) a:Gingrich, Newt
   H2. Failure Is Not An Option ...
       a) a:Kranz, Gene
   H3. note to get back to audio books, including CD spoken word
   H4. John Locke, natural law, ref Jay's email of 23 Feb 2005
   H5. Mutiny On The Bounty
   H6. Infamous Angel, Iris Dement, Let the Mystery Be
   H7. Ghost in the Machine ...
       a) Knopf Poetry Series
       b) per Lindsay recommendation
       c) a:Koestler, Arthur
       d) c/82 (when was the original?)
       e) p:Random House, 1982 reissue
   H8. Twilight in the Desert (Simmons) ...
       a) : The Coming Saudi Oil Shock and the World Economy
       b) a:Simmons, Matthew R
       c) c/2005 (coming May 27, 2005)
       d) p:Wiley
   H9. Making a Living Without a Job (read Amazon reviews)
   I0. 75 Proven Ways to Make Money Between Jobs (read Amazon reviews)
   I1. Vanessa Mae, Storm, etc. (all kinds of media) ...
       a) The Violin Player, 1995
   I2. Peter Russell ...
       a) The Global Brain Awakens ...
          1) A:Peter Russell
          2) P:Global Brain, Palo Alto, 415-327-2012
          3) c/95
       b) etc:
   I3. Winning the Oil Endgame: (Lovins) ...
       a) \drops\WtOEg_*.pdf < 2x
   I4. The Innovator's Dilemma ...
       a) a:Christensen, Clayton M
       b) c/2003
       c) p:HarperBusiness
       d) 129x4.5*
       e) mentioned by Lovins
   I5. Old-Time Radio's Greatest Shows ...
       a) audio, saw at jcpl/arvada, has Jack Benny, Lone Ranger, etc
   00. Autobiography of Ben Franklin (audio @ jcpl)
    1. The Illusion of Conscious Will ...
       a) a:Wegner, Daniel M
       b) c/2003
       c) p:MIT Press
       d) notes ...
          1) book on free will (or lack thereof)
          2) found via dieoff reading list, 19x4*, strange mixed
             reviews, worth taking a glance at it
    2. The Curve of Binding Energy ...
       a) a:McPhee, John
       b) c/94 (and earlier)
       c) p:Farrar, Straus and Giroux; Reprint edition (April 1, 1994)
       d) note: found via dieoff reading list, 9x4.5*, exc reviews on
          homemade nuclear bombs, nuclear terror, enriched uranium,
    3. Biologic, Dave Wann
    4. Nearing, Helen and Scott, various
    5. Be Here Now
    6. Beyond Civilization, Quinn, per Steve Clark
    7. Ken Wilber: re-read A Brief History of Everything
    8. Dumbing Us Down ...
       a) a:Gatto, John Taylor
       b) c/2002
       c) p:New Society
       d) notes: per Steve Clark, exc reviews 68x4.5*, on public
          school meltdown
    9. Spiral Dynamics ...
       a) ": Mastering Values, Leadership, and Change (Developmental
       b) a:Beck, Don Edward & Christopher C. Cowan
       c) c/96, 2005
       d) p:Blackwell
       e) Notes ...
          1) Referenced in Ken Wilber's, A Theory of Everything.  There
             are a few pages at Amazon and I see they have a chapter on
             New World Order and Chaos.
   10. ...
       a) Sunshine to Dollars
       b) Solar Hydrogen Civilization
   11. Cradle to Cradle ...
       a) : Remaking the Way We Make Things
       b) a:McDonough, William
       c) c/2002
       d) p:North Point Press
       e) note: see neg. amazon reviews before reading this
   12. The Power of Impossible Thinking ...
       a) : Transform the Business of Your Life and the Life of Your
       b) a:Wind, Jerry
       c) c/2004
       d) p:Wharton
       e) note: Amazon: 40x4.5*
   13. Secrets of the Millionaire Mind ...
       a) : Mastering the Inner Game of Wealth
       b) a:Eker, T Harv
       c) c/2005
       d) p:HarperBusiness
       e) Notes: new thought churches, Smokey Ritter
       f) Amazon reviews are horrible!
   14. Wanting what you have : a self-discovery workbook ...
       a) a:Miller, Timothy
       b) c/98
       c) p:New Harbinger, Oakland
       d) OCLC: 40564590 < Longmont has a copy
   15. The Clash of Civilizations ...
       a) and the Remaking of World Order
       b) a:Huntington, Samuel P
       c) NO - very poor reviews!
   16. How to Get Your Point Across in 30 Seconds or Less ...
       a) a:Frank, Milo O
       b) c/90
       c) p:Pocket Books
       d) notes ...
          1) Also audio cassette, CD and may be a classic from way back.
             Research at Firstsearch.
          2) Also at Amazon, there are oodles of books on effective
             presentations.  Find the best ones, read & incorporate.
   17. presenting: see notes under "point across in 30 seconds"
   18. The Hero With A Thousand Faces, Joseph Campbell ...
       a) last chapter per Ted Case
   19. The Cultural Creative, Paul Ray ...
       a) per Steve Factor, poor reviews however
   20. The Devil and the Disappearing Sea ...
       a) : Or, How I Tried to Stop the World's Worst Ecological
       b) a:Ferguson, Rob
       c) c/2005
       d) p:Raincoast
   21. Resource Wars 16x4.5* ...
       a) a:Klare, Michael T
       b) c/2002
       c) p:Owl Books
       d) notes: found via Rupert site, 13x5*
   22. Blood and Oil, Klare, 16x4* (poor reviews)
   23. Understanding Power ...
       a) : The Indispensable Chomsky
       b) a:Chomsky, Noam
       c) c/2002
       d) p:New Press
   24. Manufacturing Consent ...
       a) : The Political Economy of the Mass Media
       b) a:Chomsky, Noam
       c) c/2002
       d) p:Pantheon
   25. Atlas Shrugged, Ayn Rand
   26. The Elegant Universe ...
       a) : Superstrings, Hidden Dimensions, and the Quest for the
          Ultimate Theory
       b) a:Greene, Brian
       c) c/2000
       d) p:Vintage
       e) note: 416x4.5*, but looks like fiction at best.  Good intro
          to quantum mech. and relativity, however.  Found via Ross
          Cornwell ed. of TAGR.
   27. Law of Success ...
       a) : The 21st-Century Edition : Revised and Updated
       b) a:Hill, Napoleon Hill
       c) c/28, Ralston, original 16 vol
       d) c/2004, updated
       e) p:High Roads Media
       f) note: 1072 pgs, paperback, single book, 4x5* at Amazon,
          better than TAGR
   28. The Cosmic Code ...
       a) : Quantum Physics As the Language of Nature
       b) a:Pagels, Heinz R
       c) c/82
       d) p:Simon & Schuster
       e) note: per Bruce Lipton, 6x5*, all 5*!, best intro for lay
          people to Quantum Mech
   29. Rabindranath Tagore, Calcutta poet ...
       a) Fifty Key Thinkers on the Environment, around pg 143
       b) etc.
