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 A. videos, movies, dvd's ...
    1. Imax, to be watched, check DVD availability ...
       a) check for any I missed
       b) Island of the Sharks
       c) Magnificent Desolation, Walking on the Moon, 3D, Tom Hanks
       d) Happy Feet, penguins, might be IMAX
       e) Into the Deep
    2. Imax, watched ...
       a) Everest
       b) Space Station 3D
       c) China: The Panda Adventure
       d) Elephants (in Africa)
       e) Ozarks: Legacy & Legend
       f) Kilimanjaro
       g) Lewis and Clark
       h) The Greatest Places
       i) Coral Reef Adventure
       j) Adrenaline Rush
       k) Shackleton's Antarctic Adventure
       l) Gold Fever
       m) Bugs
       n) T Rex
       o) Mystery of the Nile
       p) Forces of Nature
       q) Roving Mars
       r) Beavers
       s) Roar: Lions of the Kalahari
       t) The Human Body
       u) Greece: Secrets of the Past
       v) Wired to Win (Tour du France)
       w) Ghosts of the Abyss
       x) Hurricane on the Bayou
       y) The Living Sea
    3. Planetarium ...
       a) Passport to the Universe
       b) Microcosm
       c) Future Moon
    4. to-do: log videos in my video CB
    5. check out
    6. --
    7. jcpl purchase list ...
       a) Echoes from the Ancients < website
    8. lost civilizations, series, jcpl \\ancient ...
       a) title=lost civilizations, 24 listings, videos are:
       b)   01 Aegean legacy of atlantis       1995
       c) * 02 Africa a history denied         1995
       d)   06 China dynasties of power        1995
       e) * 08 Egypt quest for immortality     1995
       f)   09 Greece a moment of excellence   1995
       g) * 11 Inca secrets of the ancestors   1995
       h) * 13 Lost civilizations              1989
       i) * 15 Maya the blood of kings         1995
       j) * 16 Mesopotamia return to Eden      1995
       k)   20 Rome the ultimate empire        1995, req:7/5/00
       l) * 22 Tibet the end of time           1995
    9. lost treasures of the ancient world ...
       a) 12 videos in jcpl
   10. ancient voices, series, jcpl, 15x ...
       a) * Aztecs : inside the hidden empire ...
          1) p:Time-Life
          2) c/98
          3) notes: awesome with shots of Mexico City, virtual reality
             recreations, and note at the end of how Aztec conquest
             foreshadows the current environmental situation
   11. mutual of omaha's spirit of adventure ...
       a) Struggle to Survive (panda) is main one in series
       b) firstsearch shows 22 videos
       c) firstsearch: ^s author: Mutual of Omaha Insurance Company
       d) dpl: mutual of omaha's spirit of adventure ...
          1) there are 6 videos, but they are split between 2 results,
             one with 4 and one with 2
       e) ---
       f) * Struggle To Survive (pandas)
       g) etc.
   12. call #'s 932-940, all videos (probably rome/antiquity etc)
   13. all videos, a-z
   14. all interests, ^s all videos using FirstSearch!
   15. vhs, dvd, CD-ROM/interactive
   16. secrets of lost empires (I & II) ...
       a) 2 series, 5 videos each
       b) includes Easter Island, jcpl has several vhs
   17. miracle planet, DVD mini-series, c/2005, @ jcpl ...
       a) Miracle Planet, Discovery Channel Canada, Episodes 1-5:
       b) 1. The Violent Past
       c) 2. Snowball Earth
       d) 3. New Frontiers
       e) 4. Extinction and Rebirth
       f) * 5. Survival of the Fittest
   18. -
   19. National Geographic ...
       a) web, home, shop, product type, Videos & DVD's, 10 categories, browse them all
       b) also, check FirstSearch for out of print items
       c) also, Denver Museum DVD's they sell
       d) video notes ...
          1) searching sites for "national geographic"
          2) 09/26/06:
          3) msn shows 74, short ones, 1717 video from the web
          4) google shows 136, some full length downloadable to .gvi
          5) ...
             a> looks like their cable channel, endless stuff here
             b> archive
             c> 24x24 pages of shorts
             d> huge worldwide bunch of sites
          6) try all online video sites, google, youtube, etc. (@ lib.pco)
       e) * Search for the Ultimate Survivor ...
          1) : The mystery of us
          2) producer: Rubin, John
          3) p:National Geographic
          4) c/2005
          5) 90 min
          6) note: found at jcpl, closely related to Ape to Man
       f) San Francisco's Great Quake, DVD
       g) Inside Hurricane Katrina, DVD (also ^s katrina here and @ bm.xls)
       h) Forces of Nature, VHS
       i) Inside 9/11, 2xDVD
       j) Cyclone!, VHS
       k) Nightmare in Jamestown
       l) Lewis & Clark: Great Journey West
       m) Civil War Gold (on the Republic), VHS
       n) Grand Canyon: The Courageous First Explorers, VHS
       o) In the Womb, DVD
       p) Dawn of the Maya, DVD
       q) * March of the Penguins, Dave Wann, Nancy/Bruce
       r) The Search for Adam, DVD (Africa, genetics, Spencer Wells)
       s) Inside the U.S. Secret Service, DVD
       t) Strange Days on Planet Earth
       u) Most Amazing Moments
       v) Africa
       w) ---
       x) NG: preserve our planet, series:
       y) Six Degrees, Could Change the World, 90 min, c/2008 (TOP REVIEWS)
       z) Eden, at the END of the world, 50 min, Tierra del Fuego, c/2008
      aa) ---
   20. -
   21., Films for the Humanities & Sciences ...
       a) Found in Slidell, LA.  Easter Island, DVD.  Also, a couple
          of Cholesterol DVD's I got on ILL.  See what else they got!
   22. Empires series, via Jay Hanson, ...
       a) ref peg:recv:31 Oct 05 from Jay
       b) studio: Paramount Home Video.  It appears these may have
          been on PBS from one of the Editorial Reviews.
       c) Empires - The Medici: Godfathers of the Renaissance
       d) Empires - The Roman Empire in the First Century
   23. Iowa Public Television, .pdf saved locally ...
       a) \drops\IPTV_Video_Club_Index.pdf
       b) ^^ Tristan da Cahuna in here
       c) found while surfing @:
   24. video visits, video travel library ...
       a) Moscow & Leningrad
   25. :virtual touring/learning project ...
       a) moved all details to \cp\sup1\sup1.pco
       b) many videos, vhs/dvd possibilities
   26. Age Of Exploration Milestone Film And Video ...
       b) 5 of them including shackleton, look interesting
       c) Actually, one of their Shackleton videos (Shackleton's Boat
          Journey) was only 30 min and slightly informative, but very
          low budget production.
       d) There is also another one on DVD from Milestone: South:
          Ernest Shackleton and the Endurance Expedition.  See below.
   27. Religions Of The World Schlessinger Media (13x)
   28. The Ascent of Man, Bronowski, jcpl ...
       a) ^s jcpl & WorldCat, get all episodes
       b) 12 videos
       c) a:Bronowski, Dr Jacob
       d) c/74
       e) p:BBC/Time-Life Video
       f) distributor: Ambrose Video Publishing, NY
       g) Episode 6, The Starry Messenger, viewed 2003 ...
          1) lots of info on Galileo trial
   29. * China, jcpl ...
       a) Laura McKenzie's travel tips
       b) c/85
   30. China: Heart of the Dragon, 12 VHS, jcpl ...
       b) jcpl lacks Marrying
   31. China, ancient rhythms and modern currents, jcpl ...
       a) VHS, 2x 30 min, 1998
   32. China [videorecording] : beyond the clouds, jcpl ...
       a) 4 hrs, Chinese life in 1990's
       b) National Geographic
   33. Early Man, Full Circle Entertainment, jcpl ...
       a) 3 videos
   34. Mysteries of Mankind, National Geographic, jcpl
   35. * Evolution, 7 video series, WGBH, awesome! ...
       a) JCPL: has them all as DVD's
       b) narrated: Liam Neeson
       c) websites at PBS: @bm.xls ^s neeson
       d) all at Regis (vhs), some at dpl
       e) companion book also (jcpl), nice, but did not read
       f) * v1 Darwin's dangerous idea ...
          1) movie about Darwin's life
          2) "It is like confessing to a murder."
       g) * v2 Great transformations ...
          1) on mutations, adaptions, natural selection
       h) * v3 Extinction! ...
          1) average species span: 4 million years
          2) confirms we are the 6th extinction and follows exactly with
             Leakey book, although it says 95 to 99% of all species are
             extinct rather than the 99.9% per Leakey.
       i) * v4 The evolutionary arms race ...
          1) includes info on pesticides, mutations, tuberculosis in
             Russian prisons, how we seem to be losing the race due to
             our policies as a species
       j) * v5 Why sex? ...
          1) why sex evolved in favor of asexual reproduction, the
             variety is more successful in natural selection
       k) * v6 The mind's big bang ...
          1) Excellent stuff on memetics.
       l) * v7 What about God? ...
          1) superb on compromise between creation & evolution, many
             opportunities for quotes, alliances, etc.
   36. ...
       a) Several interesting videos including Titanic of the Sky on
          the Hindenburg.
   37. Cringely ...
       a) jcpl
          1)   Accidental empires 96
          2)  Networking the nerds 98
          3)   Serving the suits 98
          4) * Triumph of the Nerds 96
          5)   Wiring the world 98
       b) dpl
          1) * Nerds 2.0.1
   38. Top 100 of 20th Century (some already seen) ...
       a) 1. CITIZEN KANE (1941)

