Understanding the Market Crash and Our Sustainable Future
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USA, Standard and Poor's 500 Index, 10 year view, 10/12/98 to 10/10/08

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What started on Thursday, Oct. 9, 2008, as an email to everyone I know has turned into a week long research and writing project.  As it evolved, I realized I should just put it on my server and make it available to the world.  You are encouraged to link to this page and spread this information around as quickly as possible.  This is about

  • getting informed about the big picture
  • a plan to actually create the paradigm shift (instead of talking about it)
This grew in length to over 40 pages, with around 100 links.  In order to help the most people benefit and move to action, I created three formats in three files.  The .htm is best for viewing on screen and clicking the links.  The .doc is best for printing, although it's fine for your screen too and all the links work.  The mp3 is an audio of me reading it.  You can put it on your iPod, player, or listen on your speakers.  Full details on the three formats follow, below.

This is the most important thing I've ever written.  I've condensed 5 years into a couple of hours.  Please honor my efforts by making the time to read or listen, and do it sooner rather than later.  Time is of the essence.  The jig is up.  Please become informed and take action.  This is for everyone who's been wondering, "What can I do as just one person to help?  What can I do to make a difference?"

Summary in 200 words

This paper provides the big picture or long view regarding the recent meltdown in world financial markets. It looks at the root causes and effects over the entire 5,000 year history of money. It shows how we've arrived at this point in time, and what we can do to move toward a sustainable future.

Plan S is about a one day paradigm shift, S-Day and the action steps that must be taken in order to produce this shift. There are presently millions of people and organizations working on positive change. There are dozens of plans in existence to create positive change. However plans do not become reality without action. Plan S is the only plan that I know of that includes an action component. It does this by moving from us-them thinking to just-us thinking. It works with everyone from everyday rank and file individuals, to the earth's power elite, to create S-Day.

This paper is about the market crash, so it has a focus on the economic components of Plan S. A resource based economy is proposed, which would tend to preserve, rather than deplete the earth's resource base, composed of matter and energy. An action plan is included which focuses on both financial and volunteer support.

Summary in 750 words

I've been working on Plan S, a complete paradigm shift for humanity, for the past 5 years. The "S" stands for sustainable, stable, solar, etc. The recent meltdown in world financial markets calls for understanding, analysis, planning and action, toward a sustainable future. In this paper, I focus primarily on the currency and economic portions of Plan S. For 40 years humanity has been working hard to solve serious problems, and has met with limited success. It seems that for every 10 steps forward, we take 100 steps backward. My analysis shows that this is due to a lack of information (i.e. being uninformed). As a result we've been treating symptoms or effects, rather than root causes. The symptoms keep returning and getting worse.

The root causes fall into two broad categories: our minds, and energy use. These are then broken down into these six topics: Personal Development, Evolutionary Psychology, Neuroscience (Limbic System), Energy and Emergy (Embodied Energy), Peak Oil, and Jevons Paradox. Jevons Paradox explains that as efficiency increases, consumption also increases. This paradox has contributed to humanity spinning its wheels for the past 5 decades. Plan S is designed to defeat Jevons Paradox by creating a paradigm shift in a single day called S-Day. On this day, everything will change, including the way we think, the way we use energy, our money system, where we get our food, how we travel, our laws and legal system, our educational system, our religious and scientific institutions, and hundreds of other details about everyday life. 

This one day paradigm shift appears to be impossible. However there are no known laws of nature that prohibit humanity from experiencing a paradigm shift in a single day. In fact, there have been several similar rapid paradigm shifts throughout history. Ray Anderson is featured in two YouTube clips, showing that members of the power elite are starting to awaken to the need for a global paradigm shift. A list is provided of several dozen progressive minded movers and shakers, whom I feel would support Plan S and making S-Day a reality.

With this understanding of root causes and paradigm shift, we turn to the subjects of money and resources. The focus of attention moves from money to our resource base: matter and energy. We follow the path of money over its 5,000 year history, starting with precious metals, then paper, and now electronic money. All along this path, money has been flawed, since by its very nature it tends to cause the degradation of our resource base. What humanity needs is a resource based economy, which would tend to preserve, rather than deplete our resource base. Without it we have strayed into a giant derivatives bubble that is now bursting. Installing a resource based economy is a primary component of Plan S.

I provide seven contemporary views on the world's economy. The world's present economy is dependent on constantly expanding cheap oil. This is not possible, now that we have reached the world peak in oil production. I provide analysis of the differences between 1929 and 2008. A chart is displayed that shows that the world had enormous available energy to recover with in 1932. This is a mirror opposite of the current situation. Fractional Reserve Banking is explained, showing how money is loaned into existence by banks. Warren Buffett is quoted, stating that "derivatives are financial weapons of mass destruction". Finally, Mike Ruppert is quoted stating, "This is the derivatives bubble popping. There isn't enough cash in the world to cover the 'monthly minimum payments' on $450 trillion."

Plan S calls for a complete paradigm shift which includes a resource based economy. Prices on goods and services are set to include the cost of restoring our resource base. Thus we can preserve and pass resources on to future generations, for as long as humanity survives here on earth. This shift will be extremely difficult and challenging, however humanity has met great challenges before. I provide several examples, including John Harrison and the longitude prize from the 18th century.

Finally there is an action section, since without action, there will be no results. Both financial and volunteer support is needed. For contributions of $100 or more, a tax deduction under IRS section 501(c)3 is available. Volunteers may help in several ways. One is by spreading the link to these pages. A full list of needed skills is provided. The most important ones are project management and fundraising.

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