   30. The Essential Ellison ...
       a) : A 35 Year Retrospective
       b) a:Ellison, Harlan
       c) c/91
       d) p:Morpheus
   31. The Bottomless Well ...
       a) a:Huber, Peter
       b) notes: another Julian Simon trip, but may be worth reading
          since he points out that conservation is useless.  It will
          be used elsewhere, and doesn't work unless everyone changes
          behavior together.
   32. Red Sky At Morning ...
       a) : America and the Crisis of the Global Environment
       b) a:Speth, James Gustave
       c) c/2004
       d) p:Yale University Press
       e) note: 10x5*
   33. Boiling Point, au:Gelbspan, skip it, poor reviews
   34. Attracting Perfect Customers ...
       a) : The Power of Strategic Synchronicity
       b) a:Hall, Stacey
       c) c/2001
       d) p:Berrett-Koehler
       e) note: per Tyler, attraction marketing
   35. A Moveable Feast ...
       a) a:Hemingway, Ernest
       b) c/96
       c) p:Scribner
   36. Undoing Perpetual Stress ...
       a) : The Missing Connection Between Depression, Anxiety and
          21stCentury Illness
       b) a:O'Connor, Richard
       c) c/2005
       d) p:Berkley
       e) notes: 544 pgs, 5x5*
   37. --- ghost dance ---
   38. Ghost Dancing : JD Challenger ...
       a) a:Daniels, E
       b) c/98
       c) note: 4x5*, superb images!
   39. The Ghost-Dance Religion and Wounded Knee ...
       a) a:Mooney, James
       b) c/91
       c) p:Dover
       d) He also examines other cultural excesses such as Baptist
          camp meetings, Joan of Ark, and numerous other examples of
          religious attempts to make a better world.
       e) note: 1x5*
   40. The Ghost Dance ...
       a) : Ethnohistory and Revitalization
       b) a:Kehoe, Alice Beck
       c) c/89
       d) p:Perennial
   41. --- ghost dance ---
   42. Amusing Ourselves to Death ...
       a) : Public Discourse in the Age of Show Business
       b) a:Postman, Neil
   43. The Rise and Fall of the Great Powers ...
       a) a:Kennedy, Paul
       b) c/89
       c) p:Vintage
       d) note: alt to Toynbee, per Sloan note at

   44. The Next Million Years ...
       a) a:Darwin, Charles Galton
       b) c/1952 & 1973
       c) p:Greenwood Press Reprint, 1973 ed.
       d) note: mentioned in dieoff, page171
   45. State of Fear ...
       a) a:Crichton, Michael
       b) note: global warming, saw at lib, a few good pages at the
          very end
   46. The Party's Over \\partys over ...
       a) ": Oil, War and the Fate of Industrial Societies"
       b) a:Heinberg, Richard
       c) c/2003
       d) p:New Society
       e) note: EROEI (energy returned on energy invested)
   47. Strange Wine, Harlan Ellison
   48. European Dream, Rifkin, 2004 or 5
   49. The World According To Pimm ...
       a) : A Scientist Audits the Earth
       b) a:Pimm, Stuart L
       c) c/2001
       d) p:McGraw Hill
       e) note: 4.5x5*, found via Joel Barker, could be basis for
          resource based economy
       f) [book notes] ...
          1) started 8/05
          2) p 7, para 2, extinction rate, 10,000x natural rate ...
             a> He differs from Leakey, but still same order of magnitude.
   50. How Many People Can the Earth Support? ...
       a) a:Cohen, Joel E
       b) c/95
       c) p:Norton
       d) note: looks like exc book
       e) [book notes] ...
          1) p 8, mid, Calcutta, India, .5 million homeless ...
             a> If no motion for 3 days, they cart them away.
   51. --- William Greider ---
   52. see The End of Empire, The Nation, bm.xls
   53. Secrets of the Temple: How the Federal Reserve Runs ...
       a) the Country
       b) a:Greider, William
       c) c/87
       d) p:Simon and Schuster
   54. One World, Ready Or Not ...
       a) per patch
       b) a:Greider, William
   55. --- William Greider ---

File: liblist1.txt

 A. deferred (was lib1) ...
    1. Abduction, John E. Mack
    2. All I Really Need To Know I Learned In Kindergarten
       a) A:Fulghum, Robert
       b) P:Fawcett Columbine, Pub by Ballantine
       c) c/86
    3. America: What Went Wrong?
    4. Beyond the Limits ...
       a) bi-line:  Confronting Global Collapse, Envisioning a
          Sustainable Future
       b) c/92
       c) P:Chelsea Green, 300 pp
       d) A:Meadows, Donella H. and Dennis L.
       e) APL: 338.9 Me
    5. Captain Sir Richard Francis Burton, author Rice 91
       a) per Alex McConnell
       b) OCLC 23141258
    6. Country: The Music and the Musicians ...
       a) A:Kingsbury, Paul
       b) Pub:CMF
       c) c/88
       d) APL 784.5200973 (Howson branch)
       e) the best - skim this cover to cover
          read it for nostalgia sounds
    7. Decline and Fall of the American Programmer
    8. Diseasing of America ...
       a) a:Stanton Peele
       b) c/89
       c) pub:Lexington Books
       d) saw at Joe D'Amico house
    9. Effects of Nuclear Weapons ...
       a) check BIP/OCLC
       b) P:USGPO
       c) A:Glasstone
       d) scientific book with extreme detail, pictures and math
   10. Evolution's End, "Claiming the Potential of our Intelligence"
   11. Generations, "The History of America's Future, 1584 to 2069" ...
       a) A:Strauss, William
       b) c/90
       c) Pub:Morrow
       d) us history
       e) in APL (1 copy at Central, available)
   12. Global Resources: opposing viewpoints ...
       a) saw at Weslaco P.L.
       b) c/91
       c) Ed:Polesetsky
       d) this is a book in the "Opposing Viewpoints Series"
       e) has a lot of little articles showing both sides of issues
       f) P:Greenhaven Press ...