          2. CASABLANCA (1942)

          3. THE GODFATHER (1972)

          4. GONE WITH THE WIND (1939)

          5. LAWRENCE OF ARABIA (1962)

          6. THE WIZARD OF OZ (1939)

          7. THE GRADUATE (1967)

          8. ON THE WATERFRONT (1954)

          9. SCHINDLER'S LIST (1993)

          10. SINGIN' IN THE RAIN (1952)

          11. IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE (1946)

          12. SUNSET BOULEVARD (1950)

          13. THE BRIDGE ON THE RIVER KWAI (1957)

          14. SOME LIKE IT HOT (1959)

          15. STAR WARS (1977)

          16. ALL ABOUT EVE (1950)

          17. THE AFRICAN QUEEN (1951)

          18. PSYCHO (1960)

          19. CHINATOWN (1974)

          20. ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO'S NEST (1975)

          21. THE GRAPES OF WRATH (1940)

          22. 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY (1968)

          23. THE MALTESE FALCON (1941)

          24. RAGING BULL (1980)

          25. E.T. THE EXTRA-TERRESTRIAL (1982)

          26. DR. STRANGELOVE (1964)

          27. BONNIE AND CLYDE (1967)

          28. APOCALYPSE NOW (1979)

          29. MR. SMITH GOES TO WASHINGTON (1939)


          31. ANNIE HALL (1977)

          32. THE GODFATHER PART II (1974)

          33. HIGH NOON (1952)

          34. TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD (1962)

          35. IT HAPPENED ONE NIGHT (1934)

          36. MIDNIGHT COWBOY (1969)

          37. THE BEST YEARS OF OUR LIVES (1946)

          38. DOUBLE INDEMNITY (1944)

          39. DOCTOR ZHIVAGO (1965)

          40. NORTH BY NORTHWEST (1959)

          41. WEST SIDE STORY (1961)

          42. REAR WINDOW (1954)

          43. KING KONG (1933)

          44. THE BIRTH OF A NATION (1915)

          45. A STREETCAR NAMED DESIRE (1951)

          46. A CLOCKWORK ORANGE (1971)

          47. TAXI DRIVER (1976)

          48. JAWS (1975)

          49. SNOW WHITE AND THE SEVEN DWARFS (1937)


          51. THE PHILADELPHIA STORY (1940)

          52. FROM HERE TO ETERNITY (1953)

          53. AMADEUS (1984)

          54. ALL QUIET ON THE WESTERN FRONT (1930)

          55. THE SOUND OF MUSIC (1965)

          56. M*A*S*H (1970)

          57. THE THIRD MAN (1949)

          58. FANTASIA (1940)

          59. REBEL WITHOUT A CAUSE (1955)

          60. RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK (1981)

          61. VERTIGO (1958)

          62. TOOTSIE (1982)

          63. STAGECOACH (1939)


          65. THE SILENCE OF THE LAMBS (1991)

          66. NETWORK (1976)

          67. THE MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE (1962)

          68. AN AMERICAN IN PARIS (1951)

          69. SHANE (1953)

          70. THE FRENCH CONNECTION (1971)

          71. FORREST GUMP (1994)

          72. BEN-HUR (1959)

          73. WUTHERING HEIGHTS (1939)

          74. THE GOLD RUSH (1925)

          75. DANCES WITH WOLVES (1990)

          76. CITY LIGHTS (1931)

          77. AMERICAN GRAFFITI (1973)

          78. ROCKY (1976)

          79. THE DEER HUNTER (1978)

          80. THE WILD BUNCH (1969)

          81. MODERN TIMES (1936)

          82. GIANT (1956)

          83. PLATOON (1986)

          84. FARGO (1996)

          85. DUCK SOUP (1933)

          86. MUTINY ON THE BOUNTY (1935)

          87. FRANKENSTEIN (1931)

          88. EASY RIDER (1969)

          89. PATTON (1970)

          90. THE JAZZ SINGER (1927)

          91. MY FAIR LADY (1964)

          92. A PLACE IN THE SUN (1951)

          93. THE APARTMENT (1960)

          94. GOODFELLAS (1990)

          95. PULP FICTION (1994)

          96. THE SEARCHERS (1956)

          97. BRINGING UP BABY (1938)

          98. UNFORGIVEN (1992)

          99. GUESS WHO'S COMING TO DINNER (1967)

          100. YANKEE DOODLE DANDY (1942)
   39. Walk the Line
   40. (Vancouver Critical Mass)
   41. DNA the secret of life, UNC, Chapel Hill, OCLC: 55030131
   42. DNA Interactive DVD,, 200 video clips
   43. Into the Wild, Slab City, good ratings
   44. Life After People, History Channel, came out Jan, 2008
   45., prostitution in India
   46. Grateful Dawg, trailer @bm.xls
   47. Who Killed the Electric Car?
   48. Tommy Emmanuel, DVD, per wiki ...
       a) "Live At Her Majesty's Theatre, Ballarat, Australia" on 11
          July 2006.
   49. wiki: The_Dark_Glow_of_the_Mountains, on Reinhold Messner
   50. Supervolcano TheTruthAboutYellowstone, @bm.xls
   51. * The Real Dirt on Farmer John, @bm.xls, on youtube 4/6/08, legal?
   52. You Can Heal Your Life - The Movie, Louis Hay,
   53. The Bank Job, check, heard on NPR @ Heartland parking lot
   54. Across the Universe, 33 Beatles songs, set in 60's
   55. Chicago 10, some @ YouTube, @bm.xls
   56. * Invisible Children Rough Cut, google videos
   57. Invisible Children Final Cut
   58. BBC Video ...
       a) The Blue Planet, 3 or more in series, from 2001
       b) planet earth, 2 in series plus a boxed The Complete Series
          w/ bonus footage, c/2008
   59. Oil on Ice, c/2005, ANWR, Gwich'in Indians, 57 min
   60. Too Hot to Handle, HBO, c/2006, 54 min
   61. The Manchurian Candidate (Obama has been compared to)
   62. Modern Times, Charlie Chaplin
   63. Transformers, 2007, Megan Fox
   64. The Seekers, recommended by YouTube channel Proculled ...
       a) The Seekers, 25 year reunion celebration 1993
          Recorded in Melbourne august 1993.Released in 2003 on