          1) POB 289009
             San Diego, CA 92198
   13. Head to Head, The Coming Economic Battle Among Japan, ...
       a) Europe and America
   14. Homes on Wheels ...
       a) discovered at UT/PCL/Austin: GV 1021 R54 @ 4L in stacks,
          half RV, half custom
       b) A:Rockland, Michael Aaron
       c) P:Rutgers University Press
       d) c/80
   15. If I'm So Successful, ...
       a) Why Do I Feel Like a Fake?
       b) A:Harvey
       c) P:St Martins
       d) c/85
   16. In Small Things Forgotten, Deetz ...
       a) UT has it - tons of OCLC refs
          PCL COPY CHECKED OUT DUE 1/17/95
          UGL has several copies at F 6 D43 [loc=3]
       b) small skinny paperback mostly on archeology
       c) has a music section starting at bottom of p 127-133
       d) p 128 "The main musical instrument on which dance tunes
          were played was the fiddle, an instrument that saw similar
          popularity in England and that must have been brought to
          America with the first settlers; one appears in a probate
          inventory during the first half of the seventeenth century
          in Plymouth."
   17. Japan, The Coming Collapse
   18. Life After Debt ...
       a) saw at Bookstop - looks excellent - many inside tips
       b) A:Hammond
       c) Pub:Career Press 1-800-CAREER-1
       d) c/93
   19. Megatrends 2000
   20. Niccolo Paganini, Supreme Violinist or Devil's Fiddler ...
       a) ref further notes in junk6 re p 152 and Psychical/von Reuter
   21. Psychical Experiences of a Musician ...
       a) A:Florizel von Reuter
          published by Simpkin Marshall Ltd & The Psychic Press
          London c/1928
       b) OCLC 7436166 no ixa
       c) tons of stuff under (OCLC reut,flo,v)
       d) borrowed via ILL from UT, Tyler, TX: BF 1301 R4
       e) 320 pages
       f) share with rick hassan and frances brown
   22. Rainbow Nation Without Borders, Alberto Ruz Buenfil ...
       a) Bear & Co Publishers, Santa Fe 87504-2860, c/91
       b) not in APL, in BIP, check OCLC
   23. Richard C. Young's Financial Armadillo Strategy ...
       a) in BIP
       b) OCLC 13861272 no ixa
       c) this looks like his only book
       d) not in APL
   24. Sailing Alone Around the World ...
       a) ref Stephen Jarrard, a classic in the library
       b) A:Slocum, Joshua
       c) c/56
       d) Pub:Dover
       e) in APL (1 at Central, avail)
   25. Selling Our Security, "The Erosion of America's Assets"
   26. Shamanic Wheels and Keys ...
       a) "The Green Manual"
       b) via abigayle abigail
       c) Harley SwiftDeer Reagan
       d) Volume I
       e) new update 1994
   27. sound effects (sounds) at tower, bellevue ...
       a) Dan Gibson's Solitudes $8.44 ...
          1) Dan Gibson Productions, POB 1200 STATION Z, TORONTO M5N 2z7
          2) other address for ", Castlewood PO Box 38149,
             550 Eglinton Avenue West, Toronto M5N 3A8
          3) mfd & distrib by Holborne Distributing Co POB 309S, Mt
             Albert ont L0G 1M0
          4) send for free catalog
       b) Madacy $3.44 cass (cd also) ...
          1) several from Madacy by RTV Communications Grp,
             Ft Lauderdale, FL
          2) Distributions Madacy, Box 1445, St Laurent Quebec H4L 4Z1
   28. sound effects records
       a) BV 2 "Sound Effects"
       b) 3 "Sound Effects"
       c) 4 "Sounds" JCT (juvenile cassette tape), CT, CD, Z (LP), Y
          (young adult) ...
   29. Stomping Grounds (with photo of Garrick inside)
   30. Successful Flea Market Selling ...
       a) A:Bohigian
       b) Pub:Tab Books
       c) c/81
       d) APL 658.87 Bo (Central branch)
       e) this is an excellent book on flea markets
          if restarting this interest, check BIP/APL/OCLC
   31. The Age of Unreason
   32. The Bankrupting of America, "How the Federal Budget Is ...
       a) Impoverishing the Nation"
   33. The Bog People (ref everyday life thru ages) ...
       a) A:Glob, Peter V
       b) c/69
       c) Pub:Cornell Press
       d) in APL (2 copies - both avail)
   34. The Bubble Economy, "Japan's Extraordinary Speculative Boom ...
       a) of the 80's and the Dramatic Bust of the 90's"
   35. The Chalice & the Blade ...
       a) "Our History, Our Future"
       b) ref Glenn Howard & Cheryl Dehut (she owns it)
       c) A:Eisler, Riane
       d) P:Harper & Row
       e) c/87
   36. The Credit Repair Kit ...
       a) many copies in APL - request one
   37. The First Humans ...
       a) this is the first of 5 oversize books seen at Bookstop,
          Austin on human evolution - excellent and top quality
       b) Ed:Burenhult
       c) P:Harper, SF (American Museum of Natural History)
       d) c/93
   38. The Great Reckoning ...
       a) saw at Tower, Bellevue
       b) author Davidson c/1991
       c) Summit, Simon & Schuster Bldg
          Rockefeller Center
          1230 Avenue of the Americas
          NY NY 10020
       d) 500 pp excellent!
   39. The Overworked American ...
       a) bi-line:  The Unexpected Decline of Leisure
       b) c/91, Author: Schor, Pub: BasicBooks, 247 pp
       c) APL: 306.4812097 Sc
   40. The Positive Thinkers ...
       a) The Positive Thinkers: Popular Religious Psychology from
          Mary Baker Eddy to Norman Vincent Peale and Ronald Reagan
       b) a:Donald Meyer
       c) c/1989
       d) pub:Middletown, Conn ???
       e) ref in Land of Desire pp 227 & 449-#4
       f) saw at UTPA, talks alot about William James ? and mind cure
          - appears old and archaic
   41. The Price of Freedom ...
       a) APL 617.300927 G583g (at North Loop)
       b) Jewish Russian doctor who emigrated to USA
       c) looks great but little time to read this stuff
       d) A:Golyakhovsky, Vladimir
       e) P:Dutton, NY
       f) c/86
   42. The Resourceful Earth ...
       a) "a response to Global 2000"
       b) seems to refute a lot of global 2000 stuff
       c) A:Simon, Julian L.
       d) c/84
   43. The Spirit of St Louis, Lindberg
   44. The Story of Music in America ...
       a) A:Schaun
       b) Pub:Greenberry
       c) c/65
       d) found at MPL - nice book on history of music in america
       e) MPL: Ref Art 780.973 S31
       f) check OCLC
       g) not in APL, not in BIP
   45. The Violin Hunter ...
       a) saw in Southwest Strings
       b) by William Alexander Silverman (discovery of rare violins)
       c) not in APL, not in BIP, check OCLC and Southwest Strings
   46. The Voice of the Earth
   47. The Wonderful Wizard of Oz ...
       a) 1939 MGM motion picture
       b) A:L. Frank Baum
       c) Illus:W.W. Denslow
       d) c/1900
       e) [book notes] ...