          Judith Durham "Diamond Night (PAL)recorded in London
          03.07.2003 on her 60years birthday.
          For sale now and maybe the last time ever we see Judith
          sing these lovely songs.Maybe Judiths farewell gift to us?

          Another must have DVD for Seekers fans is "The world of The
          Seekers".(PAL)Released in 2003.
          This film is recorded in jan-feb 1968 in
          Australia and shows The Seekers singing 17 of their great
          songs.And in colour!

          "The Seekers at home and down under"(PAL)
          Released in 2003 and is filmed in Australia
          in 1966 and 1967.

          EMI released in spring 2007 a CD called The Seekers,The
          Ultimate Collection.
          It's a double CD with 50 tracks of their songs,some are
          remastered.It's a great CD that i highly recommend.

   65. Hemp for Victory
   66. Reefer Madness
   67. Muse, Wembley, H.A.A.R.P., June 16/17, 2007, 1 Apr 08 in USA, ref wiki
   68. Back to Basics: Live and Down Under, Christina Aguilera, 2008
   69. Memoirs of a Geisha (trailer @ UT)
   70. Three Days of the Condor (Robert Redford/Stimulator #32)
   71. * Century of the Self, Edward L Bernays, notes: sae.pco
   72. Where in the world is Osama Bin Laden?, Morgan Spurlock, 2008 ...
   73. wiki: Modern Marvels (tv series)
   74. Terminator II ...
       a) Likely saw Terminator II @ Jerry Chamkis place in Austin.
       b) How many in this series?
   75. Ancient Prophesies (my VHS)
   76. * Brainstorm
   77. * ET (The Extraterrestrial)

File: libvid.txt

 A. videos, movies, dvd's ...
    1. top group moved to >>> libvid2.pco
    2. -
    3. * Apollo 13 (Tom Hanks motion picture)
    4. * Venus Project video
    5. Malcolm X, Denzel Washington
    6. A River Runs Thru It
    7. Alladin
    8. Toto le Heros
    9. Last of the Mohicans (includes burning at the stake)
   10. Koy-on-i-scot-sie + Pow-i-scot-sie (not as good) ...
       b) isis 2 at dieoff_QA:

          The best movies I know of which illustrate our society
          as a system, and our total isolation from nature, are
          Koyaanisqatsi (hopi for "life out of balance") and
          Baraka (a similar film, except with an emphasis more
          on the religions and rituals of humans; does some
          things better and some worse). There are two more in
          the Qatsi trilogy that I haven't yet seen.

   11. Destiny in Space (Hubbell/IMAX)
   12. Crumb per rick hassan, R. Crumb did ZAP Comics
   13. * Fried Green Tomatoes
   14. The Naked Truth ...
       a) comparative religion video per cj (3/97)
   15. Good Will Hunting (recommended somewhere on 4/98 mtv trip)
   16. Primary Colors, Travolta (spoof on Clinton)
   17. Platoon
   18. The Long Riders ...
       a) '75 video recommended by Jeff Haemer with old timey
          musicians in it or music written by people we know, Ry
          Cooder, etc.
   19. A Walk In The Clouds (per Anna), Keanu Reeves
   20. Field of Dreams (per Anna)
   21. Tarzan, the Ape Man, 1981, Bo Derek
   22. A Night in Tuscany, (Anna)
   23. Continental Divide, Belushi, per cc
   24. Riverdance, all (lib or Bridgit)
   25. * Latcho Drom, Gypsy fiddling and life (fiddle-l recommend) ...
       a) per Ben Owen <>, 9/99
       b) see additional replies re all this at fiddle-l folder
          starting with 4 Sep 99
       c) see also 7 Sep 00 re the fishing line thing and ref to CD
          to get
       d) see 8 Sep 00 for Canada/French version without English
   26. * Small Wonders (1996 version of Music of the Heart)
   27. Tommy Jarrell: Sprout Wings and Fly, My Old Fiddle, Julie ...
       a) ref FIDDLE-L 19 Sep 00
       b) ref \mb\jarrell.txt
       c) www.lesblank.???
   28. Sweet and Lowdown < per Larry Gatterer, good music (he has)
   29. God Bless Fiddle Players,
   30. Fiddles, Snakes, and Dog Days (8 libs @ OCLC)
   31. Mao to Mozart, ref FIDDLE-L, 18 Dec 00
   32. * The Matrix, 1999, Keanau Reeves
   33. * Smoke Signals, Sherman Alexie (native american film)
   34. * Boiler Room
   35. Lord of the Rings (multiple) < Liv Tyler, Tolkein, Bilbo Baggins
   36. Black Hawk Down
   37. Thoth << @bm.htm ...
       a) no lib, no oclc, no blockbuster
   38. Kandahar (blockbuster has it)
   39. A Beautiful Mind (Russell Crowe)
   40. * Master and Commander (Russell Crowe)
   41. Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron
   42. Die Another Day, Halle Berry
   43. * We Were Soldiers
   44. * O Brother Where Art Thou, PG-13, based on Homer's Odyssey
   45. * The Prize: The Epic Quest for Oil, Money & Power ...
       a) 4 videos, jcpl, Yergin
       b) To locate at jcpl/prospector, type in title as:
          [the prize the]
       c) 04/04/03 #1
       d) 05/02/03 #2
       e) 05/09/03 #3
       f) 05/11/03 #4
   46. Mesa Verde videos @ lib
   47. * Commanding Heights (full netcast @
       a) 3 videos, jcpl, Yergin
       b) 05/24/03 #1
       c) 05/28/03 #2
       d) 05/30/03 #3
   48. * Conquistadors ...
       a) jcpl, prospector, 2 VHS, 4 hrs (240 min)
       b) a:Wood, Michael
       c) c/2001
       d) p:PBS
       e) AWESOME!
   49. * Conquistadors ...
       a) a:Hreno, Jason
       b) c/2001
       c) oclc: 48910092 or 47749706
       d) 141 minutes, 3 VHS
       e) Regis/Denver has a copy
       f) AWESOME!
   50. Inca < general video search at FirstSearch shows 17!
   51. Legacy, Michael Wood, 6 hr series ...
       a) "In Search of the Origins of Civilisation"
       b) Tracing the first civilisations in six ancient cultures:
          Egypt, Iraq, India, China, Central America and Europe.
       c) found FirstSearch, under oclc 25192699, author
          Spry-Leverton, Peter, Aurora Public has it, but can't bring
          it up with Plus, 361 libraries
       d) also FirstSearch, oclc 29631071, author Wood, 41 libs, none
          in Colorado
   52. Doctor Zhivago
   53. WorldCat results for: kw: collapse and kw: civilizations ...
       a)  and ln= "eng" and dt= "vis" and mt: vca.
          Records found: 9 Rank by: Number of Libraries
       b) includes: Spirit World, 1992, Stacy Keach
       c) includes: The Collapse, 1993, Stacy Keach
       d) also kw: extinct & kw: civilizations has some good ones
   54. -------
   55. Michael Moore:
   56. * TV Nation, Michael Moore
   57. * Bowling For Columbine ...
       a) a:Moore, Michael \\michael moore
       b) c/2002
       c) p:MGM
       d) notes ...
          1) vv times on vcr vv
          2) ???? marilyn manson interview, fear, consumption
          3) 1:12 crime rates down, media coverage up, fear up
          4) 1:35 networks go from tragedy to tragedy
   58. * Fahrenheit 9/11, Michael Moore
   59. Sicko
   60. Roger & Me \\Roger and Me
   61. from Michael Moore, Fahrenheit, 07/14/04 ...

          More than one political movie is turning up the Fahrenheit
          this election season. Among the documentaries, Bush's Brain
          builds a brief against adviser Karl Rove; Uncovered: The
          War on Iraq deconstructs the war's rationale; The Hunting
          of the President, co-directed by Bill Clinton confidant
          Harry Thomason, assails what it calls a long-term
          right-wing campaign to destroy Clinton; * Control Room
          looks at Iraq as seen by Arab news channel al-Jazeera.
          Meanwhile, John Sayles' fictional Silver City gives us
          Chris Cooper playing a corrupt--and familiarly
          fumble-mouthed--gubernatorial candidate.

   62. -------
   63. paganini, nicolo, videos FirstSearch ...
       a) The Commission
       b) Nikkolo Paganini, Russian @ Arapahoe PL! 256 min
       c) new: wiki article mentions several, including a russian one ...
          1) Fictional portrayals
          2) Paganini's life inspired several films and television
             series. Most famously, in a highly acclaimed Soviet 1982
             miniseries Niccolo Paganini the musician is portrayed by
             the Armenian stage master Vladimir Msryan. The series
             focuses on Paganini's persecution by the Roman Catholic
             Church. Another Soviet cinematic legend, Armen
             Dzhigarkhanyan plays Paganini's fictionalized arch-rival,
             an insidious Jesuit official. The information in the series
             was generally accurate, however it also played to some of
             the myths and legends rampant during the musician's
             lifetime. In particular, a memorable scene shows Paganini's
             adversaries sabotaging his violin before a high-profile
             performance, causing all strings but one to break during
             the concert. An undeterred Paganini continues to perform on
             three, two, and finally on a single string.
   64. * Me & Isaac Newton ...
       a) found jcpl
       b) a:Apted, Michael
       c) c/2001
       d) note: poor
   65. entropy/thermodynamics, videos exist at FirstSearch!!! ...
       a) WorldCat results for: (kw: entropy and kw: thermodynamics)
          not mt: juv and dt= "vis" and mt: vca.
          Records found: 36 (English: 34) Rank by: Relevance
       b) ---
       c) Great principles of science ...
          1) 15 vhs, Lecture 7. The Nature of Energy -- Lecture 8. The
             First Law of Thermodynamics ; No.3 - Lecture 9. The Second
             Law of Thermodynamics -- Lecture 10. Entropy
          2) jcpl/prospector has it, I need part 1, tapes 1-3
          3) get librarian to help so I don't get all of them!!!
       d) The irreversible world, 1975 ...
          1) also #25, Dimensions in science--chemistry. Irreversible
             world, not sure how related???, 79/87
       e) The Mechanical Universe...and Beyond ...
          1) Goodstein, David L
          2) Programs 47-48, Entropy, Low Temperatures
          3) oclc # 43389059
          4) many others further down
          5) oclc # 30125888, all 26 videocassettes
          6) 06/02/03 req jcpl/prospector/dpl ...
             a> they cancelled it due to hold/checked out
                could not figure out which one it was, but I think it was
                earlier in the series like #4 or #7/8
          7) jcpl shows 27 in the system!
             a> [done] 47/48 entropy, has a couple of nice animations
       f) Entropy, Goodstein
   66. fermi/nuclear energy, ^s for videos
   67. * Pompeii, the doomed city ...
       a) jcpl
       b) p:Kultur
       c) notes: 50 minutes, excellent, computer animations
   68. * Buckminster Fuller: Thinking Out Loud ...
       a) temp, notes at libov
   69. * The Truth and lies of 9-11, Mike Ruppert
   70. * 9/11 ...
       a) directed by: Naudet, Jules and Gedeon (French brothers)
       b) p:Goldfish Pictures ; Silverstar Productions
       c) c/2002
       d) 129 min
       e) note: found at jcpl
   71. Seabiscuit, 1938, 2003?
   72. * Curing Affluenza, Campolo ...
       a) a:Campolo, Anthony
       b) got from Salt Lake City lib via jcpl/Interstate loan
       c) note: Christian slant on Affluenza
   73. * Affluenza + Escape From Affluenza
   74. Tex Avery's Screwball Classics 3 ...
       a) dpl has, includes a flea circus
   75. Race To Save The Planet 1-10 @ jcpl/prospector
   76. Barrage: The World on Stage ...
       a) 60 min video
       b) c/2000
       c) p:Madacy
   77. Chariots of Fire
   78. One Flew Over the Cookoo's Nest, Jack Nichols, Ken Kesey ...
       a) sound track with musical saw
       b) per Stacy
   79. Best In Show ...
       a) per Nancy/Bruce, about dogs and owners, funny show
       b) CC's friend from high school in this movie, Mike McKean
   80. Moulin Rouge
   81. Troy, Brad Pitt
   82. Shallow Hal, Tony Robbins
   83. The Godfather (ie robfather)
   84. Blues Brothers, start after cafe scene
   85. The Wild West (Lemmon/McEuen/93) ...
       a) OCLC: 29342855
       b) Arapahoe Library District, all 5
       c) tbf doc ol/old chisholm trail ...
          1) \mb\chisholm.doc, Word97
          2) arapahoe library district has all 5, via prospector/plus
          3), cd, < used $5
          4) amazon ^s vhs: "wild west warner"
          5), "Wild West 5-Pack" box set $75
          6), 5 individuals ...
             a> * Cowboys/Settlers $9
             b> * Gunfighters/Townspeople $3
             c> Indians/Soldiers $6
             d> Dreamers & Wayfarers/Chroniclers $10
             e> Searchers/Mythmakers $8
   86. * Lord of the Flies ...
       a) Peter Brook's 1963 film, based on William Golding
   87. John Deere Tractor movie "The Straight Story"
   88. Cold Mountain
   89. * Control Room, 2004, on Al Jazeera
   90. The Fog of War
   91. The Last Bomb, National Archives
   92. Evel Knievel movies ref
   93. Emir Kuschturitza, Black Cat White Cat (gypsies/gypsy) ...
       a) per Nika/Arno at the Stagecoach in Grand Lake
   94. Lost In Translation, actor: Bill Murray ...
       a) mentioned by Jim Kaufman of Pinellas Park, Jan 2004,
          reviews look great, something about lonliness, being alone,
   95. * End of Suburbia ...
       a) : Oil Depletion and the Collapse of the American Dream
       b) a:Silverthorn
       c) c/2004
       d) p:Electric Wallpaper
       f) 48,000 archival film videos:
       g) dpl has 5 copies
   96. Escape from Suburbia ...
       a) 11/04/07, ILL request
       b) 12/05/07, purch request
   97. Shrek
   98. The Alamo
   99. Jeremiah Johnson, Robert Redford ...