          1) [x]'ed pgs 94-101 at Memphis PL for csen
             Chapter XV, The Discovery of Oz, the Terrible
          2) see also notes from movie at csenah
   48. Unbounding the Future ...
       a) APL 600 Dr (Central - also Kirkland P.L.)
       b) on the nanotechnology revolution - tiny machines that build
          matter atom by atom
       c) recommended by Leif Smith
       d) c/91 author: Drexler, K Eric, P:Morrow
       e) c/92 update, pub: simon & schuster
       f) no ixa OCLC 26358338 ONLY 1 OCLC HOLDING IN USA in Oregon
          ??? why 2 different books - look into this ???
       g) Engines of Creation, #1, on website in full,
       h) Unbounding the Future, #2
       i) Nanosystems, #3 tons of math
   49. United We Stand, Perot
   50. Who Will Tell the People, "The Betrayal of American Democracy"
   51. Yanomamo, "The Last Days of Eden"
   52. Yeager ...
       a) an autobiography by Gen. Chuck Yeager
       b) P:Bantam
       c) c/85
       d) [book notes] ...
          1) p 129 October 14, 1947 breaks sound barrier
   53. Your Money or Your Life, Dominguez/Robin, new ed c/99
   54. Money and the Meaning of Life ...
       a) Joe McClusky has it - kind of airy fairy
       b) A:Needleman, Jacob
       c) P:Doubleday (Currency Doubleday)
       d) c/91
 B. current (was lib1) ...
    1. see also: junkq :videos
    2. see also: \in\booklist.doc
    3. The Power of Public Ideas ...
       a) A:Reich, Robert B.
       b) c/90
       c) Pub:HUP
       d) ref in article about Bill Clinton
       e) not in APL, in BIP, check OCLC
       f) many of his books in UTPA lib
    4. Snow Crash ...
       a) per Neil, sci-fi, Wired, virtual reality
       b) A:Neil Stephenson
    5. The Simple Life ...
       a) either (Pastor?) Charles Wagner
       b) c/1901
       c) ref in Land of Desire pp 203/4 & 444
       d) some entries for various Charles Wagner's from this era are
          in UTPA catalog
       e) notes: French 1890's, translated & pub. in English 1901-3,
          great reviews @
    6. The Richest Man in Babylon ...
       a) top marks from Karbo, Robbins, Skousen
       b) looks like a book on finance/ethics
       c) A:Clason
    7. Awaken the Giant Within, Robbins
    8. Atlas of World Population History ...
       a) found at UTPA, Edinburg, TX
       c) A:McEvedy, Colin
       d) P:Facts On File, NY
       e) c/78
    9. University of Success (Mandino) ...
       b) P:Bantam
       c) c/82
   10. A Better Way to Live (Mandino) ...
       a) his life story - 17 rules to live by
       b) P:Bantam
       c) c/90
   11. Find It Fast ...
       a) details moved about to "books read 1996"
   12. Standard & Poors Register of Corporations, Directors & Executives ...
       a) Vol I-III
       b) learn more about SIC codes
   13. Creating Minds, A:Gardner (psych)
       a) in APL c/93 (9/14/94 - 4 copies, all charge)
   14. Frames of Mind, A:Gardner (psych)
       a) in APL c/83 (9/14/94 - 3 copies, 1 avail)
   15. The Multiple Intelligence Reader, A:Gardner ...
       a) A:Gardner, Howard
       b) per Dave Finnigan
       c) [book notes] ...
          1) 7 intelligences per Dave F are ...
             a> verbal
             b> mathematical
             c> intrapersonal
             d> interpersonal
             e> kinesthetic
             f> musical
             g> spacial/artist
   16. Solo, "Life with an electric car"
   17. The Environmental Entrepreneur ...
       a) "Where to Find the Profit in Saving the Earth"
       b) essential reading, many important connections
       c) UT/PCL: HD 9718 A2 T48 1992 MAIN @ 4Q
       d) A:Thompson, John
       e) P:Longstreet Press, Atlanta
       f) c/92
   18. The Secret Empire (moved details to books read, 1996)
   19. The Story of the Titanic
       a) APL 910.453 Wi (@ Central)
       b) great titanic first hand account - must read!!!
          4 survivors including Lightoller, Bride
       c) Ed:Winocour, Jack
       d) P:Dover
       e) c/60
   20. Guerilla Financing
   21. Guerilla Marketing
       Introduction to Reference Work, Vol I & II ...
       a) found at Weslaco PL
       b) good but academic and library (rather than lay) oriented
       c) A:Katz, William
       d) P:McGraw-Hill
       e) c/78
   23. Franz Grillparzer, a Critical Biography ...
       a) mentioned at bottom of p 139 in human action re
          Grillparzer's poem in German, Farewell to Gastein, von
          mises says Yates giveas a short English resume of its
          contents, check p 57 ?
       b) P:Oxford
       c) A:Yates, Douglas
       d) c/46
       e) check OCLC/BIP
   24. Trimtab Factor, Harold Willens
   25. The Next Economy (again)
   26. [see also topics and periodicals, current]
   27. Carroll, Lewis, Alice in Wonderland & Through the Looking Glass
   28. Mises Made Easier, did Browne write this ? ...
       a) note to ref p 508 on page 9 of my red binder reading list
   29. Common Sense and other Political Writings, Thos Paine ...
       a) ed. Nelson F. Adkins c/53, found at CU in Boulder
       b) mentioned in my red 3 ring binder "book list, personal"
          which I moved to csen folder
       c) has an excellent detailed introduction - includes more
          details on Paine's interest in Issac Newton
   30. The Ideas of Physics, Giancoli, c/74 (also CU/Boulder)
   31. Innovation and Entrepreneurship ...
       b) ref Ultimate Power p 30 - Robbins says he's the expert on
          modeling skills
       c) A:Drucker, Peter
       d) P:Harper & Row
       e) c/85
   32. see others at csen under {lib1now}
   33. Christianity & Evolution ...
       a) saw in Doomsday bib.
       b) saw at Memphis PL - as I recall, it was very difficult to
          read and understand
       c) c/71
       d) A:Teilhard de Chardin, Pierre
   34. The Titanic Effect ...
       a) saw in Doomsday bibliography
       b) this book shows a need for change in our economy
          skim it
       c) c/74
       d) A:Watt, Kenneth E.F.