       a) fiddle music, colorado mountain man, exc ratings
   :0. The Viking Sagas, Ingibjorg Stefansdottir, DPL has copies
   :1. Sir David Attenborough ...
       a) saw on 60 min cbs 09/14/03 ...
          1) This is the naturalist who cuddles with gorillas.
          2) see cbs site
          3) check lib availability
       b) Life in the Freezer, 1993, (couldn't find it)
   :3. Extreme Oil (peak oil, pbs dvd)
   :4. (or the whole site for all kinds of films)
   :5. * Gone In Sixty Seconds (Nick Cage)
   :6. * In the Land of the War Canoes, DVD video ...
       a) reissue of Curtis' 1914 film about native americans
       b) a:Curtis, Edward S
       c) c/1972
       d) p:Univ of Wash Press
   :7. * Martin Luther ...
       a) producer: Harrison, Cassian
       b) c/2002
       c) p:PBS & Lion Television
   :8. * Kitty Hawk, The Wright Brothers' Journey of Invention ...
       a) a:Garrigus, David
       b) c/2003
       c) p:Garrigus
       d) note: @, there are 2 DVD's, both from 2003.
          Compare the 2 and see which looks best.
   :9. * The Perilous Fight
       a) : America's World War II In Color
       b) c/2003
       c) p:PBS/KCTS
   ;0. * The Art of Violin, PBS, saw at Jasmine's
   ;1. Cole Porter DVD: "DeLovely", Ashley Judd \\de-lovely
   ;2. * The Aviator, story of Howard Hughes
   ;3. * Passion of the Christ
   ;4. The Making of The Passion of The Christ ...
       a) on Pax TV
       b) or: The Making of Mel Gibson's The Passion of The Christ
   ;5. The Bounty, Mel Gibson, 1984
   ;6. Apocalypto (Maya or Aztec?), Mel Gibson
   ;7. Mutiny on the Bounty, 1935 and others?
   ;8. The Right Stuff, get DVD release
   ;9. Space Cowboys
   <0. Capricorn One (another NASA)
   <1. Apollo Moon Hoax, Fox ...
       a) On Thursday, February 15th 2001 (and replayed on March 19),
          the Fox TV network aired a program called "Conspiracy
          Theory: Did We Land on the Moon?", hosted by X-Files actor
          Mitch Pileggi.
   <3. === Shackleton start ===
   <4. * The Endurance: Shackleton's Legendary Antarctic Expedition ...
       a) c/2001
       b) George Butler, Producer
       c) Liam Neeson, Narrator
       d) @ JCPL
       e) OCLC: 52548777
       f) ref sai.pco,
       g) 10/29/07, purchased @ Amazon
   <5. * IMAX: Shackleton's Antarctic Adventure ...
       a) c/1999/2000, includes Frank Hurley footage
       b) WGBH
       c) @ JCPL
   <6. * Shackleton,, 3 DVD set @bm.xls ...
       a) c/2002
       b) Kenneth Branagh
       c) FirstSight Films Prod.
       d) great Antarctica documentary, features Amundsen
   <7. * Shackleton's Boat Journey, 30+ min VHS ...
       a) : The Story of the James Caird
       b) c/1999
       c) Milestone videos
       d) @ JCPL
       e) note: This is incorrectly cataloged in JCPL collection:
          Sir Ernest Shackleton's The Voyage to Antarctica.  Appears
          no DVD has been produced.
   <8. * South : Ernest Shackleton and the Endurance Expedition (1919) ...
       a) see milestone notes above,
       b) DVD release of Hurley's original 1919 motion picture
       c) DVD, OCLC: 45115313, 78 libs, no colorado libs ...
          1) Note: cataloged at OCLC as:
          2) South : Sir Ernest Shackleton's glorious epic of the Antarctic
       d) ILL: came from Rogers State University, Claremore, OK
       e) Amazon: $20, nothing @ eBay, but could put a search on it
   <9. ? 1919: Re: Shackleton: Pictures at an Exhibition: ...
       a) Frank Hurley's "In the Grip of the Polar Pack Ice" in
          Britain, and "South" in Australia
       b) In 1919, his motion-picture footage of the Endurance
          expedition was released in the film
          "In the Grip of the Polar Pack", which quickly became a
          critical and popular success.
       c) This appears to be a 2003 article, not a video.  See
   =0. === Shackleton end ===
   =1. === Evolutionary Psychology start ===
   =2. see also "Evolution, 7 video series", noted above
   =3. firstsearch ...
       a) kw: evolutionary psychology, limit: vis (33 hits)
       b) kw: genetic psychology, limit: vis (137 hits)
       c) kw: sociobiology, limit: vis (58 hits) ...
          1) just checked the first couple ... many more to check here
   =4. * The White Hole in Time, Peter Russell
   =5. * The Global Brain, Peter Russell
   =6. Human Instinct, DVD, oclc 56573064 ...
       a) 03/15/05, req jcpl/ILL
       b) 04/05/05, not available, try again 6-8 wks ...
          1) stuff at BBC website, firstsearch shows Princeton, NJ
   =7. Evolution by natural selection, VHS?, 1997, oclc 48054530 ...
       a) OCLC: 53849686 < see also
   =8. 1996 Skeptics conference, huge, 674 min, 1996, OCLC: 37554851
       a) skeptics society, altadena, ca
       b) < @bm.xls
       c) looks awesome, the whole conference?
   =9. * The Selfish Meme, Richard Dawkins, 60 min vhs ...
       a) Regis
       b) QH437.S44 1997
       c) classroom lecture, nothing spectacular
   >0. The human zoo, 1994, 50 min vhs, OCLC: 42505648
   >1. Robert Wright, author The moral animal : book review ...
       a) vhs, 62 min, OCLC: 34976216
   >2. * Is Evolution Progressive, Richard Dawkins ...
       a) found at Regis
       b) dry, classroom lecture, fell asleep
   >3. The nature of human nature, Roger Bingham, 1 hr, OCLC: 32636667
   >4. The human quest with Roger Bingham, 4x1 hr = 4 hrs ...
       a) OCLC: 33194479
   >5. === Evolutionary Psychology end ===
   >6. * If You Love This Planet ...
       a) Dr Helen Caldicott
          Canadian National Film Board
   >7. Inherit the Wind (Scopes monkey trial)
   >8. Judgement at Nuremburg
   >9. * Super Size Me, 2004 \\supersize me
   ?0. * The True Story of Marco Polo ...
       a) p:HistoryChannel
       b) Note: This video questions whether Marco Polo ever actually
          made the trip, or just reported anecdotal stories heard
          along the way.
   ?1. * Hitler's Diaries ...
       a) producer: Rhawn Joseph
       b) OCLC: 54797995, 7 lib
       c) borrowed from Houghton Memorial Library, Huntingdon
          College, Montgomery, AL
   ?2. Our Planet Earth ...
       a) a:Lemle, Mickey
       b) c/91
       d) Note: 17 astronauts talking about looking back at earth.
   ?3. The Other Side of the Moon ...
       a) a:Lemle, Mickey
       b) c/?
   ?4. * Fierce Grace ...
       a) a:Lemle, Mickey
       b) c/2001
       c) p:Zeitgeist Video,
   ?5. Joe's Apartment, musical bluegrass cockroches, per Steve Clark
   ?6. * Clownin' Kabul (patch et al), YouTube, @bm.xls, "clown kabul"
   ?7. The Real Patch Adams
   ?8. Whale Rider \\whalerider
   ?9. Dr Bruce Lipton videos ...
       a) per Randy: The Biology of Belief < can't find as a video