   35. Amish Life, A Portrait of Plain Living ...
       a) saw at Mt View PL
       b) A:Wasilchick, John V
       c) P:Crescent Books, NY (Outlet Book Company, Random House)
       d) c/91
   36. How To Have a Creative Crisis ...
       a) saw at McAllen PL
       b) A:Wright, H. Norman
       c) P:Word Books, Waco, TX
       d) c/86
       e) Christian has many books on crisis and counseling
   37. Creating Wealth ...
       a) A:Allen, Robert G.
       b) P:Simon & Schuster
       c) c/83
       d) [book notes] ...
          1) p 290 last chapter "Wealth Is Thoughts, Not Things" ...
             a> has 52 quotes
             b> I xeroxed them at Memphis PL for CSEN project
   38. A Brief History of Time ...
       a) Lindsay/Cheryl have it
       b) A:Hawking, Stephen W.
       c) P:Bantam
       d) c/88
   39. Great Books of the Western World (series) ...
       a) saw at Nancy Chase, by Encyclopedia Britannica
       b) Ed:Hutchins
       c) c/52
   40. Closest Companion, Jeff Ward re FDR
   41. The Story of Mankind ...
       a) kids book - nice with funny pictures mentioned in The
          Secret Empire - has no mesoamerica info at all
       b) A:van Loon, Hendrik Willem
       c) P:Liveright, NY
       d) c/21 rev. c/84
   42. The Borderless World ...
       a) A:Ohmae, Kenichi
       b) P:Harper Business
       c) c/90
       d) [book notes] ...
          1) copied front flat at Memphis PL - put with the csen project
   43. The End of the Nation State ...
       a) A:Ohmae, Kenichi
       b) P:The Free Press
       c) c/95
       d) [book notes] ...
          1) copied 2 pages of cover flaps at Memphis PL - put with the
             csen project stuff
   44. Infopreneurs ...
       a) A:Weitzen, H Skip
       b) c/88
       c) Pub:Wiley
       d) paperback at Bookstop c/91 ($15)
       e) used hardcover c/88 at Half Price $11.48
       f) APL: missing from Spicewood
       g) 1991 ED OCLC 23121447 not ixa
       h) he also wrote Hypergrowth and Telephone Magic
       i) Obtained c/91 ed via ILL.  Useful book but not that great.
          Has many examples and ideas of existing information
   45. The Lost Worlds of 2001
   46. Bankruptcy 1995 ...
       a) A:Figgie, Harry E. Jr
       b) P:Little, Brown and Company
       c) c/92
       d) [book notes] ...
          1) p 185 - 2 exc. quotations from Adams, Jefferson
             [x]'d for csen
   47. Toynbee, Arnold Joseph ...
       a) A Study of History, Toynbee, #9 ...
          1) 26 entries for study of history in prospector+, so get a
             librarian to figure out where copies are for ref and
             circulation, plus, does jcpl have the 12 vols?  can't tell.
          2) Regis: DML 3d fl, CB63.T613 has em all!
          3) ref p. 524 on world order/world government
          4) original 10, then added 2 more = 12 volumes
          5) D.C. Somervell's abridgement, in two volumes, of this
             magnificent enterprise, preserves the method, atmosphere,
             texture, and, in many instances, the very words of the
             original. Originally published in 1947 and 1957, these two
             volumes are themselves a great historical achievement.
             Volume 1, which abridges the first six volumes of Toynbee's
             study, includes the Introduction, The Geneses of
             Civilizations, and The Disintegrations of Civilizations.
             Volume 2, an abridgement of Volumes VII-X, includes
             sections on Universal States, Universal Churches, Heroic
             Ages, Contacts Between Civilizations in Space, Contacts
             Between Civilizations in Time, Law and Freedom in History,
             The Prospects of the Western Civilization, and the
          6) per jcpl record:
       b) A Study of History, Toynbee & Jane Caplan ...
          1) 1 huge volume with pictures, some color, discovered at
             Batesville, AR C.C. lib.
          2) c/95
          3) p:Barnes & Noble Books
       c) * Mankind and Mother Earth
       d) lots of used available at
   48. How to Talk to Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere ...
       a) "The Secrets of Good Communication"
       b) A:Larry King
       c) P:Crown
       d) c/94
   49. Dr. Deming ...
       a) "The American Who Taught the Japanese About Quality"
       b) A:Aguayo, Rafael
       c) P:Fireside, S&S
       d) c/90
   50. The Top 10 of Everything 1996 ...
       a) great book at Bookstop with top 10 lists - something like
          Guinness Book of World Records
       b) A:Ash, Russell
       c) P:Dorling Kindersley
       d) c/95
   51. Guide to Information Access ...
       a) saw at Bookstop in same section as Find It Fast
          I need to compare sources in these 2 and see if this ALA
          book is any better than Find It Fast - it doesn't look that
          way however.
       b) Ed:Whiteley, Sandy
       c) P:Random House
       d) c/94
   52. 100 Great Archaeological Discoveries ...
       a) P:Barnes & Noble, NY (saw at B&N/Austin)
       b) Ed:Bahn, Paul G.
       c) c/95
   53. Get the Facts on Anyone ...
       a) 2nd Ed. - saw at B&N/Austin
          this is an excellent book - author is award winning
          investigative reporter specializing in cults and extremist
       b) A:King, Dennis
       c) P:Macmillan General Reference (Prentice Hall)
       d) c/95
       e) [book notes] ...
          1) p 238+ Backgrounding an Established Corporation ...
             a> refers to books on subject, dialog, D&B databases,
                Predicasts F&S Index.
             b> Lorna M. Daniell's Business Information Sources
             c> How to Find Information About Companies (2,000 - 3 vol set)
                - check ref. section of library
   54. A:Thomas Mann (2 books at B&N/Austin) ...
       a) He is ref. librarian at Library of Congress
          15 years of experience helping thousands of researchers.
          Former private investigator..
       b) Library Research Methods ...
          1) full title: "A Guide to Library ..."
          2) 200 pg little soft cover book worth going thru for
             treasures not found elsewhere
          3) A:Mann, Thomas
          4) P:Oxford University Press
          5) c/87
       c) Library Research Models ...
          1) "A Guide to Classification, Cataloging, and Computer
          2) A:Mann, Thomas
          3) P:Oxford University Press
          4) c/93
          5) [book notes] ...
             a> on hardcover flap notes ...
                1> It says Mann discusses blind spots in researching and the
                   losses this creates in research work.  He explains new,
                   more effective ways of finding information.  Why many
                   sources will probably never be in databases and options for
                   searching beyond computers.
                2> mentions Ronald Gross: The Independent Scholar's Handbook
   55. The Independent Scholar's Handbook ...
       a) A:Gross, Ronald
   56. Behold a Pale Horse ...
       a) a:Cooper, William
       b) p:Light Technology Publishing ...
          1) Sedona, AZ
          2) appears self published
          3) 602-337-2562 Showlow, AZ (1991 # in the book)
          4) 520-282-6523 (1996 # in BIP)
       c) c/91
       d) [book notes] ...
          1) p 235 quote Ronald Reagan
          2) p 239 quote Ben Franklin
          3) p 333 re Johnathan May ...
             a> alt. economy designed - he's in prison in Indiana
   57. A:Daniel Quinn, Austin (2 books at Bookstop/Austin) ...
       a) P:Bantam/Turner
       b) * Ishmael c/92 (done)
       c) Providence c/94
       d) Beyond Civilization c/2000
       e) agent ...
          1) Kimberly Witherspoon
             Witherspoon Associates
             157 West 57th St Suite 700
             NY 10019
          2) Michelle spoke to on phone
          3) author contact from 8/93 ...
             a> Box 163686, A 78716-3686
   58. The Titanic Conspiracy ...
       a) on last 10 years since it was found - saw at Bookstop
       b) A:Gardiner, Robin
       c) P:Birch Lane Press, Carol Publishing Group
       d) c/95
   59. Tell Newt to Shut Up ...
       a) saw at B & N, Austin
       b) c/96
   60. The High Frontier ...
       a) "Human Colonies in Space"
       b) saw at lindsay haisley's, as good or better than Doomsday
       c) A:O'Neill, Gerard K.
       d) P:William Morrow
       e) c/76
   61. Anderson, Jay (living history - from OCLC) ...
       b) #33 Time Machines: the world of living history c/84 ...
          1) OCLC 10751948 yes ixa
             UT PCL D 16 A556 1984 [loc=3P]
          2) ref fiddler photos on pp 20, 182, 190
          3) ref great appendix @ end
       c) #31 The Living History Sourcebook, c/85 ...
          1) tons of shit in bib. ref.
          2) pub same
          3) OCLC 12419067 yes ixa
             UT PCL E 159 A53 1985 [loc=3S]
          4) this lists ALL the resources
       d) #30 A Living History Reader, c/91 ...
          1) pub nashville american assn for state and local hist
          2) OCLC 23583318 no ixa
       e) #32 Partakers of Plenty (re the first thxgiving)
   62. The End of Work ...
       a) A:Rifkin
       b) P:Putnam
       c) c/95
   63. Oxford English Dictionary (OED) for evolution/revolution
   64. Changing Consciousness ...
       a) Exploring the Hidden Roots of our Current Environmental,
          Economic and Social Crises
       b) A:Bohm, David
       c) P:Harpers
       d) c/91
       e) not in UTCAT
       f) some RLIN locations
       g) ? OCLC ?
       h) [book notes] ...
          1) per Lawrence McGuire, Bohm says the root is our
             misunderstanding of the nature of thought
   65. The Future of Humanity ...
       a) per Lawrence McGuire, a conversation between Bohm and J.
       b) not in UTCAT
   66. Wholeness and the Implicate Order ...
       a) a:Bohm, David
       b) p:Routledge
       c) c/1980
       d) per Lon Van Eaton on Implicate Reality
       e) read this one, interesting reviews
   67. The American Idea of Success ...
       a) A:Huber, Richard
       b) mentioned in Happiness Hucksters p 84
   68. A:Lemann, Nicholas ...
       a) was writing book in 1995 about the American idea of success
          and meritocracy - mentioned in Happiness Hucksters, p 88
       b) sounds somewhat critical of the industry
   69. A:Canfield/Hansen ...
       a) chicken soup 1/2/3
   70. A:Millman, Dan ...
       a) top rated pdi, Peaceful Warrior, etc.
       b) ref, chix soup, etc.
       c) 7 books at APL, pub. 1984-1992
   71. Happiness is a Choice ...
       a) A:Kaufman, Barry Neil
       b) (option inst/happiness inst on www)
       c) 4 copies at APL, 1 downtown, also at Bookstop
       d) P:Ballantine
       e) c/91
   72. Climate in Crisis ...
       a) Al Gore used it as source material for Earth in Balance.
          Gore wrote the forward to this book.
       b) a:Bates, Albert
       c) p:Book Pub./Summertown
       d) c/90 or so
   73. Positive Coaching ...
       a) ref Butler
       b) A:Thompson, Jim
   74. Power Selling: 21 Psychological Principles of Persuasion ...
       a) A:Malandro, Loretta.
       b) P:Nightingale-Conant
       c) c/89
       d) 6 audio tapes, no book
       e) per papss: "Once you've listened to these tapes, you'll
          know literally everything that advanced behavioral science
          has discovered about persuasion ..."
   75. Travels With Charley ...
       a) @ APL several 917.3 (saw at N Loop 8/96)
       b) A:Steinbeck, John
       c) c/62 Viking (looks like best and more copies at lib.)
       d) c/80 Penguin
   76. Tragedy and Hope ...
       a) world order stuff
       b) A:Quigley, Carroll
   77. Beyond Interdependence ...
       a) "The Meshing of the World's Economy and the Earth's
       b) P:Oxford University Press (Trilateral Commission)
       c) A:MacNeill, Jim
       d) c/91
       e) Rockefeller and Maurice Strong wrote foreword/intro
   78. One Person Can Make a Difference ...
       a) saw on RLIN re Wally Amos et al
       b) A:Jampolsky, Gerald G.
       c) P:Bantam
       d) c/90
   79. Self-hypnosis ...
       a) based on Cayce, use subconscious to remodel life
       b) A:Bolduc, Henry Leo
       c) P:A.R.E.
       d) c/85
   80. Taking Responsibility ...
       a) "Self-Reliance and the accountable life"
       b) A:Branden, Nathaniel
       c) P:Simon & Schuster
       d) c/96
   81. The Magic of Believing ...
       a) could be like TAGR!
       b) A:Bristol, Claude M
       c) c/48 c/91
   82. The Healing of the Planet Earth ...
       a) "personal power and planetary transformation"
       b) A:Cohen, Alan M.