       b) Neriah?
       c) Fractal Evolution: The Biology of Consciousness < yes
          firstsearch, vhs, 1 lib, 2000, oclc 59821745
       d) Fractal Biology: the physiology of consciousness < yes
          firstsearch, dvd, 1 lib, 2004, oclc 57782184
       e) The biology of perception < yes firstsearch, dvd, 1 lib,
          2003, oclc 56828386
   @0. Nova - The Elegant Universe (2003) ...
       a) based on Bruce Greene's, The Elegant Universe
       b) WGBH, 2003/4-ish
       c) found at Amazon under the above title ???
   @1. Earth on Edge:Bill Moyers Reports ...
       a) found at, not at Amazon
       b) try firstsearch
       c) 2 hr VHS
       d) Filmed in collaboration with the World Resources Institute,
          this Bill Moyers program assesses the state of the
          environment. Combining interviews with leading scientists
          and reports from Mongolia, British Columbia, Brazil, South
          Africa, and the state of Kansas, Moyers and his team of
          award-winning producers explore the impact that human
          activities have had on the planet while posing an urgent
          question: What is happening to Earth's capacity to support
          nature and civilization? Computer graphics enhance this
          gripping documentary.
   @2. Space Jam, for R Kelly song I Believe I Can Fly
   @3. Matt Simmons, 4 hr DVD, ref bm.xls link
   @4., DVD
   @5. Jaws
   @6. * Cuba, The Forgotten Island ...
       a) : The Passion. The Music. The Struggle.
       b) c/1999
       c) p:Ironhill Pictures Ltd
       d) note: found at jcpl/arvada
   @7. * The Power of Community: How Cuba Survived Peak Oil ...
       a) dpl has it
   @8. ghost dance ...
       a) For people interested in seeing the ghost dance watch the
          dance in the movie "Billyjack" after Billyjack goes through
          the ceremony with the rattlesnake. I have heard that
          Wovoka's son or son-in-law supervised that scene of the
   @9. Mastering the Art of Observation (dispenza)
       a) Volume 1 of Your Immortal Brain
       b) a:Dispenza, Dr Joe
       c) c/2005
   A0. Richard Heinberg - Powerdown ...
       a) c/2005
       b) p:Global Public Media
   A1. The Last Emperor (Chinese history)
   A2. * Suzuki Speaks (David Suzuki), 2005
   A3. Joel Barker's The New Business of Paradigms, c/2001, saw in 2005
   A4. * What the Bleep
   A5. * The Secret, Rhonda Byrne
   A6. * Jewel, Live at Humphrey's by the Bay, c/2004
   A7. Jewel: A Life Uncommon (autobio)
   A8. Tsunami DVD's
   A9. Katrina DVD's, ref bm.xls: Feel Good Tour & New Orleans Videos
   B0. Auschwitz - Inside the Nazi State, DVD, 5*
   B1. The World at War (30th Anniversary Edition) (1974), DVD, 4.5*
   B2. I, Claudius (1977), DVD, 4.5*
   B3. The Story of the Weeping Camel, includes Erhu? ...
       a) shot on Gobi Desert, China?, (per Dave Wann)
   B4. Bonnie and Clyde
   B5. Around the World in 80 Days
   B6. No Direction Home: Bob Dylan ...
       a) a:Scorsese, Martin
       b) c/2005
       c) notes: should be available on DVD, wiki has article
   B7. Dodge Ball, good comedy per Aguadas
   B8. 1 Night in Paris,
   B9. Pam & Tommy Lee: Hardcore and Uncensored
   C0. + their rebuttal
   C1. Hero, Isaac Stern is either in it or plays violin for it
   C2. * Easter Island in Context: From Paradise to Calamity ...
       a) found at Slidell, LA lib
       b) c/2004 Films for the Humanities & Sciences, Princeton, NJ
       d) Notes: Outstanding.  OCLC # 57125064, under title:
          Mysteries of Easter Island.  12/05, checked FirstSearch and
          found 14x of both DVD & VHS nationwide.  JCPL has 2 copies
          in DVD.
   C3. The Patriot, Mel Gibson, Bill Hudson in it
   C4. * New World Movie
   C5. Kesey movie/video from 2000 ...
       a) Author Tom Wolfe used the material for his book, "The
          Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test," but the movie lay dormant
          until 2000, when a digital editing machine made it possible
          and Kesey issued "Intrepid Traveler and his Merry Band of
          Pranksters Look for A Kool Place."
   C6. Gangs of New York, 2002, for celtic music
   C7. The Jazz Singer, 1927, Al Jolson (#90 on top 100 list) ...
       a) first talkie movie
   C8. The Jazz Singer with Jerry Lewis, 1959, remake of 1927 for tv
   C9. The Jolson Story, 1954, trailer @ youtube
   D0. Ross McElwee, Sherman's March, etc ...
       a) recommended while on hurricane coast, not sure why
       b) Sherman's March (1986), Ross McElwee
       c) The Ross McElwee DVD Collection (Sherman's March / Time
          Indefinite / Six O'Clock News / Bright Leaves / Backyard /
          Charleen) (Five-Disc Collector's Edition)
       d) found both at
       e) see wiki: Sherman's March (film), looks questionable
   D1. Sherman's March (2007 film), see article @ wiki
   D2. google: django reinhardt video clips ...
       a) Gypsy guitar (vhs) ...
          1) : the legacy of Django Reinhardt
          2) c/92
          3) p:Shanachie
          4) Firstsearch: 33 libs have it
          5) OCLC # 29990888
   D3. Kon Tiki (Thor Heyerdahl) \\kontiki
   D4. * Inside the Space Station ...
       a) Evergreen Films, Discovery Films, Artisanent
       b) c/1999/2000
       c) 50 min, VHS
       d) note: found at jcpl
   D5. * Muhammad, Legacy of a Prophet ...
       a) KQED, Kikim, Unity Productions
       b) producer: Kronemer, Alexander
       c) c/2002
       d) 116 min
       e) note: found at jcpl
   D6. * Ape to Man
       a) note: closely related to Search for the Ultimate Survivor
   D7. * Empire of the Air ...
       a) : The men who made radio
       b) producer: Ken Burns
       c) p:PBS Home Video, Paramount
       d) c/1991/2004
       e) 120 min
       f) note: found at jcpl
   D9. * The Day the Towers Fell ...
       a) p:A&E, History Channel
       b) c/2002
       c) 50 min
       d) note: found at jcpl
   E0. * The Race to the Moon ....
       a) p:A&E, History Channel
       b) c/2004
       c) 232 min
       d) note: found at jcpl
   E1. 4 films shown at Going Local, BVR ...
       a) The film event set the tone for the conference and expo,
          allowing viewers to quickly learn about the implications of
          the coming energy crisis through four powerful films: The
          End of Suburbia: Oil Depletion and the Collapse of the
          American Dream (Gregory Greene), Power Down: Options and
          Actions for a Post Carbon World (Richard Heinberg), Peak
          Oil: Imposed by Nature (Amund Prestegard), and The Future
          of Food (Deborah Koons Garcia).