       c) P:New Leaf Distributors
       d) c/87
   83. Fantasies Can Set You Free ...
       a) A:Dale, Stan
       b) P:Celestial Arts
       c) c/80
   84. My Child, My Self ...
       a) A:Dale, Stan
       b) P:Human Awareness Publications, San Mateo
       c) c/92
   85. Getting Business to Come to You ...
       a) "everything you need to know ... advertising, PR, direct
          mail, sales promo"
       b) A:Edwards, Paul
       c) P:Putnam
       d) c/93
   86. Secrets of Power Persuasion ...
       a) tops! @ PCL HF 5438.25 D393
       b) A:Dawson, Roger
       c) P:Prentice Hall
       d) c/92
   87. Household Ecoteam Workbook ...
       a) "a six-month program to bring your household into
          environmental balance
       b) A:Gershon, David
       c) P:Global Action Plan for the Earth, Woodstock, NY
       d) c/92
   88. Ecoteam : a program empowering Americans ...
       a) to create earth friendly lifestyles
       b) A:Gershon, David
       c) P:Global ..., Woodstock, NY
       d) c/95
   89. Beyond Prophecies and Predictions ...
       a) A:Timms, Moira
       b) P:Ballantine, NY
       c) c/94
   90. 25 Secrets of Having the Life You Really Want ...
       a) shareware on coachu web site $10/$25 hard copy
       b) A:Leonard, Thomas J.
       c) P:coachu
   91. Planetary Initiation ...
       a) she normally writes juvenile lit.
       b) A:Milios, Rita
       c) P:Tools for Transformation Press
       d) c/95
   92. Megatruth : the church in the age of information ...
       a) A:McKenna, David L.
       b) P:Here's Life, San Bernardino, CA
       c) c/86
       d) sub: Christianity, Naisbitt, social prediction--USA
   93. In Pursuit of Wow! ...
       a) "every person's guide to topsy-turvy times"
       b) A:Peters, Tom
       c) P:Vintage Books
       d) c/94
   94. A:Scott, Gini Graham (any and all available)
   95. A:Shone, Ronald ...
       a) T:Creative Visualization
       b) re self-hypnosis, autogenics, several books written
       c) ref (cap) ref d: ... \rlin etc., csenas
   96. Developing a 21st Century Mind ...
       a) A:Sinetar, Marsha
       b) P:Villard Books
       c) c/91
   97. A:Sinetar, Marsha
       a) ref (cap) info at \rlin, csenas
   98. Leaders : Strategies for Taking Charge ...
       a) (in UT/PCL system but not on shelf @ HD 57.7 B46 1985)
       b) A:Bennis, Warren G. - co author Burt Nanus
       c) P:various
       d) c/86
       e) also 8 cassette with study guide out by SyberVision, c/86
       f) the cassette version entry in RLIN talks about inspiring
          followers with vision, gaining mass support for dream, etc.
          - cassette version adapted from the book
   99. Beyond Leadership : balancing economics, ethics and ecology ...
       a) A:Bennis, Warren G
       b) P:Blackwell
       c) c/94/96
   :0. On Becoming a Leader ...
       a) @ PCL (89) BF 637 L4 B37 1989 MAIN
       b) A:Bennis, Warren G
       c) P:Addison Wesley
       d) c/94
       e) knowing self, knowing world, operating on instinct, strike
          hard, try everything, moving thru chaos, get people on your
          side, forging the future
       f) saw at PCL - very good
   :1. A:Bennis, Warren G. ...
       a) endless great related stuff
       b) ref (cap) info at \rlin, csenas
   :2. Break Away Thinking ...
       a) @ PCL HD 70 U5 M517 1988
       b) A:Mitroff
   :3. Travels With Lisbeth ...
       a) A:Eighner, Lars
       b) c/83
   :4. Test Pattern For Living ...
       a) skimmed at Cheryl Dehut - former FCC Commissioner, now in
          Iowa.  Book is about problems with mass media, TV,
          government, etc.
       b) A:Johnson, Nicholas
       c) P:Bantam
       d) c/72
   :5. Freedom Road ...
       a) How to escape rent and build a low-cost, high-quality life
          by moving into a recreational vehicle full-time.  Found on
       b) A:Hough, Harold
       c) P:Loompanics Unlimited
       d) c/91
   :6. The Evolution of Physics ...
       a) see pg 33 for quote seen at Rick's (ref csenaa)
       b) A:Einstein, Albert and Leopold Infeld
       c) P:Simon and Schuster
       d) c/38
   :7. The Ultimate Resource ...
       a) ref in Paul Kennedy book & found on a really old list of
          mine in red binder
       b) A:Simon, Julian L.
       c) c/82
   :8. A:Simon, Julian Lincoln (any newer ones?) ...
       a) RLIN shows ...
          1) 1932-
          2) The ult res 2, Princeton U Press 1996
          3) The state of humanity, ed simon, p:cambr mass, Blackwell in
             assn with the cato institute c/95
          4) Scarcity or abundance : a debate on the environment
             joint with Norman Myers, NY WW Norton c/94
          5) Economic Controversies, Edward Elgar Publ., Brookfield, VT,
             c/97 (coming)
          6) Everything Human Will Get Better (video), 1992, Los Alamos
             National Lab, NM
          7) Good mood : the new psychology of overcoming depression
             1993 Open Court, LaSalle, Il
          8) How to start and operate a mail-order bus (see if in nos*),
             1993 update mcgraw-hill
          9) Population matters : people, resources, environment, and
             immigration, 1990  Transaction Publishers, New Brunswick,
       b) It's Getting Better All the Time ...
          1) ": 100 Greatest Trends of the Last 100 Years"
          2) by Stephen Moore, Julian Lincoln Simon, Rita James Simon
          3) c/2000
       c) ^^ read this!!
   :9. The Tenth Insight ...
       a) A:Redfield, James
       b) per cj, "circle of souls"
   ;0. Sacred Eyes ...
       a) Kathy McClusky showed it to me in Boulder
       b) A:Keck, L. Robert
       c) P:Knowledge Systems, Inc., Indianapolis, IN
       d) c/92
   ;1. Mutant Message Down Under ...
       a) Cathy McClusky recommended it - about white woman who
          walked with aboriginies
   ;2. The Idea Economy ...
       a) c/96, suggested by Joe McClusky during 8/96 visit
   ;3. A:Popcorn, Faith:  The Popcorn Report (see what else also)
   ;4. Gorilla ___ (marketing etc.)
   ;5. ref \mb\nosnotes ALL - MANY IMPORTANT THINGS TO READ !!!
   ;6. Spiritual Abundance (heard on NPR)
   ;7. ^s rlin re A:Danzig, Bill & Sheila ? Power Publicity ? ...
       a) yes Power Publicity! in print
       b) several on getting free publicity in BIP
       c) also under Ring Danzig on talk radio
   ;8. The Lost Cord ...
       a) A:Taylor, Barbara E. (ref znet6)
       b) note in BIP
   ;9. A:MacKenzie, James J. ...
       a) senior associate in the Climate, Energy, and Pollution
          program at the World Resources Institue in Wash, D.C.
       b) The Keys to the Car: Electric and Hydrogen Vehicles for the
          21st Century, c/95, World Resources Institute
       c) Car Trouble, c/93, Beacon Press
   <0. People Reading ...
       a) ref Dorothy Leeds (sp?) @ csenar
   <1. Congruent Selling ...
       a) ref Bill Brooks @ csenar
   <2. Success Is Not An Accident ...
       a) per dsk John Campus, Cappus, Kappus, etc (sp?)
       b) see if it's for real and add to csenar (not there yet)
   <3. Ben Franklin's Autobiography
   <4. The Mind Map Book ...
       a) A:Buzan
       b) c/93
       c) Pub:BCA
       d) saw on airplane to Westerdam
   <5. The Memory Book ...
       a) Mentioned in investortoolbox/advantage seminar in denver at
          Adams Mark 4/19/01 by Robert Kittell, speaker.  This is how
          they all do it!
       b) a:Lorayne, Harry
       c) p:Ballantine
       d) c/00
   <6. speed reading books, Moidel best
   <7. Garrick: ask name of world resource inventory book
   <8. The Monogamy Myth (ref susan)
   <9. Dumbth, Steve Allen (ref DSK)
   =0. Dharma Bums, Jack Kerouac
   =1. You Can Have It All, Arnold Patent
   =2. Simple Abundance (TV Guide on God) ...
       a) "A Daybook of Comfort and Joy"
       b) Sarah Ban Breathnach
   =3. Marriage Shock, Dalma Heyn (ref susan)
   =4. Radical Honesty (susan)
   =5. The Power of Serendipity
   =6. A:Mary Summerrain or Summer Rain ...
       a) in Ancient Prophesies video
       b) Spirit Song is a good one to start with
       c) read in order she wrote them
       d) Phoenix Rising (mentioned on Ancient Prophesies)
   =7. The Musicians Business and Legal Guide ...
       a) per Dean re Di Scherling project
       b) a:mark halloran
       c) p:prentice hall
   =8. How to make the stock market make money for you ...
       a) c/66
       b) p:Sherbourne Press
       c) a:Ted Warren
   =9. How To Be Rich ...
       a) a:Getty, J Paul
       b) p:Playboy Press, series: Playboy Press Executive Library
       c) c/73
   >0. a:Wholey, Dennis ...
       a) per DSK, high ratings
       b) The Miracle of Change: The Path To Self-Discovery and
          Spiritual Growth (new book in 5/97 KIC p 7)
       c) The Courage To Change (previous book)
   >1. a:Hill, Napoleon ...
       a) Per DSK, 5/97 KIC p 4, these are better books by Hill.  In
          order, these are Hill's best books, in order:
       b) Grow Rich With Peace of Mind
       c) How To Sell Your Way Through Life
   >2. a:Kipling, Rudyard ...
       a) ref Danzig, TYCMM chap 7
       b) if good, add to csenar PDI
       c) tons at Santa Rosa but doesn't appear to be PDI
   >3. The Money Masters ...
       a) saw ref to it in CIS INVFORUM message re commodities
       b) a:Train, John
   >4. Bionomics ...
       a) on sustainable economics
       b) a:Rothschild
   >5. Oh The Places You'll Go ...
       a) kids book at ProMatch
       b) a:Dr Seuss
   >6. The Heat Is On, a:Gelbspan, Ross (per Susan)
   >7. Race To Save The Planet ...
       a) possible search titles
       b) Faculty guide
          Coordinated Print Textbook
          Living in the Environment: Principles, Connections, and Solutions
          Environmental Science: Working with the Earth
          Study Guide
          Faculty Guide
          About Race to Save the Planet
   >8. Babylon/Clason (@ lib1)
   >9. Researching on the Internet ...
       a) "The Complete Guide to Finding, Evaluating, and Organizing
          Information Effectively"
       b) a:Rowland, Robin
       c) p:Prima Publishing, Rocklin, CA
       d) c/95
   ?0. The Coming Energy Revolution ...
       a) ref lib2, already read
       b) 2 pages of book notes, get it again
       c) request at both library systems, if not already purchased
   ?1. Building Your Field of Dreams ...
       a) a:Morrissey, Mary Manin
       b) p:Bantam
       c) c/96
       d) ---
       e) heard radio show at Lindsay's place
       f) New Dimensions, 5p 8/18/96, program #2567
       h) Living Enrichment Center nr Portland
       i) Wilsonville, OR 97070
       j) she mentioned a woman who built a hotel on the oregon coast
          for authors to share - 30th bank said yes
       k) 5 points, considering a dream ...
          1) When I consider this dream do I have passion for it?
          2) Does it fit with my core values?
          3) Is it bigger than I think I can accomplish on my own?
             Will I need to coordinate with a higher power?
          4) Will it require me to grow to build this dream?
          5) Will this dream not only bring good for me, will it bring
             good for others?
   ?2. Release 2.0 : A Design for Living in the Digital Age ...
       a) a:Dyson, Esther
       b) p:Broadway Books
       c) c/97 (11/97)
   ?3. Ask The Veteran Organizers ...
       a) book about professional organizing business
       b) ref c:\cp\drops\orgbook1.txt
       c) buy mail order or request libraries to purchase it
   ?4. Titanic ...
       a) "Legacy of the World's Greatest Ocean Liner"
       b) a:Wells, Susan
       c) p:Time Life Books
       d) c/97
   ?5. Lewis & Clark ...
       a) "The Journey of the Corps of Discovery"
       b) a:Duncan, Dayton
       c) p:Knopf
       d) c/97
   ?6. Liberty ...
       a) "The American Revolution"
       b) a:Fleming, Thomas
       c) p:Viking
       d) c/97
   ?7. ^s for books on novel ways to make money (like phone bk deliv)
   ?8. Skousen: 30-Day Plan, many exc references
   ?9. a:Bloomfield, Dr Harold, sub:St. John's Wort (ref 20/20)
   @0. The Mockingbird ...
       a) saw at Woolaroc - get for mom
       b) a:Doughty, Robin W
       c) p:UT Press
       d) c/88
   @1. Woolaroc ...
       a) a:Williams, Joe Williams Communications
       b) p:Frank Phillips Foundation
       c) c/91
   @2. Spence, Gerry ...
       a) From Freedom To Slavery ...
          1) "The Rebirth Of Tyranny In America"
          2) a:Spence, Gerry
          3) c/96
          4) p:St. Martin's Press
          5) abridged audio available
       b) The Making Of A Country Lawyer
       c) etc.
   @3. ^s Suze Orman ...
       a) 9 Steps to Financial Freedom
       b) You've Earned It, Don't Lose It
   @4. 500 Nations ...
       a) "An Illustrated History of North American Indians"
       b) a:Josephy, Alvin M, Jr
       c) c/94
       d) p:Knopf
       e) saw at Fegan's house