   E2. Home Alone, mentioned by black gal @ MileHi Church
   E3. * Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room, 2005
   E5. The World's Fastest Indian
   E6. * La Grande Illusion, 1937 ...
       a) \\grand illusion
   E7. Napoleon (miniseries) < ^s wikipedia, 2003
   E8. * An Inconvenient Truth, Al Gore, global warming ...
       a) site:
   E9. * Global Warming : The Signs and the Science ...
       a) narrated by Alanis Morissette
       b) c/05
       c) PBS Home Video
       d) 60 min
       e) notes ...
          1) dry, boring, includes Thom Hartmann, Ancient Sunlight guy.
             Amory Lovins is in the extras.
   F0. Indigo Evolution, per Jeff Graef and others
   F1. Fifth Element, saw some at Neil's, May, 2006
   F2. * Love Story
   F3. * The man Who Skied Down Everest
   F4. * 2001: A Space Odyssey
   F5. 2001 by Voyager-Criterion has lots of extras ...
       a) this is a laser disk to watch at Neil's
   F6. 2010
   F7. 2001/2010: Making Of, various
   F8. * The Lion King, Platinum Edition, Wimoweh
   F9. A Lion's Trail, OCLC 54797094 ...
       a) peg:recv:from:Undercurrent, 19 Apr 06
       b) peg:copies:28 Apr 08
   G0. Beaches (for Wind Beneath My Wings)
   G1. Air Force One (Harrison Ford)
   G2. * My Dinner With Andre
   G3. 500 Nations, Kevin Costner, 1995 ...
       a) 8 part miniseries, 5 DVD's, 372 min
       c) prospector: Boulder has, also DPL
   G4. Frida ...
       a) Salma Hayek, Ashley Judd, Antonio Banderas
       b) directed by Julie Taymor of Lion King Musical fame
   G5. Disney stuff
   G6. Jules Verne stuff
   G7. 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea
   G8. Ben Hur
   G9. Hamlet, dramatizations
   H0. Zelig, Woody Allen, many funny cameos, including Bettelheim
   H1. Steve Irwin: The Crocodile Hunter, misc DVD/VHS
   H2. Mars videos ...
       a) Eyes on Mars
       b) many others @ Amazon.  Just start with Eyes on Mars.
   H3. Transformation: The Life and Legacy of Werner Erhard (2006)
   H4. Grease, Travolta/John
   H5. Saturday Night Fever, Travolta
   H6. Hotel Rwanda
   H7. Jamie Johnson's documentary Born Rich (google it)
   H8. * Robert Newman History of oil (Google Video)
   H9. Century of the Self, BBC 4 part series (Google Video)
   I0. Transformation: The Life and Legacy of Werner Erhard ...
       a) 2006 documentary, see wikipedia article
   I1. Tony Robbins: Practicing What He Preaches, @bm.xls
   I2. Isn't This A Time, Harold Leventhal documentary
   I3. ? Theremin: An Electronic Odyssey ...
       a) Steven M. Martin
       b) c/95
       c) p:Orion Pictures
       d) now on DVD
   I4. (Bobby Kennedy, Nov, 2006)
   I5. The Fall of the Roman Empire (1964, wiki)
   00. Dogma (Special Edition, 1999 @ Amazon, 645+ rev), ...
       b) comedy with Alanis playing God, likely silent
       c) Alanis song Still may be in it, not sure
       d) Salma Hayek too
    1. * VH1 Storytellers, Alanis Morissette
    2. On the Waterfront, Marlon Brando, 1954 ...
       a) in "Top 100 of 20th Century" list
       b) per Aguadas, on the mob
    3. ---
    4. nuclear bomb, Manhattan project:
    5. Fat Man and Little Boy, 1989, Manhattan Project, Paul Newman
    6. Day One, 1989 television film, politics of "
    7. Hiroshima, 1995 "
    8. ---
    9. Feast on Scraps, Alanis CD/DVD
   10. Freedom to Fascism, Aaron Russo, ...
       a) YouTube, 11 parts
   11. Bluegrass Fiddle: A Private Lesson With Richard Greene, DVD
   12. ---
   13. \\madmax
   14. * Mad Max: 1979, Mel Gibson
   15. Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior, 1981, Mel Gibson, A rating ...
       a) Mentioned by someone at Morning Star Ranch, perhaps
          Asuryah.  Post apocalypse.  Filmed in Australia.
   16. Mad Max 3: Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome, 1985
   17. ---
   18. Crude Impact, via ...
       a) per Brownlee/BVR: Chris Vernon of calls
          CRUDE IMPACT "a terrific film...the best documentary I have
          seen on the subject."
   19. * A Crude Awakening ...
       a),, Zurich, Switzerland, @
          google video
   20. Desperate Man Blues ...
       a) Discovering the Roots of American Music
       b) watch all the extra features
       c) a:Bussard, Joe
       d) c/2006
       e) oclc:82217569 (2x 3/2/2007)
       f) note: per Joe & Cymra, must see
   21. Darby O'Gill & the Little People ...
       a) 60's Disney movie, jig on fiddle "foxhunt"
       b) per bartender at Irish Snug
   22. Babel
   23. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest (2006) ...
       a) per Clancy, Nine Points of Roguery, in this movie
   24. Root of All Evil? (@ wiki), Dawkins, on religion
   25. The Day the Earth Stood Still, per Ronnie
   26. A Land Out of Time, (oil & gas, rockies)
   27. Fast Food Nation, 2006 (poor ratings)
   28. Four Minutes (Bannister) ...
       a) In 2005, a film was made about Roger Bannister's triumph
          entitled Four Minutes and aired on ESPN.
   29., Deborah Koons Garcia
   30. The Vikings, Kirk Douglas, 1958, rating C+
   31., on ANWR
   32. Star Wars
   34. The Mystery of Chaco, Robert Redford
   35. The Sun Dagger, Robert Redford
   36. Those Who Came Before, a:Lister
   37. The Donner Party (ie. Donner-Reed emigrants) ...
       a) Ric Burns' documentary "The Donner Party" aired on PBS in
          the fall of 1992.
   38. Lords of the Garden (wiki: Korowai tribe in Papua)
   39. wiki: ^s BattleTech: The Animated Series (13 episodes)
   40. (Ray Charles, 2004, per John Elstner)
   41. * The China Syndrome, 1979
   42. chernobyl, wiki: Chernobyl_disaster, many videos, images at bottom
   43. United 93 (re 9/11)
   44. Festival Express, Garcia, saw bits at John Elstner
   45. * Pearl Harbor
   46. * Saving Private Ryan
   47. Alexander Markov, Paganini 24 Caprices ...
       a) A DVD of his performance of the 24 Paganini Caprices,
          directed by the legendary film director Bruno Monsaingeon,
          has recently being released worldwide by Warner Vision
   48. Robert Altman: Buffalo Bill and the Indians (1976) ...
       a) saw clip on youtube
   49. Rogue Trader, 1999, on Nick Leeson, Barings Bank collapse
   50. Harry Potter
   51. Thirst ...
       a) Rusty: "I found a very informative video documentary called
          Thirst about the privatization of public water works and
          our shrinking water resources."
   52. * Shakira MTV Unplugged 2002 (ILL from San Antonio)
   53. * Shakira Live & Off the Record, c/2004 (JCPL)
   54. * Shakira Oral Fixation Tour, c/2007 (DPL, 5 copies)
   55. * Shakira: Driven VH1, @bm.xls
   56. Shakira: Making the Video, see wiki article, 4 episodes
   57. Shakira: la nina ...
       a) de los pies descalzos - la verdadera historia (Shakira: The
          Barefoot Girl - the True Story) will be shown on Spanish
          television before the year's [2007] end, the singer's
          erstwhile promoter, Carlos Vanegas, told Spanish news
          agency EFE. He added that the book would go on the market
          in 2008.
   58. Shakira likes this movie: Head in the Clouds (1998) ...
       a) per imdb: For 10-year-old John Thawaite, his only hero is
          Yuri Alexsayavich Gagarin. The first man in space.
   59. Shakira Laundry Service: Washed & Dried + DVD ...
       a) @bm.xls, [Limited Edition w/ Bonus DVD], used from $7
   60. Shakira: Dare to Love Me [2007 or 2008 movie she's in]
   61. Beyonce: B'day Anthology Video Album (2007), includes Shakira
   62. Out of the Blue (on UFO's), Google Videos
   63. Flatland (several) @bm.xls ...
       a) book by Abbott @ libyear3.pco
       b) oclc: 140750573, 9 lib < Flatland the Film here
       c) * Flatland the Film
   64. Frankie Laine, An American Dreamer ...
       a) 135-minute documentary about Frankie Laine's career and
          music. ref
   65. Steve Goodman Documentary, ref youtube, @bm.xls
   66. In Cold Blood, Truman Capote, Robert Blake (per Ron Bowman)
   67. Concorde,
   68. Heifetz movies, ref wiki
   69. Happy Feet, penguins, might be IMAX
   70. Ratatouille (2007), funny, rats, per John Elstner
   71. Jessica Alba: Into the Blue, Sin City
   72. Dixie, Dan Emmett ...
       a) In 1943, Paramount Pictures released a film about his life
          entitled Dixie (film). It starred Bing Crosby as Emmett.
   73. Stephen Foster, 3 films, ref wiki article
   74. DVD: Hurricane on the Bayou (for special features)
   75. * God's Warriors, Christiane Amanpour, CNN special, 08/21-23/07
   76. * We Were Warned, CNN special, @bm.xls
   77. Elvis
   78. * Gods and Generals
   79. * Gettysburg, (Gods and Generals prequel)
   80. * Gettysburg, The Boys in Blue & Gray
       a) c/2002
       b) a:Rob Child & Associates/Luminence Films
   81. Joel Osteen
   82. Dreamgirls, Beyonce
   83. In the Shadow of the Moon,
   84. From the Earth to the Moon, 1998 miniseries, 2005 DVD
   85., shut up and sing
   86. Who Framed Roger Rabbit?  For "shave ... 2 bits" ...
       a) this has been recommended 2x now
   87. * Power of Song, 2007 Seeger documentary,
   88. The Weavers: Wasn't That a Time ...
       a) Jim Brown, 1982, which centered on the farewell Carnegie
          Hall concert of the singing group Seeger was long
          associated with.
   89. Seeing Red, Pete Seeger (google seeing red seeger)
   90. The War, Ken Burns, find it on DVD, 14+ hrs (WWII, 2007)
   91. * What a Way to Go: Life at the End of Empire ...
       a), @bm.xls
   92. what a way to go lists ...
       a) Tim's: Zeitgeist. Check out America: Freedom to Fascism.
          Check out Hijacking Catastrophe and Bushs Brain and The
          Corporation and Money as Debt and Beyond Treason and
          Fahrenheit 911 and Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room and
          Soldiers Speak Out and Waco: The Rules of Engagement and
          Unconstitutional and In Debt We Trust and A Crude Awakening
          and An Act of Conscience.
       b) Links and Resources: Documentaries and Videos
   93. * The 11th Hour, Leonardo DiCaprio, @bm.xls, notes here ...
       a) 0:04:32, human mind, self reflective, peer into DNA
       b) 0:09:34, David Suzuki on the human mind, threw out of balance
       c) 0:15:43, Thom Hartmann, carrying: .5 billion to 1 billion max
       d) 0:44:48, David Suzuki, Robert Costanza re natures' contribution ...
          1) He says 35 trillion US$/yr, but this is just an average.
             Costanza's report, The value of the world's ecosystem
             services and natural capital, gives a range of 16-54
             trillion US$.  The world GNP in US$/yr is given as 18
             trillion.  Suzuki says in the film that nature is doing
             twice what we are economically.  This is a simplification.
             See @bm.xls.
       e) 0:47:05, Thom Hartmann, the problem is our thinking ...
          1) not a zillion and one other things that are actually
       f) 0:54:35, David Suzuki, 99.9999% of all species are extinct
       g) 0:55:00,   " , tragedy is that we're an infant species
       h) 0:55:10,   " , extincting 50 to 55,000 species a year (145/day)
   94. Our Synthetic Sea, on marine debris,
   95. *, 1:56 @ Google videos, clips @ YouTube
   96. *, @bm.xls
   97. The Myths of Biofuels, @bm.xls, check online videos too
   98. 2012: The Odyssey, Moira, Georgia Guidestones, etc.
   99. The New World Order: Eustace Mullins, VHS ...
       a) Interviewed By Bobby Lee
       b) found in his wiki article
       c) check online videos first
   :0. Something Beautiful for God by Malcolm Muggeridge (Mother Teresa)
   :1. Darwin's Dangerous Idea, Dan Dennett, online, memetics, @bm.xls
   :2. * Guns, Germs and Steel, Jared Diamond, National Geo DVD ...
       a) available in low quality on Google Video without the
          special features
   :3. Tom Brown Jr, Wilderness Survival ...
       a) no DVD's for Tom, but check other Survival DVD's and VHS
       b) @bm.xls, Google Videos, 545 hits!
   :4. Selena
   :5. * Soylent Green, 1973
   :6. Truth in Numbers, The wikipedia Story, coming 2008, @bm.xls
   :7. Oppenheimer/Bradshaw: Out of Eden, The Real Eve ...
       a) saw at bradshawfoundation page on Professor Stephen
   :8. On the Beach, 1959, 2000 update
   :9. The Mouse that Roared
   ;0. The Egg and I (1947)
   ;1. * Bridges of Madison County
   ;2. Gone With the Wind
   ;3. Extreme Ironing ...
       a) wiki: A documentary, titled Extreme Ironing, was filmed for
          Britain's Channel 4. The programme concentrates on the
          rivalry between the EIB (Extreme Ironing Bureau) and a
          breakaway group called Urban Housework. It was later aired
          on the National Geographic Channel.[2]
   ;4. Wonders of the African World ...
       a) wiki: "Timbuktu was one of the major stops during Henry
          Louis Gates' PBS special "Wonders of the African World".
   ;5. Around the World in 80 Treasures, Dan Cruickshank, see wiki ...
       a) includes Persepolis, mentioned in Odum book
       b) YouTube has it, check Google
   ;6. Swanee River, 1939, Al Jolson, @bm.xls ^s Edwin P. Christy
   ;7. Lolita, (killer whale in Miami)
   ;8. Planet of the Apes (series), see wiki article
   ;9. * The Corporation (get DVD) ...
       b) DVD has lots of extras, lib?
   <0. > libvid2.pco